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After Noah’s last Fashion Tips video, he asked if you had any questions, and several of you did.

He put a good deal of research into his answers, hence his somewhat belated reply. But he did not give up. He is here to enlighten you, make your life easier, and unearth the mysteries of the world.

If you have more questions, by all means leave them in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Noah Answers Your Burning Questions.

  1. This is hilarious!! I love it!!!

    My 3 month old has a question for Noah. Maria asks, “My big sister shows me a lot of affection. Sometimes too much. Any survival tips from a fellow youngest child?”

  2. My question to Noah: The Hipster Macklemore says it is cool to wear your granddads clothes. Is there an effective fashionable way to pull this off this style with out adding 60years to your age?

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! you have SUCH an adorable little boy!! love the medicine cabinet and the quote unquote part ;)

  4. Noah, what is your opinion on beards? I see more and more men with full beards these days. Are they a go, or a no. Hoping you agree with me on this issue so I can pass along the info to my husband. please don’t let me down. No pressure.

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