God has blessed me with children who appreciate the fine art of sleeping.

Ali napped until she was five, Noah’s still napping at four, and they both wake up well after the 7 o’clock hour (and have been known to sleep until 9:30.)

As such, it is only right and honorable to homeschool my children.

After all, if God gives you two talents to invest and you bury them in the dirt of waking up at 6am to get to school, how do you think you’re going to justify that when He asks after His investment?

No. I will treasure those talents and sleep late so that I can enjoy life more because of it.

However, Noah has been going to preschool this year. Just three days a week, with a 9 o’clock start time – it seemed like a reasonable burden for those talents to bear. And it was – I only had to wake him up (after 8am) every now and then.

Until the time change. And since that time change, I’ve had to drag my moody little talent out of bed every morning (after 8am), kicking and screaming and clawing at his covers.

As an attempt to document this phase of life and lighten his excessively grumpy demeanor, I took a snippet of video every morning for six days.

Each morning, I asked one simple thing of him: “Okay, Noah. Say ‘I’m not a morning person.’”

But, alas. Noah is four. And he is an extraordinarily opinionated and contrary four – especially first thing in the morning when he’s been unceremoniously awakened approximately 1.35 hours before he wished.

So here were the results, after six days:



I clearly need to get back to properly investing that talent.

9 thoughts on “On The Issue of Being a Morning Person.

  1. Oh the cuteness. Be still my heart!!!

    My five year old turned into a morning person this past year. He rises between 6:30 and 7:00 most every day (he has to be pretty tuckered out to sleep later than that). My husband works from home and starts work around 6:30 in the morning since most of the people he works with are on the east coast, and the kiddo quietly slips out of his room (without waking his little brother – child is a ninja), grabs his tablet, and then parks himself in the extra chair in our office and just hangs out with his daddy. :-)

  2. I completely understand Noah. For the first 28 1/2 years of my life, I was NOT a morning person. I could sleep for 9-12 hours a day, happily (although I almost never did). I hated mornings. I hated waking up. I hated light in the mornings.. Basically, I always wanted to go back to sleep. As a Christian, I used to beg God to make me a morning person.

    Well, in the last 6 months, I have been a morning person. Maybe it’s a (belated) answer to prayer, although I’m no longer Christian. It’s as if a switch has flipped in my brain. I wake up around first light, and I have an incredibly difficult time going back to sleep. Not only that, I need less sleep (I’m completely content with 6 hours now! This is amazing!) I have no explanation for this. I haven’t changed my eating habits, or my fitness level, or anything. The only thing I can think of is that I am much happier that I have ever been in my life, for a variety of reasons. Maybe that’s enough to make me love mornings?

    Anyway, I just thought I’d share.

  3. He looks pretty darn happy to not be a morning person! S is my mini-me in every way including our dislike of mornings. Any attempts to wake her up earlier than desired are met with grunts, growls, and sometimes she even comes up swinging! At least I’m not THAT bad! Haha :)

  4. I’m glad you appreciate what a blessing it is to have kids who sleep in. My oldest (8) and youngest (2) are regularly up and running at 5:30 am.

    I miss sleep!

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