“I don’t remember SENDING that to you…”

“You didn’t. I found it when I opened my computer, since you sent it to AJ and I get all your texts.”

Just another normal conversation between a teenager and a parent, I’m sure. It’s the one that Ali and I had after I told her that I really loved her dance video and could I please share it.

It was a dance video I didn’t even know existed, and when I just happened across it, it made me smile. And who doesn’t need a smile right now.

But before I could share it, I had to get all of the talent’s permission to post.

Ali said yes, but she also predicted – correctly – that Noah was an absolute unequivocal NO.

“You have to take me COMPLETELY OUT of the video first!”

Me: “No! You are excellent!”

Ali: “And I can’t do that!! I deleted all the original videos.”

So I let it drop. There’s really no use in attempting to change Noah’s mind once you’ve put a decision in his hands.

But that night at bedtime, while we were doing our nightly battle in Wart War III (He’s got four nasty man-sized warts, and our doctor-prescribed a battle routine that includes ten minutes of soaking, then scrubbing, dabbing with flammable substances, and wrapping for the night), he really wanted to watch a Bad Lip Reading Video to pass the time.

“I mean…I’ll be glad to watch YouTube with you….if only you’ll let me post your dance video.”

He got an introspective look on his face and said, “I have been thinking about that…and I am willing to let you post it. In exchange for helping me fold my next two loads of laundry. And watching Bad Lip Reading with me.”


Since the most diva-like participant’s publishing rights had been won, I asked the last two stars, AJ and Tessa, who were most amenable, agreeing immediately. No laundry royalties required.

So I’ll be over here folding Noah’s shorts while he stares off into space and pretends to be folding with me, and you can enjoy this Dance Break from 2020.

Directed by AJ, Produced by Ali, Choreographed individually, and with outdoors and social distancing guidelines (mostly) adhered to.

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