Fashion Statements of Fact.

Toddler's Fashion September

Since his debut onto the fashion scene in August, Noah has discovered that he has much more to offer. And so he’s back, explaining in detail the intricacies of toddler clothing and more.

He realizes that exposing the world to his impressive depth of knowledge runs the risk of making him the go-to guy for fashion conundrums, and he has even answered his first fan question in the following video. But he feels that the fashion category is too limiting to his vast scope of expertise, so he wants to answer questions about anything. So if you have your own questions for Noah to resolve in upcoming videos, please leave them in the comments. Because he’s here for you – the Dr. Phil of two-year-olds, ready to help you with all of your life’s mysteries.

Or you can just tell him he’s awesome – because he’s totally down with fan mail.