The long-awaited time has come.  Downton Abbey Season Three starts in America on Sunday.  Or, if you’re like me and have been pretending to be British, Season Three just ended.

But no worries –  I will offer no spoilers.  I won’t even update my graphic until you’re caught up – because I’m nice like that.

However, I did happen to take notice of something this season: there are a good number of parallels with another oft-watched show in our household.

In fact, I suspect that Downton might be a complete knock-off.

I present to you my evidence:

Sir Topham Hatt and Lord Grantham

Mrs Hatt and Lady Crawley

Sodor and England


That Thomas.  He's a Cheeky One.

That Thomas.  He’s the cheeky one.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to America, Season Three.

  1. I haven’t ever watched Downtown Abby, but have watched a ton of Thomas episodes. I love your comparisons!

  2. I am so very excited for season three of DA! I’ve been rewatching season two and am ready to see where the stories are headed. Will there be a wedding with Matthew and Mary? Will Anna and Bates get their shot at happiness? Will Edith find her soul mate? Will Sybil and “the politician” make an appearance? Will Daisy gain confidence? Will Thomas and O’Brian try the Patch?

    So many questions…and you know the answers! How can you not talk about it? How can you not talk with a British accent after watching? I find myself thinking British, it’s really quite ridiculous. Oh, I just remembered, Shirley MacLaine! What delights will she add to the mix?!? Oh my. So. Excited.

  3. Funny! I think I’m the only person who hasn’t watched Downtown Abbey yet! Something tells me Thomas the Tank Engine wouldn’t be a good substitute.

  4. Eli wandered over as I opened this post on my screen and was immediately interested… in the left side at least. I love the last comparison especially!

  5. We did these comparisons a few weeks ago! We have two Thomas-obsessed little boys (and two DA obsessed parents), so it was natural. We thought Thomas the Footman was more like Diesel 10: evil and awkward. The first time we heard Gordon mutter, “Oh the indignity,” we were like, “Carson!” Emily, with her stuck-up but sweet disposition, is totally Lady Mary, and James matches Matthew Crawley pretty perfectly: kind, but vain and given to misunderstanding. Mavis, of course, is Mrs. Hughes, old and kindly but firm, and Belle and Mrs Crawley have a lot in common: loud, abrasive, well-intentioned, but in the way a lot.

    We have not yet figured out a John Bates, Lady Edith, or Mrs. Patmore, but I hold out the hope that they are there. And, I’m sure, before both of my boys outgrow this phase, we will watch enough Thomas to find them. :-P

    1. That’s awesome!! I thought about going farther with the analogies, and I thought of some of the exact same ones – especially Gordon/Carson!!

  6. Ha! Very funny! I am late to the party on this series, but as soon as I catch up I will tune into Season 3 on my DVR. If I get through Season 2 like I want to, by watching my Netflix DVDs during every waking available hour, then I should be able to finish Season 2 by Saturday. I hope so, because I don’t want to be in a media blackout too long. I blogged about my new obsession with The Crawleys too!

  7. And it doesn’t disappoint. You are so clever. We just watched Gosford Park last night for the first time.. it was odd seeing similarities there as well. Maybe it’s just the natural order of early 20th century British social circles.

    1. It IS odd, isn’t it? I feel like there were a lot of characters he plopped right out of that movie and into Downton. But Downton is SO much more crafted and developed.

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