What’s the fun in the unexpectedness of a baby arrival without a good, legal “guessing” pool to go with it?

Especially since we have long-standing family tradition over here of letting our children be involved in gambling activities.

(Waiting for the State Bingo Lynch Mob to knock down my door and raid my house and seize my computer at ANY MOMENT.)

(Sorry if you’re not from Alabama and that makes no sense to you.)

Plus, it’s your opportunity to get on my good side by guessing early.  Remember – this baby is certainly coming out at ANY second.  Surely before I finish writing this blog post.

(Maybe if enough people guess early, the power of suggestion will overcome Noah with guilt over his uncomfortable stay and he will decide to come on out and meet everyone…right?)

(Yes, logic does indeed totally go out the window in the last three weeks of pregnancy.)

Here are the facts that you will need to make your educated guess:

Actual Due Date: December 27th.

Eviction Date (by C-Section, since Ali was a C): December 20th, 8:15 A.M. – I think I might get a countdown timer and put it on my cell phone.

If he decides to come early: (YES!YES!YES!) I’m totally willing to try a VBAC (“regular” birth after C-Section) if possible.

Progress in the Labor Preporatorial Department (TMI Warning: male readers may want to skip to the next fact): I had my appointment today, and on my official Pregnant Woman White Card that I am required to carry with me at all times, my doctor logged my current dilation in as “TTFT”.

Which, in the most sophisticated of medical measurements, is the abbreviation for “Tight, Tight Fingertip.”

(As my Mother faints to the floor that I just wrote that.)

Isn’t pregnancy just the most dignified and glamorous time of life?

At any rate, I’m pretty sure that was just his way of being somewhat optimistic that SOMETHING was happening (I believe his exact words were “You’re TRYING to dilate!”).  Besides that, I’m 50% effaced.

(Male Readers may resume reading at this time.)

Contractions: Nearly constantly for weeks.  Some more painful than others.  Only making me TRY to dilate, apparently.  Darn useless contractions.

Ali’s facts: Was due January 6th, induced January 8th, weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

So: Your job is to guess the delivery date (yes, you can guess that he waits until his eviction date, but I probably won’t like you as much anymore), and weight.

HIS weight, not mine, thankyouverymuch.

The guesser with the closest percentage of rightness in both categories (I’m sure Excel will be GLAD to geekily help me come up with a formula to determine such) will win a $30 Gift Card to one of my favorite places of your choice:

1. The Bright Star (if you’re local),
2. Novica.com, or
3. Target (if you’re generic and bland).

Your guesses have to be in by Monday, December 6th (or before he’s born, whichever comes first), to be included in the prize pool, so start guessing!!

And in the meantime, I am going into full-force labor-inducing mode.  After all, my doctor said he really wanted to see me back, in labor, before my appointment next week.

And I’m a people pleaser, after all.

So feel free to tell me labor-inducing techniques that worked for you along with your guess.  Because if I’M sick of all of my pregnancy blog posts, I’m SURE that you are.

60 thoughts on “Guess Noah’s Landing!

  1. My prediction:
    It is too cold for him to come this week.
    On or around December 10th, Noah will send out the dove to explore the land.
    HOWEVER, it will take the dove approximately 6-7 days to return with the “A-okay” you can come out and look around info.
    Therefore, Noah will make landfall and disembark the Ark on Dec. 16th.
    He will embark, naked. Be prepared!

  2. December 16 and 8 pounds 6 ounces.

    I’ve heard that evening primrose oil works. I haven’t tried it, but I did hear a few success stories!

  3. Rachel, you have made me laugh each time I read your pregnancy posts but I am sure you are probably not laughing at all. Oh how I remember these last few months of pregnancy and wanting it over with… I feel for ya. I am going to guess that you will have Noah on Dec. 7 and he will weigh 8# 4 oz

  4. Oh, and the weight…
    When Noah disembarks, there will be a number of “missing” pairs including chickens, cows, perhaps a lambs…which means Noah got hungry.
    Therefore, he will be weighing in at nice, healthy 7lbs 6ozs. He will not be as large as his sister because Ali did not have to chase her food and prepare it like this little guy. Plus, we was a hard working little ship builder.

    If you would like to get Noah disembarked quickly, try eating spicy foods or hot sauce. Either he will hate it and decide to leave, OR he will like it with his various meat servings. Just a thought…

  5. My guess is Noah will make his debut on Friday, December 10th – because that is the glorious day that I became Mrs. Bosque 5 years ago! He will weigh in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. – just because I think that sounds like a good number :)

    And no tips from me because I was induced 2 weeks early with Little N because of high blood pressure :( Although I have a friend who did the spicy food thing and it worked!

  6. Sorry Rach. Dec. 20th at 8:25 a.m. 7 lbs, 10 oz.

    If Ali had come early, I’d vote in your favor. But alas, I must go with my gut. :)

  7. actually i was hoping for TODAY even though i know that is pretty early. (that was why i checked on you this morning)

    my guess is December 13 and 8lbs 2oz.

  8. I am going to say December 15th at 7am, weighing in at 7lbs, 6 oz.

    Thanks for the laugh, I don’t have any suggestions since nothing my sister did seemed to make Alex want to come any sooner than he did which was only 3 days before his due date.

  9. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that Noah will be adding to your list of grievances against him. He’ll decide to come December 19th at 11pm and weigh in at 8 lbs. and 12 oz.

    That’s what my sister-in-law did and my mother-in-law still complains about how she couldn’t wait just 8 more hours for the scheduled c-section.

  10. Don’t hate me, but I’m thinking it’ll be on eviction day too…Dec. 20th.
    Weight? Weight…I think 7 lbs. 15 oz.

    And the only thing that put me into labor both times I was overdue, was my doctor stripping my membranes. Quite painful? Yes, but effetive in avoiding a pit-induction with Bo.
    (I was also using evening primrose, clary sage oil and black cohosh the days right before he came. Well…evening primrose and borage oil for a couple weeks before my due date).

    Hang in there!

  11. I say December 15th only because I had a dream that was the the day I would deliver :) As for weight I say he will be less then Ali and be around
    7 lbs 8 oz. I have heard the eggplant parmesan induces labor as well as having your a pedicure. I am trying the eggplant parmesan after my midwife appointment tomorrow so will let you know if it works!

  12. Well, Saturday 12-11-10 would give him a cool birthday but since I’m never right about these things, I’ll say that he plays the tough (stubborn?) guy and only decides to come out once his fate has been decided for him (think, on the way to the hospital for the C-section) I’m trying to give you encouragement that I’m never right so you automatically know I’m wrong about waiting til your C-section =) Good luck!

    Oh, and you know Ross and Rachel tried long walks, spicy food, castor oil and finally it just took a really good kiss to get Emma on her way! (I hope you watched FRIENDS or that won’t make a lot of sense!)

  13. I must say from the very beginning that I am only a teenager so my predictions might not be correct. But, you never know.

    My guess would be 8lb. 15oz. and probably Dec. 20th.

  14. I’ve been enjoying your blog for the past month. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it! Perhaps it was through someone else’s link. Anyway, thanks for another chuckle today. I’m going to have to go with my son’s birthday, December 9, 8 lbs 8 oz.

  15. December 15th (it’s a fine day to be born, after all) and 7lbs 2oz.

    I might be quoting my stats. Who knows. >.>

  16. Well, I was going to guess Dec. 15th, but two other people have chosen it so I’d better go with something else. The 16th also appears to be taken, and I don’t like odd numbers so how about the 18th? And 7lbs. 10 oz. since he’ll be early.

    I’ve heard there are labor triggering points in your feet and ankles, and if not it’s a good excuse to get a foot rub. Haha:) I have no other good things to try other than walking…even if it doesn’t stimulate labor it helps you dilate. I walked several miles each day with both my girls and both labors were super short. I definitely think it was the walking. I also ate Thai food the night before S was induced, but it didn’t seem to do anything. I still had to have my water broken and ended up having to get Pitocin anyway.

    Are they going to try to let you have a VBAC before they do the C-section or if you make it to the 20th it’s just the c-section?

  17. December 17 @ 3 a.m. He will weigh 8 lbs. 7 oz. (I sure did check B-Sides before I guessed. You are GROWING girlfriend!) I can’t wait for you to have him!!!!!!! Many prayers going up for you!

  18. Eat eggplant Parm. The eggplant is supposed to have something in it that induces labor. I say December 3 weighing in at 7 lb 8 oz.

  19. Oh, this is fun. The guessing, that is, not the waiting.

    I am going with December 18th weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz.

    For your sake, I hope I’m wrong and you have him tomorrow. :)

  20. I really don’t want to be on your bad list but…. I really want to win. :0) Hey, can ya blame a girl?!?
    I’m going with eviction date, December 20th, 7lbs 14oz.
    I hope for your sake he comes earlier though. Hailie was due July 8th and wasn’t born until July 23rd.

  21. First off, I had a completely pregnant moment when reading the title for your post. I thought you we meaning, “well, I guess Noah’s landing.” Like, he is on his way right now. Wouldn’t that be exciting. Or disappointing if it is not happening now.

    Second, I need a little more information before I make my educated guess.
    A. I think you mentioned frequent U/S. On your last one, did they give you an estimated weight for him? This would not be cheating since I don’t put much stock in that. They said Ella was going to be nine pounds. She was 6′ 15″. So, close ;) Just curious.
    B. How was your progression with Ali before the induction? Any at all?

    My geeky side is taking over and I can’t give a guess without all possible info.

    1. A. It’s been too long since I’ve had an U/S for that – and they didn’t give me a weight estimate at my last one, anyway. So no help there! Other than the fact that he DID look rather chunky already at 27 weeks.

      B. I was an FT (as opposed to TTFT) for a couple weeks, then a centimeter for a couple weeks. Induction got me to 8 cm, then I stopped. So, progress-ish.

      1. Well then, I am not on your good list. I guess December 20th and weighing 7 lbs & 11 ozs. I have never been correct when guessing, so that is in your favor. Wishing a speedy couple of weeks for both of us!!

  22. We want to hear the baby momma exploits, so it will be dec.19 weighing in at 8# 5 oz. He likes his environment now and is so content. You’ll be happy to know Rick thinks i’m never right!

  23. December 10 7lbs 12oz.

    An exit strategy – what got you in this predicament is supposed to get you out of it too. ;)

  24. I don’t know why, but I think he will come on December 19th. I hope it will be sooner for you though!
    Praying for you. :)

  25. I’m going to go with Beege’s birthday – December 6th. I have to admit though, that since he’s due on the 27th … well, I’m probably not going to win; but I’ll be hoping for you! :) And since he’d be making an early appearance, how about 7lbs 8oz? Sound good?

  26. fun!!
    December 17th. I know, not a fun guess for you.
    7 lbs 9 ounces
    1:15 pm See that was nicer? right? That way you just labor all morning and don’t have to endure a sleepless night of labor before your weeks of sleepless nights. :)

    Stairs, girl. Seriously. Jog some stairs. It’s worked with both of mine. Sure, running stairs while pregnant isn’t recommended…but that’s because it’s causes you to GO INTO LABOR!!! With Eden, jogged 15 flights of stairs (we were in a hotel in Bangkok so that was easy to find) and went into labor that around 8 pm. With Salem, I just jogged the steps over every apt building in our complex. Water broke the next morning at 4 am.

    Might have to change my guess if you get on that jogging stairs action!

  27. Sorry, Rachel….having two, just like you….girl first, boy second. First a c-section because she didn’t come on time and also weighed in over 8 lbs. Second a planned c-section, planned a week prior to his actual due date….I am going with the planned eviction date of 12/20 and guessing a 7 lbs 6 oz.

  28. I’d love to make you super happy here, but I think December 20th just might be the day. I’m going to have him weighing in at 7 lbs and 11 oz. in honor of your love for Coke Icees during this pregnancy…or does 7-11 carry Slurpees? Meh…close enough.

  29. Rachel, I really, really want to be on you good side rather than being banished to your bad side, but I also want to win one of the gift cards. :) I am going to have to go with December 20th and 8 lbs 1 oz. Noah has been building his Book of Guilt from the beginning, and it’s just hard to picture him stopping now and coming early. For your sake, I hope he decides to come early rather than waiting until December 20 to meet everyone. I hope the rest of the time between now and Noah’s arrival goes quickly and smoothly for you.

  30. Sorry Rachel, but I predict Dec 20th. I want to say it will be earlier but since Ali was late I am afraid your children just really like to stay in there. :) I predict Noah will weigh 7lbs 8 ozs.

  31. December 14th, 8 lbs. Love me some Bright Star.

    P.S. – I may have to stop reading your blog for a while…you and your family were in my dream last night. First time a blogger has been in my dream. What could it meeeeeean?!??!

  32. Warning Rach TMI here too…..

    With Jenna I was 2 cm at 37 weeks. Due 12/24. At that appt my doc gave me……TMI…….a good “rub” in there to try and help things along, but it wasn’t succcessful. I ended up being induced on 12/19 because of my BP, by then I was 3cm anyway and she slide right out.
    But onto my prediction: Dec. 17th, 7lbs 8oz.

  33. Dec 20th. 8 lb, 9 oz. Sorry! I’m praying for an earlier date for his sake, though . . . because I was born on Dec 23rd, and I strongly dislike that my parents made me a Christmas baby. Here’s hoping he won’t hate you ; ).

  34. I don’t think you want induction advice from me..I was 10 days late. Someone told me to eat a hotdog; how silly is that? Anyways, I am sorry but I am predicting December 20, weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. I hope he comes earlier, though, for your sake and his. Close to Christmas birthdays stink (Dec. 28). Just don’t combine his bday and Christmas presents. :-)

  35. I just have never known any 2nd babies that have come earlier than 1st baby. Sorry! So I’m saying December 20th. 8 pounds 10 ounces. Good luck navigating the final weeks of pregnancy! Some one told me when I was pregnant with my first that the final weeks of pregnancy are God’s way of making you okay with the labor, delivery and tiny needy baby to come.

  36. I say Christmas day! 12/25 and weighing in at 8lbs, 9oz.

    I hope you don’t hate me for saying that he’ll stay in a bit longer than you want, but everyone loves a Christmas baby!


  37. Don’t hate me – I’m pregnant too and desperately wish that I could go early (highly unlikely as I’m a no-induce VBAC who is refusing to schedule a C-section) – but I have to go with the eviction date: December 20th. I estimate that he will be 8lbs even, as he will be a week early, but, as a boy, should be slightly ahead of his sister’s body weight at that age.

  38. Ok, I’m going to guess he’ll be born on December 12 (12/12/10 sounds nice, right?) and weigh 7 lbs. 13 oz. (what I weighed in at birth) – Good Luck!

  39. I know I missed the deadline but I figured since you’ve not had him yet I can share some tips for natural inducing. I was told to use evening primrose oil as a suppository right before intercourse. Also to take black cohosh every two hours orally. Sorry if that’s TMI but it’s worked for my friends. And it can’t hurt to do a few squats during the day. :) Here’s to hoping he comes soon!

  40. A friend of mine went last week to be induced. It didn’t take. So I called her Monday and offered to take her to the mall and force her to walk around for hours on end. She declined and said she might want to Friday (tomorrow). I told her to walk like John Wayne while she cleaned and did laundry and all. She did. She went into labor that night. Baby Morgan was born Tuesday morning.


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