When it comes to internet radio, I’ve always been a Pandora girl. It’s free, easy, and they were the first people (that I know of) to use the fantastically mysterious Music Genome Project to magically choose songs that I would like.

But then my friends kept talking about Spotify. Over and Over and OVER.

So I downloaded the app, couldn’t figure it out, realized I’d have to re-teach it all my likes and dislikes (why don’t they have a “Copy my Pandora Personality” option? Or do they and I’m just too dumb to find it?), and promptly deleted it.

But all I kept hearing was Spotify, Spotify, SPOTIFY!!!

You would think it was the musical equivalent of Doctor Who or something. Geez.

But then I craved some new musical input into my life and asked you on Facebook for your favorite songs. I wanted to put them into a publically available playlist so that you could enjoy it as well, and I knew that the best way to do that was Spotify. So I downloaded it again, and this time I didn’t delete it.

Because the mix of you was fascinating.

Spotify Blog Readers

For one, I felt so much more intimate with you, now armed with the powerful knowledge of your favorite song. I remembered who recommended most of the songs, so I could think about (and overanalyze) that particular person as their song played. (Basically, a blogging stalker’s nirvana.) And plus – who knew I had a blog reader with a tattoo portrait of Alice Cooper?

I continued getting suggestions and added some of my own favorites, and so the playlist grew to over 80 songs – with variety as vast as Steven Curtis Chapman to Queen to Sam Cooke, and P!nk and Michael Jackson in between. And obviously, Alice Cooper made an appearance.

But now that I’ve listened to the playlist on repeat for two weeks straight, I’m itching to add more songs.

So. I need your input for my ongoing musical happiness.

1. What are your favorite songs?

and also,

2. Much to the chagrin of The Holiday Police, I have rashly created a separate Spotify Playlist for Christmas Songs, despite the pre-Thanksgiving state of the year. What are your favorite Christmas Songs? Preferably with the artist as well, but if not, I’ll make an educated decision for you.

I’ll be updating the lists as your suggestions come in, and if you’d like to listen along to the cornucopia that is all of your tastes, you can tune in (can we still call it tuning in?) to the original playlist or the Christmas playlist from your computer or the Spotify app. I think you can do all of this for free, but what do I know – I’m new to Spotify.

(And I still don’t watch Doctor Who. So there.)

90 thoughts on “I Want to Spotify You.

  1. Favorite songs right now…

    Of Monsters and Men, “Love Love Love” (I really adore their whole album, My Head is an Animal)
    Delta Rae f/Lindsay Buckingham “If I Loved You”
    Bastille “Pompeii”
    Florence & the Machine “Never Let me Go”

    older ones I love (a random selection)
    Incubus “Dig”
    Damien Rice “The Blower’s Daughter” & “Cannonball”
    Ben Folds “Still Fighting it”
    Our Lady Peace “Made to Heal”

    Boyz II Men’s version of Silent Night
    The Chipmunk’s “Christmas Don’t Be Late” (I can’t help it, I love that stupid song)
    umm… there are others but I don’t have my Christmas playlist on my iPod right now. :)

    1. Okay. I added all your songs to my lists BUT the Chipmunks. I’m sorry – I just couldn’t. Feel free to listen to it on repeat all day – I’ll know your doing it and accept it being stuck in my head as punishment.

  2. My favorite songs, as of right now (it changes often!), are:

    Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band
    Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
    I’d Just Love to Lay You Down – Conway Twitty
    Don’t Close Your Eyes – Keith Whitley
    Maggie May – Rod Stewart
    Jumper – Third Eye Blind
    Leather and Lace – Maroon 5 and Sara Evans version

    (I would put Lil Wayne’s Lollipop, but you might judge me for that one, so I’ll leave it off!)

    Christmas songs –
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – *NSync
    The First Noel – Carrie Underwood
    The First Noel – *NSync (The First Noel is my all time favorite Christmas song)
    O Holy Night – Carrie Underwood
    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Carrie Underwood (she has a beautiful voice!)
    Silver Bells- Brad Paisley
    Away in a Manger – Brad Paisley

    And most importantly – NOT Santa Baby, no matter who sings it! :)

  3. My current favorite Christmas song is on Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn’s Christmas album (cleverly called “Christmas”). It’s called “I Will Find a Way.” I cry every time I listen to it.

    I also love Andrew Peterson’s whole Behold the Lamb of God album.

    But, seriously, I dare you not to get choked up if you listen to the first song :)

    1. You have to subscribe for $9.99/month to be able to listen to your playlists on iphone. You can stream the radio stations without subscribing though. I think it’s well worth the price personally.

  4. Here are some of my favorites:
    Dirty Water – The Standells
    Everybody Talks – Neon Trees
    No Sleep Tonight – The Faders
    Heavenly Day – Patty Griffin
    Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John (reminds me of 6th grade when my friends and I memorized all the songs on the album to impress some boys)
    Leather and Lace – Stevie Nicks
    Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar
    Juke Box Hero – Foreigner
    Jack & Diane – John Mellencamp
    I Wanna Learn a Love Song – Harry Chapin
    Turn Me Loose – Loverboy
    Oh Yeah! – Roxy Music
    Hot Love – T. Rex
    Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn
    Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney (this one is bittersweet as my children are leaving the nest and I’m not ready)

  5. Here is my favorite playlist on my ipod it is pretty random:

    God Gave me you by Blake Shelton
    Chicken Fried , Whatever it is, colder weather all by Zac Brown band
    The house that built me by Miranda Lambert
    Never Alone by Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman
    Homeward bound by Simon and Garfunkel
    I can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis
    Living on Prayer and Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi
    Rainbow Connection I have Sara Mclaughlin on my ipod but if you can find the Kermit the frog version that is good too.
    I still haven’t found what I am looking for by U2
    Real world, Back to good, if you’re gone all by Matchbox 20
    Not on my Ipod but I love it is Compass by Lady Antebellum

    Christmas I am very traditional and it usually doesn’t matter who the artist is:
    O come all ye faithful:
    Silent night
    Mary did you know
    Breath of Heaven- Amy Grant
    Joy to the world

    Non Hymn ones:
    Little Drummer boy
    I’ll be home for Christmas

  6. I don’t know if I have favorite regular songs – they have to have been around a while to become a “favorite”


    I’m gonna assume you have 3 versions of “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night” and give you some under appreciated classics:
    Christmas Waltz – Very overlooked Christmas song; My grandmother loved Robert Goulet’s version, so we usually go with that one
    32 Feet and 8 little tails – Gene Autry – my kids love this one; in fact, the entire Gene Autry album is great
    Christmas is a Comin’ – Bing Crosby – Speaking of Bing, if you have a huge playlist, like for parties and things, add any of the songs from “White Christmas” the movie soundtrack – “Snow” is another favorite

    And some under appreciated newer stuff:
    Let it Snow, Let it Reindeer – the Reliant K Christmas album – it’s got a wide variety of songs, and some I love and some I hate, but it is definitely different
    I don’t remember the name of it, but the Sister Hazel Christmas Album is really really good.

    Finally, we recently pulled the trigger on paid Spotify – $9.80 or something a month – it’s incredible, and we use it all the time (and can use it on our phones!)

  7. I love the band Page CXVI, they re do old hymns. Also the song ‘roll over me’ by the autumn film. “Say this sooner” by The Almost. And “dizzy” by Jimmy Eat World. My favorite Christmas song is the glee version of “oh holy night”.

  8. I’ve got so many favorite songs… Lots of them are German and I guess you don’t want them on your playlist, or do you? :-) But I also love…:

    Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé – How can I go on
    The Baseballs – Chasing Cars
    Haggard – Awaking the Centuries

    I tried to name a few songs that (hopefully) not everybody knows yet!

    Christmas songs? I love Christmas music, I have many favorites, what about…:
    Chris Rea – Driving home for Christmas
    John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War is over)
    Queen – Thank God it’s Christmas

    But I also love classical Christmas music, my favorite English song would be “Hark the herald angels sing” I guess. We also listen to the “Weihnachtsoratorium” by J.S.Bach a lot (Christmas Oratio). I don’t think there’s an English version of that, here is a video with subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6MMW-NJmt8
    I love it so much, it’s a great part of our family’s Christmas tradition (we see it performed live every year) and now I’m getting really Christmas-y already! :-D

    But before Christmas there’s the Doctor Who Anniversary special to come, just because, you know, I’m also a Whovian! ;-)

    Now I’ll go and try to listen to your playlist! :-)

  9. Ok. But only because you asked :)

    I went years with HUGE Rob Thomas crush but can only listen to his stuff as Matchbox20 (the solo stuff lacked punch); so PUSH, 3M, REAL WORLD, BACK TO GOOD, BENT.
    Mississippi by Train
    Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch (ya the cover is as good as the original)
    Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin
    Simple Man by either Lynard Skynard or Shinedown (both rock and I sing it to my kids all the time in a hope that it sinks in)
    Unforgiven by Metallica
    Any Song by Alison Krauss either solo or with her group Union Station

    I will save the 80’s for when you ask for them. There are too many.

    (songs I shouldn’t admit to)
    Tonight, Tonight, Bleed, and I Like it Like That by Hot Chelle Rae

    And the Angels cried by Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson
    Amazing Grace by Celtic Thunder (I know not Christmas but its amazing. watch the video when you can)
    Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by The Judds
    Mary Did You Know by Kathy Mattea
    Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby

    I have a love of Celtic music :)
    Fair Margaret and Sweet William by Colleen Raney (I wrote a book about this one)
    Scarborough Fair by Celtic Women
    Demeter’s Daughter by Grace Griffith
    Wild Mountain Thyme by Celtic Crossroads

    Songs my daughter listens to that I like the message
    On Top of the World Barbie (ya, I know)
    I Wish I Had Her Life (again Barbie)

    Songs I only listen to in the car when I am alone: (warning warning lol)
    Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman
    I Get Off by Halestorm

  10. Most definately “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink but I see you already have that one. So others I love are “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” by Meatloaf; “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande; “1234” by Plain White Ts and “Some Nights” and “We Are Young” by Fun. For Christmas I love anything by Trans Siberian Orchestra :)

  11. Gold Funs Girls – Metric (also Help I’m Alive)
    Crystallized – XX
    Down in the Valley – Head and the Heart
    All Things All at Once – Tired Pony

    These songs will probably change your life. You have been warned. :D

  12. Several favorites (sort of in order): Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, It’s Still Rock & Roll to me by Billy Joel, Also, Uptown Girl and Vienna by Billy Joel. And Maggie May by Rod Stewart. Those are classics that I’ve always enjoyed. I currently love By Faith by Keith & Kristyn Getty (& pretty much anything else by them). Also, 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redmond. Ok, sorry if that’s too many suggestions. Just go with Sir Duke as my ultimate favorite. As far as Christmas songs, my all-time, hands-down favorite Christmas song is “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey!!!

    1. Oh & a really random song that I like right now (but am totally ashamed of) is Katy Perry’s Roar…..you can totally judge me for that one. But it’s so catchy!

    2. I think you added the Mariah song just to spite me. I’m pretty sure it had it’s own number in my “Bottom Ten” Holiday Traditions list. :-)
      But I was a good person and added it!

  13. It is really hard to pick! Here are some of my favorites. I had to cut myself off.

    – Garden by Needtobreathe
    – Awake my Soul by Mumford and Sons
    – Apologize by One Republic (the version w/Timbalake)
    – Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips
    – Liberty by Shane & Shane
    – By The Way They Dance; Rains in Asia; Cathedrals all by Jump, Little Children
    – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    – Chop Me Up by Justin Timberlake feat Three 6 Mafia
    – Dance Inside by The All American Rejects
    – Green Eyes by Coldplay
    – Hanging by a Moment – Lifehouse
    – Sweetness – Jimmy Eat World

    For Christmas, I like the Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That’s about the only Christmas song I can name the artist for, so I’m looking forward to your Christmas playlist. I guess I need to sign up for Spotify. I was always confused by it, too.

  14. I shared a couple of songs on Facebook already, but I can’t resist adding some more. :) I am currently in LOVE with both of Florence + The Machine’s albums. (There is only one song I don’t care for too much out of those two whole albums, and that’s pretty rare for me.) I’m also digging Lana Del Ray–“Born to Die” is my favorite.

    Favorite Christmas songs:
    “My Grown-Up Christmas List” – Amy Grant
    “Baby Please Come Home” – U2
    “Green the Whole Year Round” – Celtic Woman
    “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” – Casting Crowns
    “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – Gayla Peevey
    “The Wexford Carol” – Celtic Woman

  15. Ok, here goes. I have a “Favorites” station on my Spotify. Here are those songs:

    Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – MIKA
    Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke (judge away!)
    Bring It On Home To Me – Sam Cooke
    Down In The Boondocks – Billy Joe Royal
    Everybody Talks – Glee cast (judge again!)
    From This Valley – The Civil Wars *LOVE this one
    Girl On Fire (Inferno version) – Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj
    Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
    Gold Rush – Clinton Sparks, 2 Chainz, Macklemore, D.A.
    Ho Hey – The Lumineers
    I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons
    Jackson – Carolina Chocolate Drops
    Locked Out OF Heaven – Glee Cast
    Love Don’t Cost A Thing – Jennifer Lopez
    Me & Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
    Muddy Water – Madeleine Peyroux
    Next To Me – Emili Sande
    P.Y.T. – Glee Cast
    Red Dirt Girl – Emmylou Harris *LOVE this one too, along with Wayfaring Stranger, but it makes me cry to listen to it…
    Roar – Katy Perry
    Royals – Lorde
    Son Of A Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
    Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Turn Me On – Norah Jones
    Wings – Little Mix

    I know I’m totally random, but it should prove for a crazy mixuture on your playlist. I’ll have to think on my Christmas ones and comment back later.

  16. Oh, and I love Alabama Daydream, Blue Eyed Blonde, and Brokedown by Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil. They’re local (Florence area, AL) and on Spotify.

  17. Spotify is great – and well worth the $10/m. We are getting rid of Sirius (siriusly expensive for only one vehicle use) and have been using Spotify for all of our music since this summer (got an outdoor speaker that works with our iphones and we have been jamming to the playlists ever since.

    Best use – my 5yr old’s ever changing musical tastes. No more buying justin bieber, teen beach movie, etc. they are all on there – and when they aren’t “cool” to listen to anymore I can just delete the playlist!

    Our family favorite Christmas song is from a local church christmas show “Love Crashed Into The World” not sure how to get it into a sharable playlist, but here is the link to download it. Just a fun catchy song with a very different sound. The whole CD (can I even call it that anymore?) is great and on repeat in our house all December (but not a day before Thanksgiving – that would be WRONG).


    and here’s the youtube video of an old performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF96GJ7mUjM

  18. Favorite “secular” song of all time: All You Need is Lover, by the Beatles.
    Favorite Christian song: There Will be A Day, Jeremy Camp
    Favorite Christmas songs: O Holy Night by Celine Dion and Mercy Me’s version of Silent Night.
    And now I’m going to download Spotify!

  19. Favorite christmas song of all time, hands down:

    Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.

    Close ‘second Royal Guardsmen – Snoopy’s Christmas. (Also get Snoopy vs the Red Baron to get the “prequel” story” :))

    Non-holiday favorite music is harder – too many that I like to pick from. Some favorites – Great Big Sea – love lots of theirs, but I’ll point you towards “chemical worker’s song”. They Might be Giants – Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Beatles – Elanore Rigby. Simon and Garfunkle – 59th st bridge song. And for super obscure, happiest sounding song about a depressing topic you’ll ever hear – Jonathan Coulton – Blue Sunny Day

  20. Okay….you asked….so here goes.

    My Iphone currently holds over 500 songs that belong to…..the wonderful Jimmy Buffett….yes, I LOVE Buffett….loved him before he was famous….always will!

    Secondly, I have a “RUNNING TUNES” playlist that is played over and over and over and over….while I am running….my personal faves on there are:

    All the Way My Savior Leads – Chris Tomlin
    Cry Out to Jesus – Third Day
    Free To Be Me – Francesca Battistelli
    I’d Need a Savior – Among the Thirsty
    In The Prescence of Jehovah – The Martins
    Wayfaring Stranger – The Isaacs (My mama’s fave!!

    That said, I also own lots of Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Trace Adkins (OMG!!!), Phil Vassar, Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band, Darius Rucker, Colbie Callait, Jason Mraz, Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler Neck & Neck album.

    I LOVE Life in a Northern Town sung by Sugarland, Little Big Town & Jake Owen. Love the old Bette Midler stuff…..Alison Krauss & Union Station is a fave as well….Billy Joel all of his old stuff….OMG!! Takes me back to high school!! Bob Seger & the Silverbullet Band….went to school with his niece!!! Carly Simon and Sweet Baby James Taylor!!! Huey Lewis & The News….again, the old stuff!!! Josh Turner and for funsies….a little John Denver!!!

    Yes, I have varied tastes and interests…..but that’s just a synopsis of my likes…..Hope this helps!!!

  21. First I wanted to say I looked up the Boys 2 Men Silent Night and WOW! I love it!

    I will have to say that Transformation composed by Alan Menken on the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever listened too. When people talk about how BatB was Howard Ashman’s love letter to life, you can hear it in this song.

    I have to say that Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming acapella is my favorite Christmas song.

  22. My favorite Christmas song is “The night Santa went crazy” by Weird Al. That may tell you all you need to know about how I feel about Christmas songs. Nightwish is one of my favorite bands. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite song of theirs.

  23. Favorite Christmas song: 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. I know what you’re thinking, I hate the original too, but this is nothing like that! It’s a smash-up of a few different Christmas songs by an awesome a cappella group.

  24. -right this minute I’m loving Timber by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha
    -an all time favorite song would be Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox or anything from Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty, or the Eagles (specifically Life in the Fast Lane)
    -as for Christmas music, my favorite song is Carol of the Bells (I don’t have a specific version that I love) and Little Drummer Boy (so I no longer love Justin Beiber (way too into money and looks and showing his butt and now being seen going into prostitute places overseas, but I have to say that his version of this song is my favorite)

    What a neat idea about the group song list! I must have missed your last post about all of this, can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  25. rufus wainwright – hallelujah
    goo goo dolls – iris
    mama cass eliot – make your own kind of music
    john denver – rocky mountain high, annie’s song
    peter paul and mary – leaving on a jet plane, blowing in the wind
    the killers – mr. brightside
    first aid kit – king of the world, emmylou
    the beatles – yesterday
    the eagles – hotel california
    the carpenters – superstar, rainy days and mondays
    the foundations – build me up buttercup
    adam lambert – mad world
    glee – don’t rain on my parade, being good isn’t good enough

    It is possible I was born in the wrong decade. :)

      1. OK so I had to come back and add some more. Consider me a spotify hog.

        The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
        Brandi Carlile – The Story
        Lyriel – Memoria
        Lisa Miskovsky – Acceptable Losses
        ms mr – bones
        alladin – a whole new world
        lana del rey – anthem
        goldenhorse – maybe tomorrow (this is SUCH A HAPPY SONG)
        reece mastin – shut up and kiss me
        celtic thunder – a bird without wings
        donny osmond – close every door
        Les Mis – Stars

        Maybe I’m done now?

  26. my fave pop Christmas song….let the judging commence…. Last Christmas by George Michael. I think my favorite traditional Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy. Call me a sap, but I get teary eyed when I hear that song or think about the meaning…..except now, i’m definitely not getting teary eyed thinking about how poor and humble yet talented the little drummer boy is, playing for baby Jesus… i’m the epitome of composure.

      1. Family Force 5 has the best version of Little Drummer Boy. And the best version of Carol of the Bells, T’was the Night Before Christmas,…

  27. The short list to add is all How I Met Your Mother related. From their soundtrack, I love Neil Patrick Harris’ Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit. Songs that were at pivotal moments in the show are Fort Atlantic: Let Your Heart Hold Fast, Florence and the Machine: Shake It Out, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbor: What Would I Do Without You, band of Horses: The Funeral. (By the way, if you get obsessed with a song that you only hear part if in a movie/TV show, tunefind.com is amazing!!!) Christmas music later. Maybe after the munchkin goes to sleep.

    1. Drew Holcomb is a cousin to one of our friends in our small group – we’ve been to two of their shows! I couldn’t find that song on Spotify, but I do love their stuff.

      I need to watch that show. It’s somewhere on my list. :-)

  28. This makes me feel like I’m much older than all of you! :)

    My #1 all time is anything and everything by Mötley Crüe. Especially off their first album from ’81. Yeah…i know. I just adore all that 80’s bad boy music.
    And Pat Benatar. Love her!
    For my sappy moods…
    Baby I’m A Want You – Bread
    You’re the Biggest Part of Me -Ambrosia
    The Things We Do For Love -10CC

    Christmas…Johnny Mathis It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas is the bet ever. And Bing Crosby with David Bowie for The Little Drummer Boy. You also can’t beat Sinatra’s Christmas stuff.

  29. The Little Drummer Boy by Sean Quigley- one of my favorite Christmas songs ever (and the video that goes with it is great too… hes a true Canadian (and coincidentally from that same place as us)) Check it out on Youtube and you will see what I mean!! I also like the praise and worship song Manger Throne, Still her little child by Ray Boltz and lots more!

  30. I recommend Blue Rodeo’s “Bulletproof” and Crash Parallel’s “Rain Delays” :)

    I got an iPad mini last week, I will have to download this app tout suite.

  31. Let it be Christmas by Alan Jackson. Please try it out! That whole album actually is in my top three favorite Christmas albums.

  32. The fire – The Staves,
    counting stars -One Republic
    The scientist- Coldplay
    Ironic-Alanis Morissette
    Home- Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros
    Mama’s broken heart- Miranda Lambert
    Medicine Man- The hush sound

    Christmas: Count your blessings instead of sheep and white Christmas-Bing Crosby

  33. I honestly don’t have a favorite of all time song. It always depends on the season! What I LOVE in summer, is not the same in fall or winter. I really want to say “what does the fox say” knowing you will put it on your list and be subjected to it OVER AND OVER again! *snicker*

    Right now (with the holidays coming) I love
    “Christmas Wrapping” (Glee cast)
    and yearly we love and continually subject ourselves to “Last Christmas” – by Wham, just because it’s so ridiculous!! Just the “It’s not Christmas if we don’t hear that song”

    Also I love Michael Buble and his Christmas Album, that and Bing Crosby!!!

    PS. I tried out Spotify, and I’m having fun adding to my list (also, that’s where I heard “Christmas Wrapping”.

    1. I think I’d ignore a request for “What Does the Fox Say?”.

      And “Last Christmas” has somehow become my children’s favorite Christmas song. I have NO idea how that happened.

  34. As far as Christmas songs go, these live among my favorites:

    His Favorite Christmas Story-Capital Lights
    O Come O Come Emmanuel-Enya
    A BAby CHanges Everything-Faith Hill
    Baby, It’s Cold Outside-Lay Antebellum
    The Night Before Christmas-Brandon Heath
    Carol of the Bells/Sing We Now of Christmas-Barlow Girl
    Angels Medley-Avalon
    O Holy Nght-Point of Grace
    One King-Point of Grace
    Anything Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble.

  35. I’m Jewish but don’t mind Xmas songs all that much. I’m in a few bands and usually have gigs around that time and it’s nice to trot out some of those once a year. The one I heard for the first time ever last year and LOVED was Cry of a Tiny Babe by Bruce Cockburn. Though my most favorite holidayish song is What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve. I’m not a big Diana Krall fan, but her version wins it for me. It also has the intro, which is one of my loves as far as jazz standards go.

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