Notice Where You Are.

Lately, photos have come more easily than words.

Birmingham In the Fog

I’ve caught myself eyeing every turn, every sky, looking to capture something magnificent.

Sunset under the bridge and over Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham Alabama
…And then still end up surprised when magnificence is everywhere I look.


Those stunning sights have always been around me, but it took this summer to seriously look up from my life and see them. And I took it on as a challenge – an adventure.

A Rorschach Test between sky and water, Helena Alabama

And yes, perhaps I’ve become a little obsessed with catching the sun just so, the shadows ever lengthening…

Sunset through the bridge, Nashville Tennessee

The city in a new and shocking angle…

Sunset Vulcan Downtown Fall Colors

But the thrill that comes from capturing an image that says so much without having to utter a single word is inescapably addictive.

Birmingham, Alabama Sunset

And watching the painting of a constantly morphing but ever more beautiful portrait is deeply moving.

Birmingham Dusk

This year has been a journey for me.

Railroad Park Tunnel Lights Installation, Birmingham Alabama

A journey not of my choosing, but one in which I am confident that God is absolutely in control of the start, the stop, and the long in-between.

Train Tracks, Downtown Birmingham Alabama

There have been small glimpses of promise throughout the trip – that I am still in His hands, and clearly in His care.

My Shadow in a Rainbow over Atlanta, Georgia

And the sights that He’s led me to notice – the ones I’ve never paid attention to before – have been a thundering part of that reassurance.


And though on some days it feels as if I can just barely see the sun,

Sunset over Birmingham, Alabama

It’s always right there – just beyond the clouds and waiting to burst forth in a glorious day.

Sunset over Birmingham, Alabama

And so I find myself, constantly chasing that mesmerizing sun,


Because here is always peace there,

And I take great comfort in that.

Birmingham, Alabama Skyline

And the glory of capturing something beyond myself reminds me of how much God has in His care, and how little my problems really are.


And that is good enough for me.

Birmingham, Alabama Sunset

And thanks to my husband and a fleet of tiny nails, I now have that reminder even when I’m at home.


Good thing we have plenty of walls in our house. Because I’m not quitting.