Radicalization by Fear.

I wrote this essay in the fall of 2020, before the election and right in the middle of the extreme tensions surrounding the election, COVID issues, and racial justice issues. I would rather not enter into the fray of current debates when they’re actually happening, and still am not debating any of the issues themselves. […]

Finding Color in the Gray.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve already read part of this, but I felt like sharing it with a little more detail here. This week, I finally started venturing out of the house again. I know, I know – I got out the day after surgery to take snow pictures. But then I […]

Lessons Out of Appleton.

Guest post by my Dad. To see all of his previous guest posts, click here. I was angry.  But then, I had a right to be! As I arrived at the airport and turned in my rental car, I received a text message that my 10:15 flight was delayed until 2:30. Why couldn’t they have […]

Backwards Parenting: Because Nobody’s Perfect.

I don’t blog too much about Ali anymore – after all, she’s eight and a half and has earned the right to privacy in most matters. Not sharing her stories is my decision on her behalf, as she has certainly never expressed this to me, and quite enjoys reading back through my old blog posts […]

What’s That Sound, Volume Four.

We read the bible almost every night to our kids, they go to Sunday School, and we have conversations about God. But you never know what they’re really picking up and what they’re not. And what they’re pondering in their heart of hearts. A few months ago, I had this conversation with Noah. Noah: “They […]

An Anniversary of Questions.

June has come back around. It has been a year since I quite suddenly became unwell. I remember the night that it started – a Friday night – wide awake half the night, my lungs overcome with pain and feeling like they’d been deflated, my head dizzy and full of pressure, my heart beating faster […]

The Gravity of Granting Permission.

I’m not one to write a post for a particular day such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and especially not Father’s or Mother’s Day. I don’t even acknowledge it on Facebook or change my profile picture to include the appropriate parent. I know – I‘m a social media pariah. I get my cynical anti-bandwagon genetic […]

A Journey Update

This is a guest post by my Dad. His prior guest posts can all be found here. A year and a half ago, Rachel related the diagnosis of my cancer. I was stunned and deeply appreciative of all of the comments, concerns and prayers that her readers expressed. This week, when Rachel asked for a […]

Ali: Commissioned Artist.

I’ve noticed a trend with adult/child introductions. Anytime a new big person meets one of my little people, they say hello, then comment on a physical feature. “My goodness you have such beautiful eyes!” “Look at all that hair – I bet that’s a job to brush!” “Oh – you’re so tall for your age!” […]

Notice Where You Are.

Lately, photos have come more easily than words. I’ve caught myself eyeing every turn, every sky, looking to capture something magnificent. …And then still end up surprised when magnificence is everywhere I look. Those stunning sights have always been around me, but it took this summer to seriously look up from my life and see […]