Pour Some Sugar on Me! No Wait – Don’t.

As mentioned previously, I’m doing monthly goals and challenges this year. On my list of potential experiments, I’ve had two in particular that I simultaneously dreaded and really wanted to try. Giving up sugar, and giving up gluten. It took 90 days to work up the courage to try one or the other, and I […]

It’s All In My Head.

I started using the LoseIt app again last week. This seems completely unfair to me, that I need to count my calories, because I run nearly every day. I should get to eat whatever I want!! Anytime I want!! But alas. That is the kind of logic that makes one need to get back to […]

The Running Disease.

“Let’s get the white elephant out of the room first. So you’re running now.” I had lunch yesterday with my friend Jamie, the occasion upon which that accusation was made. I leaned in and lowered my voice. “Do you want to know how bad it’s gotten? It’s like really, really bad. Chris arranged for the […]

On Buying the Children a Virtual Hamster Wheel.

Within a day of Chris and I buying our FitBits, the kids split up. Ali was Team Daddy, and Noah was Team Mommy. They began cheering us on accordingly, attempting to keep their opponent from getting ahead (okay only Ali tried to sabotage me), and constantly asking to see the leaderboard to gauge how well […]

A Time to FitBit.

Really, it was all the old man’s fault. He was ambling around the edge of the cliff at Weathington Park, offering to take everyone’s picture with their phone. I don’t know if he was doing some sort of undercover operation to plant a tracking device on everyone’s phone or what, but he was quite insistent. […]


Have you ever gotten to that point in your life where you’re so overwhelmed by the number of things that need to change that you’re not sure where to start? I did – a couple of weeks ago. And I started by making a list – “Things I Need to Change” – at 2am. (Because […]


“Rachel, you’re getting too skinny!” “Um…what?” “Look at your arms!! You look anorexic!” Surely they weren’t talking to me, and clearly this wasn’t someone who knew me very well – that observation was seriously ridiculous. I’ve never been anything within ten miles of too skinny in my entire life. Had they not noticed my thighs? […]

Cuties Julius.

I swear – this post is about how to make a fresh, delicious, refreshing drink. See? But first, I must explain how it came to be. (The Peaks of Genius can’t be reached without first crossing through The Valleys of Ghastliness, after all.) That fortnight of difficulty we were having? Is turning into a trinight, […]

Dr Pepper TEN: An Investigative Report.

On our trip to Atlanta last weekend, Chris and I were introduced, via the ripe discovery grounds of a Quickie Mart, to Dr Pepper TEN. Being an avid Diet Drink Hater up until this year, I’m still trying to discover ones that I can stomach, and possibly even enjoy.  And Dr Pepper TEN was delicious […]

The Final Weigh-In.

Six short months ago, two people sat on the couch. One, a woman in her late 20s, two kids down the road, feeling antsy about how to get rid of the baby weight. The other, a man in his mid-30s, who had been stuck in a continuously yo-yoing range of chubby to walrus since the […]