A Look Back: 6 Months Later.

Noah is six months old today. Half a year.. goes by so much more quickly the second time around. Despite my fears of having another baby, Noah has been a complete delight and pleasure. He’s the happiest, most joyful, smiliest baby I’ve ever encountered. His charm and constant laughter keep me falling in love with […]

Wardrobial Consequences.

As I was folding my jeans on Saturday, I saw a horrific sight.  My favorite pair of jeans – the most cherished item in my wardrobe – had, unbeknownst to me, acquired quite the hole.  And said hole was notsomuch in a place where holes are acceptable… My first reaction was mourning, of course.  There […]

Noah’s Arrival

Spoiler: This post is a Long Birth Story interspersed and ending with Unbelievably Cute Baby Pictures to help detract from the traumasticity of the contents herein – at least for my sake. As I’m finally on a low enough dose of pain meds that I can type without the screen doing funky swirly things (and […]

Prepared and Anticipating.

I’ve come a long way… (As has that poor, tortured tank top that rues the day it was chosen as my belly-comparison shirt.) Luckily for both of us, we’re about to get relief. Unless something happens even sooner, Noah will be joining our family (in the outside world) bright and early Monday morning. He has […]

Stranger Danger.

I had my last doctor’s appointment yesterday.  You know, the one where my doctor promised to do The Procedure to help me go into labor. So, after my appointment (which did not make me feel very hopeful of labor at all), and after I checked out without setting another appointment (which was a bizarre feeling), […]

12 Lessons Learned From A Dreaded Fake Labor Adventure.

So we finally did it last night. After months of contractions that equated to the level of intensity that my “real” contractions were with Ali but NOT calling in for fear of making The Dreaded and Shameful Fake Labor Hospital Trip, and after an especially intense day and evening with contractions starting at 1:30pm and […]

Unprepared Preparedness

Disclaimer: More-Serious-Than-Usual Post to follow. I am going to earn the title of Mom of Two Kids ANY DAY NOW. And I am totally unprepared. My house is a wreck (because I’m unwieldy and exhausted and constantly contracting and therefore don’t feel like doing anything), thank you notes are not written, Christmas presents, although bought, […]


Welcome to the final stretch of your stay in GestationLand!!! Requiring a nine-month stay, GestationLand is a theme park that may get you treated like a Princess, but guarantees that you won’t feel like one!! By this time, you’ve already ridden on many of the thrill rides that the park has to offer, including: The […]

Guess Noah’s Landing!

What’s the fun in the unexpectedness of a baby arrival without a good, legal “guessing” pool to go with it? Especially since we have long-standing family tradition over here of letting our children be involved in gambling activities. (Waiting for the State Bingo Lynch Mob to knock down my door and raid my house and […]

The Coping Mechanisms of the Extraordinarily Pregnant.

I’m SO done. Well, I’d like to think that I was, except for the fact that my dang belly button won’t pop out in a turkey-timer like fashion, announcing “ding! ding!! You’re done!!!”.  Instead, it’s just shrunk to a freakishly-pin-sized hole that looks even freakishly smaller than it already freakishly is, seeing as how it […]