Just a snippet of life to prove that he really is as narcissistic as he comes across in his guest posts.

And yes, I’m aware that one day he’s going to throw this video back in my face when I ask him, “How many times do you have to ask the very same question??”

7 thoughts on “Not Really a Post…

  1. I am from the north and when we say, “Bless your heart” we truly mean that and it wasn’t until I had moved to AL that I realized what it really meant (at least here in the south) and every now and then I catch myself saying it but really meaning it the way northerns mean it. So if you hear me say, “Bless your Heart,” I am not giving you the finger, I truly mean it.

  2. “bye” – I love it. “Mom, if you insist on asking silly questions, this conversation is over!”

    And this is a very strange font in the comment box!

  3. I’m not giving you the finger either- I really am attempting to summon up a blessing. for your heart, especially when your home is being slowly torn apart and put together again all while inhabiting it with two small mess-making humans :)

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