2020 Needs A Dance Break.

“I don’t remember SENDING that to you…” “You didn’t. I found it when I opened my computer, since you sent it to AJ and I get all your texts.” Just another normal conversation between a teenager and a parent, I’m sure. It’s the one that Ali and I had after I told her that I […]

On The Issue of Being a Morning Person.

God has blessed me with children who appreciate the fine art of sleeping. Ali napped until she was five, Noah’s still napping at four, and they both wake up well after the 7 o’clock hour (and have been known to sleep until 9:30.) As such, it is only right and honorable to homeschool my children. […]
Helena Caboose

iPhone 5s Slo-Mo: Changing Kid Vid Forever.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Before reading this post, please ensure that you are in a place where you can and will watch short videos with your volume on. I understand that watching someone’s kid videos is a huge virtual commitment nearly to the level of seriousness of friending someone on Facebook, and I promise to make […]

Noah Answers Your Burning Questions.

After Noah’s last Fashion Tips video, he asked if you had any questions, and several of you did. He put a good deal of research into his answers, hence his somewhat belated reply. But he did not give up. He is here to enlighten you, make your life easier, and unearth the mysteries of the […]

Fashion Statements of Fact.

Since his debut onto the fashion scene in August, Noah has discovered that he has much more to offer. And so he’s back, explaining in detail the intricacies of toddler clothing and more. He realizes that exposing the world to his impressive depth of knowledge runs the risk of making him the go-to guy for […]

Noah’s Fashion Pointers: Volume One.

For a two-year-old boy, Noah has very strong opinions about fashion, especially since his sister at two didn’t seem to be aware that she was even wearing clothes. But my son’s tastes are exquisite, specific, and a non-negotiable. As such, I decided to let him have his own video column to share his wisdom. So […]

Not Really a Post…

Just a snippet of life to prove that he really is as narcissistic as he comes across in his guest posts. And yes, I’m aware that one day he’s going to throw this video back in my face when I ask him, “How many times do you have to ask the very same question??”

Top Four Moments of 2013.

4. The following conversation with Ali: “Mommy, you know what really disappoints me about the new Tinkerbell movie?” “No.  What?” “Well, the other fairies – Fawn and Rosetta and all – call Periwinkle Periwinkle before they even know her name.” “Oh.  That is a serious continuity issue!” “I know.  It really bothers me.” (I have […]

Waxing Poetics.

Micropoetry, from Ali:   Hey Mom! I killed something so you could see it. Look! A Yellow Ladybug! Isn’t she so pretty? I killed her because she was running away and I wanted you to see her. I think she was scared of me.   Micropoetry, from Noah:   …And yes, I do realize that […]