Take a Turn.

This Page Not Intentionally Left Blank


I’m tired.

Life has taken 100% of my time lately.

I know, right? So unthoughtful.

I have endless things to blog about and no time to actually sit down and write. Or when I do, Life (again!) has dismantled my brain in such a way that words will not come.


So today, It’s your turn to help me out.

It is officially introduce yourself and/or ask me anything day.

Pick one or the other or both.

Tell me random facts about you. Your most bizarre quirks. Or your kid’s quirks. They won’t mind.

And the questions. What have you always wanted to ask me? What do you wish I’d blog about, flesh out, revisit, or re-post?

Or better yet, do you have any fantastic stories that just need to share – either in guest post form or in interview form, like I did with one of my favorite stories last year from my friends Chuck and Lydia? Tell me more.

I’ll answer your questions next week. And hopefully get at least a few of my stories written, too.

You guys are the best.