Why I Ended My Relationship With Downton Abbey.

It’s that time of year. The time when everyone starts asking me questions. “Don’t tell me any spoilers, but is this season worth watching?” “Where’s your chart for this year?” “Please tell me no one’s going to die.” It’s because I have had a known and public love affair with Downton Abbey. So much so […]
Downton Abbey

Gifts to Characters on Downton Abbey.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. So you’ve all now finished watching Season Four of Downton Abbey. (Except those of you who are still letting it sit on your DVR, risking at every moment the finale being bumped off for one more episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I hope you’re duly nervous about this very real […]

Downton Abbey MBTI Chart.

There’s one for Star Wars, and one for Harry Potter. But alas, no MBTI personality chart for Downton Abbey. Not one to shy away from helping out in the need for Downton Abbey graphics, I felt it was my duty to step in and solve this problem. I pondered each character, researched the personality types, […]

The Downton Connection.

{SPOILER ALERT: Vague references to Season Three of Downton Abbey are in this post. Read at your own risk.} A couple of weeks ago, a reader wrote on my Facebook Page: I read it, and I puzzled. She was right – despite my fandom, I had certainly never picked up on a resemblance of my […]

Know Your Downton Risk Status.

{Spoiler Alert – only continue reading if you’ve finished watching Downton Abbey Season Three, which ended in America on Sunday.} I felt it best to give you all a couple days of Downton Silence out of respect for your mourning. Because I know – I’ve been there. Since I hacked it and watched Season Three […]

Welcome to America, Season Three.

The long-awaited time has come.  Downton Abbey Season Three starts in America on Sunday.  Or, if you’re like me and have been pretending to be British, Season Three just ended. But no worries –  I will offer no spoilers.  I won’t even update my graphic until you’re caught up – because I’m nice like that. […]

{No Spoilers Enclosed}

I might have dreamed that Chris was Matthew Sunday night. I might have imagined I was living in Downton Abbey all day yesterday. I might be kicking myself for not re-watching Seasons One and Two this summer. I might be scheming about how I could get two days of free time in which to do […]

DowntonHack: How to Watch with the British.

9/22/13 Update: Season Four of Downton Abbey has started and the following directions still work. Episode One will be available on iTV for the next thirty days. If iTV asks you for a zip code, N70AA works. There are some free ways to do it noted in the comments, but I did hear of some […]

Downton Abbey, Explained.

(Click to Enlarge) (Click here to see the new Season Three Graphic – How to tell if you’re at risk of dying unexpectedly on Downton Abbey.) Chris and I are in full mourning this week. Not just half mourning, as one would do for, say, a cousin, but full mourning, as one would do for […]