Noah is six months old today.

Half a year.. goes by so much more quickly the second time around.

Despite my fears of having another baby, Noah has been a complete delight and pleasure. He’s the happiest, most joyful, smiliest baby I’ve ever encountered. His charm and constant laughter keep me falling in love with him on a daily basis.

It’s crazy now to think back about his traumatic entrance into the world – it feels so far away. It was most definitely the most painful day of my life – quite unintentionally, might I add.

Yet – so, so, so, SO worth it.

One of the brighter points of the most painful parts of labor (pre-Noah-getting-there-and-making-it-all-worth-it) were you all being there with us. Through Twitter, Facebook, and emails, you encouraged, congratulated, and empathized with us. I had a blast having a Social Media Baby.

Also, I cannot express how perfectly amazing Chris was that day. He took awesome care of me, kept Ali in the birthing loop, greeted and took care of his new son while I was still anaesthetized, AND helped me with my wish to share our birthing experience with all of you.

So, for celebration of Noah’s half birthday AND Father’s day (two for the blog of one!), I decided that it would be fun to take a step back in time and publish the twitter logs of Noah’s birth.

(I totally get it if this post isn’t nearly as fascinating to everyone else as it is to me..and hopefully Chris..and maybe Noah one day, but hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive me for this narcissistic…or babycisstic…post.)

My tweets (ObjectivityRach) and Chris’ tweets (RehpoChris) are in bold, and all of the other tweets were all of you talking back to us…

(And by the way, I usually answer every tweet I get, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t that day. I do think I answered most of them in the next few days, though…)

December 19, 2010:

ObjectivityRach: Looks like Noah has his own plan after all…1 day before his deadline! Sign of a future procrastinator? On way to hospital! #EvictivityNoah

cosmicgirlie: @ObjectivityRach Omg!! Are you over? Or are you due? Are you in labour?? OMG!!! GOOD LUCK!!! :D :D :D xxxxxx

scampikins: @ObjectivityRach YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see pictures! (Of Noah…)

ObjectivityRach: @cosmicgirlie in labor and you’re the only one awake to experience it! 345am in this Bham.

cosmicgirlie: @ObjectivityRach Oh wow!!! I am SO EXCITED for you, hoping everything goes fantastic. Can’t wait to see him!!!

cosmicgirlie: Wishing the best of luck to @ObjectivityRach who is in labour in Birmingham…in the United States!! :D :D :D xxxx

RehpoChris: At hospital! I got to speed at 3:45am w/ hazards on, run red lights, & swerve to avoid an accident! #herewego ? #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: Progress is definitely being made.. Slowly and quite painfully. But he’s definitely on his way! #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: Just got my I.V. Bring on the lovely facial swelling. #EvictivityNoah

KetzerMusic: @RehpoChris ObjectivityRach By far the coolest use of Twitter yet, bring on the baby #EvictivityNoah

PeggyAnn_Design: @ObjectivityRach congrats!!! Sending easy labor vibes your way!

WadeOnTweets: @ObjectivityRach Pulling for you!

ObjectivityRach: @PeggyAnn_Design @scampikins @WadeOnTweets thanks!!

momunabridged: @ObjectivityRach yay! Glad he finally decided to make an appearance.

mommyinstincts: @ObjectivityRach yay Baby Noah is on his way! Good luck sweet friend!

ObjectivityRach: Just got Demerol. Way too much. My tweet is spinning. #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: Progress is happening quicker, but so is the pain. Looking forward very much to my epidural. #EvictivityNoah

RehpoChris: Epidural happening now! #happymommy #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: OhMyGoodness I’m so glad God has started forgiving us women from the curse and allows epidurals!! #SoHappy #EvictivityNoah

llatkins: @ObjectivityRach I totally agree! Bring on the drugs!

RehpoChris: In the quiet, calm, sleepy world that is post-epidural labor. #EvictivityNoah

amykiane: @ObjectivityRach yay!! Glad he’s on his way.

JacksMomMarie: @ObjectivityRach so excited for you!

CraftyChele: @ObjectivityRach Hope you’re comfy now. Can’t wait to see your new baby!

JacksMomMarie: @ObjectivityRach epidural=good thing! Did not have twitter 5 yrs ago but I emailed & every1 thought I was crazy! U make me look sane :)

ObjectivityRach: @JacksMomMarie glad to help your sanity quotient :)

OttawaMaryJ: @ObjectivityRach WooHoo! Glad to hear he’s on his way! #EvictivityNoah

MediaGuyCarl: @ObjectivityRach I think this is the first live tweeted childbirth I’ve witnessed. Can we count on baby photos?

ObjectivityRach: @MediaGuyCarl of course!

ObjectivityRach: Wow… I just realized how much pain I was in.. I told the nurse I weighed 7 pounds MORE than I really do when I checked in. #EvictivityNoah

LaureeAshcom: @ObjectivityRach just opened twitter…. blessing on you… prayers are winging…

TimWillingham: @objectivityrach @RehpoChris Come Noah come!

southcheesehead: Praying for @ObjectivityRach and @RehpoChris as they are at the hospital having baby #2!! Excited for you guys! #EvictivityNoah

sweethomealagrl: @ObjectivityRach yay!

ObjectivityRach: Halfway there!! #EvictivityNoah

AlabamaMoms: Wishing my friend, Rachel @ObjectivityRach , a safe and fast delivery. Time to disembark-Noah! #EvictivityNoah

Noscriptomylife: Go @ObjectivityRach!!!!! #EvictivityNoah

WinLiannefield: @ObjectivityRach Happy Baby Day! And *all* it took was reading all your emails and Google Reader? Maybe you should’ve done that sooner? ;)

gina7477: @ObjectivityRach Yay! Clearly, Noah just wanted you to sweat it out a while. Praying for a speedy labor!

tlatkins: @ObjectivityRach I have to admit, I’ve never heard play by play labor before…and from the one in labor. Praying things go well.

OttawaMaryJ: @ObjectivityRach You’ll blink and he’ll be there! #evictivitynoah

OttawaMaryJ: Here in Canada the nurses would probably confiscate @ObjectivityRach’s phone (but having Twitter during labour sounds fun) #EvictivityNoah

LaRee1979: Me too! Hooray! // “@southcheesehead: Praying for @ObjectivityRach and @RehpoChris as they are at the hospital

jonathansmom: @ObjectivityRach This is so exciting!! Hope you’re feeling better now that you have the epidural! : )

jonathansmom: Is so jealous that @ObjectivityRach is having her baby today!!! Hoping for a great delivery for her!

cturnip: @ObjectivityRach good luck! #EvictivityNoah

tiamimi: @ObjectivityRach excited for you, Chris and Ali.

RehpoChris: Redo on the epidural. C’mon back, mommy’s happy place. #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: THAT was not the most fun hour of my life. Epidural fell out. Got a new one. Then got nauseous. Getting better. Phew. #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: I would reply to you all but the phone is spinning again. But thanks so much for all the encourageyness & excitementeyness! #EvictivityNoah

greekgrits: @ObjectivityRach How in the Sam Hill did the epidural just fall out. I have never seen that. Wow!

lzannis: @ObjectivityRach @RehpoChris Yay yay yay!

RehpoChris: OK, mommy’s happy place is back. It brought new friend Queasy with it, but manageable. #EvictivityNoah

RehpoChris: Makin’ progress. 6 down, 4 to go! #EvictivityNoah

EvictivityNoah TwitPic1

llatkins: @ObjectivityRach Ha! Got a little nervous when I saw you posted a pic. lol. We’re praying in the nursery area!!

LaRee1979: @RehpoChris yay go rach! I was a little scared about what a twitpic was gonna show at this point… ;)

tlatkins: @RehpoChris Praying…

TimWillingham: RT @tlatkins: @RehpoChris Praying…

WinLianneField: @RehpoChris God bless y’all!

lzannis: @llatkins @LaRee1979 @ObjectivityRach I love how we’re all tweeting in the middle of church… :)

LaRee1979: @lzannis @llatkins @objectivityrach yes well we have to keep up w #EvictivityNoah ! :)

BethBryan: @ObjectivityRach A huge CONGRATS on the #EvictivityNoah news! Praying for yall today!

robinandmarty: @ObjectivityRach good luck Rach!!!!

MediaGuyCarl: @ObjectivityRach Given all the attention, should we rename the baby Truman? #EvictivityNoah

kimt205: @ObjectivityRach yay! Congrats!

Leslie_Wiggins: @greekgrits @ObjectivityRach My epidural came out during my 3rd labor. No one had ever heard of it happening then, either. It happens.

Leslie_Wiggins: @greekgrits @ObjectivityRach But we didn’t notice it til labor was over; anesthetic all over my back. RN: Oh, that’s why U felt everything!

CourtFuller: @ObjectivityRach thinking about you! Can’t wait to see pics!

sketsananer: @ObjectivityRach I hope u and baby r safe!

grass_stains: @ObjectivityRach Go, Rach, go! Praying that the delivery itself goes smoothly and recovery even more smoothly. Get here, Noah!

ObjectivityRach: Progress is speeding up!! Happy happy!! #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: I’m apparently the 1 in a million. 2nd epidural failed at 8 cm. I think I almost died fr pain. Please pray for 3rd to work. #EvictivityNoah

RehpoChris: Good: Still Progressing. Bad: Getting 3rd Epidural. She was feeling everything just b/f anesth arrived. #EvictivityNoah

cosmicgirlie: @ObjectivityRach Oh honey you’re STILL going?? :( :( Really hope 3rd time’s the charm xxxx #EvictivityNoah

countryfried: @ObjectivityRach Ach! I’m so sorry. You are strong, mama. You can do it! Wishing Noah a speedy eviction. ;-)

CraftyChele: @ObjectivityRach Are you guys dancing?! Third time’s the charm. #EvictivityNoah

sweethomealagrl: @ObjectivityRach get @greekgrits in there right away! Hope the 3rd time is perfection & Noah comes shortly after!

beckyjomama: @ObjectivityRach Praying sweetie – You need a good anesthetist … where is @greekgrits when we need her?!

LaureeAshcom: @ObjectivityRach i am praying… but you will be fine…. make yourself relax…. breathe…

greekgrits: @ObjectivityRach Oh.My.Word.

MediaGuyCarl: @ObjectivityRach C’mon Noah … the suspense is killing us, and I think your mom’s ready! #EvictivityNoah

Shelly_Overlook: @ObjectivityRach Oh honey. I hope you found RX relief soon! Bring on the baby!!!

WeMentorSMM: @ObjectivityRach I’ve really got fingers crossed that the 3rd epidural worked…

RehpoChris: No Spinal. She’s going to be put under. C-section coming immediately. #EvictivityNoah

WinLiannefield: For those who follow @ObjectivityRach but not her hubby @RehpoChris , he just tweeted that she’s being put under for c section. Poor Rach!

RehpoChris: Baby is born. Doing fine. Rachel is successfully asleep. Expecting Noah back in room any minute. #EvictivityNoah

southcheesehead: @RehpoChris still praying. Glad he’s here safely. Sorry @ObjectivityRach had such a rough time. #EvictivityNoah

WinLianneField: @RehpoChris Congrats!!!

LaRee1979: @RehpoChris glad to hear it! Congrats! Bummer that the VBAC didn’t work out but it’s a good thing that everyone is ok! Can’t wait to meet baby Noah! cc @ObjectivityRach

RehpoChris: Unto as a child is born. Unto us a son is given. 21 1/2″. 7lb 9oz. #EvictivityNoah

EvictivityNoah TwitPic2

RehpoChris: Rachel is back and groggy and in good shape. #EvictivityNoah

SouthernRhoda: @ObjectivityRach Thinking about you, Rachel!!

gina7477: @RehpoChris @ObjectivityRach He’s beautiful! Congratulations!

JacksMomMarie: @RehpoChris congratulations!

JacksMomMarie: @RehpoChris and so glad Rachel is resting. Please send her our congrats. Have fun with the BOY!

tlatkins: @RehpoChris Congratulations. When he gets older, make sure to take him here:

southcheesehead: @RehpoChris beautiful!!!!! Praise God for this miracle!!! #EvictivityNoah

sweethomealagrl: @RehpoChris awww, tell sweet Rachel I’m praying for a swift recovery! Glad they are both ok! @ObjectivityRachel!

LaRee1979: @RehpoChris beautiful! Congrats!! cc @ObjectivityRach

WinLianneField: @RehpoChris Yaaaaaaay! He’s so handsome!

KetzerMusic: RT Congrats @RehpoChris: Unto as a child is born. Unto us a son is given. 21 1/2″. 7lb 9oz. #EvictivityNoah

TimWillingham: @RehpoChris Congratulation! Noah only missed @jordanfrenzy’s birthday by 2 days!

brandiofbham: @RehpoChris @ObjectivityRach Congrats y’all! He’s beautiful!

WeMentorSMM: @RehpoChris @ObjectivityRach many congrats!

gretacarter: @RehpoChris, @ObjectivityRach Congrats to y’all and welcome Noah! Sounds like a pretty exciting day. Glad you’re all done and doing well.

BamaELF: Congrats to @ObjectivityRach and @RehpoChris on the latest addition to their family!! #EvictivityNoah

amykiane: @ObjectivityRach yay!!! Can’t wait to see pics. Glad you are doing well.

ObjectivityRach: Noah is SUCH a precious baby. And he’s quite fond of me. Makes the nightmare of the day all worth it!! #EvictivityNoah

ObjectivityRach: Here he is! Sweet Noah James. #EvictivityNoah

EvictivityNoah TwitPic3

MediaGuyCarl: @ObjectivityRach Attagirl, Rachel! Congratulations!!

SarahBroadus: @ObjectivityRach yah for baby birthday!!!

PotentialBham: So happy for @ObjectivityRach ! Baby Noah has disembarked and looks beautiful. WIshing you the best. Nanci

Hillary_Liebman: @ObjectivityRach Happy Birthday Noah! Congrats you ya’ll!

vitafamiliae: @ObjectivityRach Just caught up on your tweets. I missed it! But so excited and happy for you! enjoy all those baby cuddles!!!

MaryRSnyder: @ObjectivityRach welcome to the world baby Noah ! I know Mom is glad you’re here. Rach, glad he’s so precious! Iknew he would be!!

robinandmarty: @ObjectivityRach Awwwwwwe, congratulations Rach!! I bet he is precious! Sorry you had such a rough day!

sweethomealagrl: @ObjectivityRach so glad y’all are both ok – he is a precious little fella! Rest well & heal quickly!

xoxo_trina: @ObjectivityRach Oh my goodness, he’s gorgeous! :) #EvictivityNoah

Noscriptomylife: @ObjectivityRach how cute!!!

amykiane: @ObjectivityRach precious!!!

kimt205: @ObjectivityRach Congratulations yall ! And yay for big sister too! : )

onetruegemini: @ObjectivityRach Precious! So happy for your family!

flourishes: @objectivityrach Yay! Welcome to the world, Noah James!

robinandmarty: @ObjectivityRach He is a DOLL! CONGRATULATIONS!

grass_stains: @ObjectivityRach Here he is! Sweet Noah James. // Congratulations, Rachel! Just precious. I know you’re so happy! Can’t wait to meet him.

McKt: @ObjectivityRach He does look pretty precious! Congrats.

greekgrits: @ObjectivityRach GIRL, I am so sorry you had a horrific epidural experience!! You at StV? Can’t wait to see pics of sweet Noah.

wilsonsway: @ObjectivityRach: Congratulations Rachel & family! Noah looks great!

3girlsmom: @ObjectivityRach BLESS!!! Congrats mama!!! So happy for you!

beckyjomama: @ObjectivityRach Oh, he is HANDSOME! Congratulations mama!

BethBryan: @ObjectivityRach Here he is! Sweet Noah James. #EvictivityNoah He is BEAUTIFUL!! So so precious. Congratulations!

KetzerMusic: @ObjectivityRach Congrats!

scampikins: @ObjectivityRach YAY! Congrats! How precious is he!?!?!?

sweethomealagrl: @ObjectivityRach love :) and I still love his name!

KennMegs: @ObjectivityRach Congrats, Rachel!! He’s a doll! Hope you are both doing well and getting some much needed rest!

LaureeAshcom: beautiful!!!! RT @ObjectivityRach: Here he is! Sweet Noah James. #EvictivityNoah

MaryRSnyder: @ObjectivityRach oh so precious…. wonderful days of baby snuggles!

lzannis: @ObjectivityRach He looks SO much like Ali! Precious!

naycauthen: @ObjectivityRach Aw! So glad he’s finally here for you and he decided to come on his own!

made2worshipJen: @ObjectivityRach Congratulations!!! He’s precious! Praise the Lord!

LaRee1979: @ObjectivityRach so glad!! Can’t wait to meet him!

llatkins: @ObjectivityRach Aww. He looks like Eli to me.

sue_anne: @ObjectivityRach Congrats! You’ll definitely have a story to tell for this one. :)

southcheesehead: @ObjectivityRach he’s precious! Congratulations!!! So sorry you had a rough time. #EvictivityNoah

bekahbutler: @ObjectivityRach woohoo! Congrats! He IS precious…and I think he looks a lot like his big sister! :)

michaelstewart: @ObjectivityRach Congrats!

SouthernRhoda: @ObjectivityRach Awww, Rachel, he is so sweet. Congrats!!

kevinandamanda: CONGRATS Rachel! He’s so handsome! :) RT @objectivityrach Sweet Noah James #EvictivityNoah

ValerieGail: @ObjectivityRach Rach how precious he is!! Congrats to you, Chris and Ali!

mommyinstincts: @ObjectivityRach so sweet. Congrats mama! You’re one tough lady! He’s precious!!

tiamimi: @ObjectivityRach How adorable. Congratulations to you guys.

kbama: @ObjectivityRach Oh how wonderful! He is lovely. Congratulations!

sketsananer: @ObjectivityRach congrats

WadeOnTweets: Congrats to Rachel @ObjectivityRach who gave birth to Noah James Sunday, and live-tweeted labor:

MagicCity_Mama: Congrats @ObjectivityRach!!!

WadeOnTweets: @ObjectivityRach You’re way tougher than most people I know.

(For the whole birth story, click here.)

Happy half-birthday to Noah, and Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy ever!

11 thoughts on “A Look Back: 6 Months Later.

  1. Love it! That last picture is especially great…including Chris’ Visionland t-shirt from 99. :D

    1. Impressive spot!! That shirt is so disgustingly ratty. It was actually circa 2000 – I bought it for Chris on his birthday the year before we got married. I took him to Visionland to celebrate, and we saw Ginny Owens in concert while there, BESIDES the awesome shirt. Because I totally rocked as a girlfriend.

  2. Wow! I really missed a lot by not doing Twitter! Glad that the birth is a distant memory and you got a wonderful baby out of the deal! :)

  3. I remember googling Chris’ twitter feed to keep up with your labor saga – no twitter account here. I’m glad that you were delivered of a sweet, happy, little boy and that that delivery is all in the past! Happy half-birthday Noah :o)

    1. Ha! You were smart – lots of people that were on twitter didn’t even find his feed- I totally forgot to tweet that Chris would be tweeting for me. Oops!

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