Micropoetry, from Ali:



Hey Mom!

I killed something so you could see it.

Look! A Yellow Ladybug! Isn’t she so pretty?

I killed her because she was running away and I wanted you to see her.

I think she was scared of me.


Micropoetry, from Noah:

IMG_2306 copy


…And yes, I do realize that I may need to have a talk with him about plagiarism.

10 thoughts on “Waxing Poetics.

  1. Please give me more adorable Noah videos! I showed Anderson this video over & over & each time he smiled & giggled and now Ive stopped it (to type this comment) he is crying & grabbing for my iPhone! Haha!

    1. So many questions!!

      No, Ali said that to me a couple of days ago, and it was just so poetic that I wrote it down.

      Noah has been begging for Ice lately, so I taught him that instead of “Ice, Please” – I find ways to amuse myself by manipulating my children.

      And no, I sadly do not own Vanilla Ice. But I do listen to the Sirius 90’s station when the kids aren’t around. But I believe that’s a decade later than The Ice…

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