Just Peel It.

  Last week while we were at the beach, we went out to eat. I added a side salad to my dinner as I sometimes do. When it arrived, I went through my all-too-familiar Cycle of Salad Emotions. CYCLE OF SALAD EMOTIONS …The ranch looks homemade and thin…happy! …The tomatoes aren’t completely juiceless crunchy tomato […]

One Girl at a Time.

My friend Katherine writes a series called Uncomfortable Truths that is positively brilliant. I love this feature so much that I might have contributed my own not-so-comfortable facts once or twice. However. In a recent installment, she discovered a fascinating bit of information about the way we go about restraining ourselves. Katherine hooks her bra […]

Take a Turn.

Guys. I’m tired. Life has taken 100% of my time lately. I know, right? So unthoughtful. I have endless things to blog about and no time to actually sit down and write. Or when I do, Life (again!) has dismantled my brain in such a way that words will not come. Blurg. So today, It’s […]

On Feminine Products and Men: The Essential Study.

My husband walked into the room, looking dejected. “You must think I’m a horrible man.” “What?? Why?!? You’ve been unbelievably helpful this week.” “I found your shopping list.” “Oooooh. Yes. Is this about me not asking you to buy pads?” “Yup. You asked me to pick up everything else on your list – except that.” […]

I Want to Spotify You.

When it comes to internet radio, I’ve always been a Pandora girl. It’s free, easy, and they were the first people (that I know of) to use the fantastically mysterious Music Genome Project to magically choose songs that I would like. But then my friends kept talking about Spotify. Over and Over and OVER. So […]

On Bed-Making: A Scientific Study.

Last week, I confessed yet another sad truth about my lacking in human decency. This time, it was with regards to bed-making: I don’t do it, my kids don’t do it, and I don’t do it for my kids. I asked for your input – the situation needed to be brought to light, once and […]

The Bed-Making Conundrum.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a gathering of mothers. The discussion of child-training was among us, and one of the examples used was the age at which a child had the ability to make their own bed. There was much nodding and murmuring of agreements as one Mom shared her own experiences […]

So Maybe I Talk Weird.

  Last Saturday, I tweeted and Facebooked a passing thought about how to pronounce “pajamas”, thinking that most people would agree with me. They did not. And I learned something that day: more people should talk like me. Okay maybe not. But I did decide that I should at least list out the rest of […]

The Reality Test.

Two years ago, I tested Ali’s grasp of reality. It was on a whim while driving down the road after she asked me, “Are fireflies real?” The question made me realize how unrealistic some real things are, and how believable some imaginary things can be. I mean really. A bug whose butt rhythmically lights up? […]

Suggestions Required.

My mind has been busy with two things lately, and I need some input. So pick your specialty, or chime in on both. 1. Orlando 2. The Bedroom. (Sounds fascinating, no?) First. Orlando: So we are planning a short trip to Orlando in July. It’s kinda last minute, and it’s kinda during the worst time […]