Downton Abbey MBTI Chart.

There’s one for Star Wars, and one for Harry Potter.

But alas, no MBTI personality chart for Downton Abbey.

Not one to shy away from helping out in the need for Downton Abbey graphics, I felt it was my duty to step in and solve this problem. I pondered each character, researched the personality types, and sincerely hope that I correctly pegged the upstairs and the downtstairs.

And I’m glad I did, because seeing the types in Downton Abbey terms helped me realize that my last personality test result was wrong – there’s no way I’m a Carson – at least not anymore.

I’m totally a Mrs. Hughes. I think.

(And yes, I am hacking season four and watching with the British. And no, there are no spoilers in this chart.)

Here’s an explanation of the letters in the terms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:

First Letter: E or I – Extroversion/Introversion – Are you stimulated and refreshed by being with other people, or by being alone?

Second Letter: S or N – Sensing/Intuition – Do you use your five senses to interpret the world and prefer facts, or do you rely on your instincts and prefer hunches?

Third Letter: T or F – Thinking/Feeling – Do you lean towards using logic and objective criteria, or values and subjective ideas?

Fourth Letter: J or P – Judging/Perceiving – Are you purposeful, liking structure, plans, rules, and organization, or are you laid-back and flexible, open to change, and explorative?

Everybody ready? Here’s the chart:

Downton Abbey MBTI Personality

So. Which character are you? Please report in the comments.

Click on the following pictures to visit my other Downton Abbey Graphics:

How to tell if you're at risk of dying unexpectedly in Downton Abbey.Downton Abbey

Find my Big Bang Theory MBTI Chart Here:


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  1. Lindsey Murphy says:

    I love this!! I’m “Anna”, married to “Carson.” :)

  2. Well since I’m an INF but am pretty even on the J & P I’m a mix of Bates & Matthew.

  3. As an INFP, I am Matthew, and also Luna Lovegood and Luke Skywalker!

  4. Anna!! Which would have totally been my guess from the beginning!

  5. leah kahkola (@Leah_MK) says:

    I’m Anna for Downton Abbey, Qui-GOn for Star Wars, and Ron Weasley for HP. :D Yay ENFP!

  6. It appears that I am a mix of Matthew and Tom. Which sounds like good husband material to me, so maybe Mark is happy he got me for a wife :)

  7. june seghni (@ummlilia) says:

    not at all surprised to find I am O’

  8. Apparently, I’m Bates… I don’t watch the show though. Is he a good guy?
    (And I’m Obi-Wan and Lupin. So, I’m a dude.)

  9. Ann Marie says:

    I’m a cross between Lady Grantham and Sybil, leaning more toward Lady G. Really, I’m split with S and N AND J and P, so I can be any of the bottom 4, Violet, Lady G, Sybil, and Mary, depending on the occasion and circumstances. I’m complicated…..arg.

  10. I’m Carson – yay!! He’s my favorite!! My husband is Sybil. I think that’s a pretty good match, right?

    Great chart – thanks for your dedication in making it :)

  11. I am Sybil… almost Mary, since I am barely an F over a T. 20 years ago, I was probably most like Violet, but living more life, and making more mistakes, and realizing life is much more complicated than my simple solutions, my N and J have increased. I love Violet, though, and can really appreciate her, and we laugh most often at her character!

  12. Kitty Engle says:

    Well apparently I am Sybil although your opinion would be appreciated.

  13. I’m Matthew and my husband is Mary. :)

  14. I”m a Sybil! Wait: does that mean I die?

  15. I am Lord Grantham, but I don’t watch the show so I don’t know if he’s a good guy or not. As an ISFJ, I’m also Neville Longbottom and C-3PO. I think it’s a little odd that they included a droid in the personality lineup, but I’m just gonna roll with it. Thanks for posting these–it was fun!

  16. I’m somewhere between Mrs. O’Brien and Mary. I am not surprised… I have always sympathized a LOT with Mary. I can never decide if I’m an introvert or an extrovert, but the quiz said I was an “I”. Are you sure Mary is an extrovert? She is always so exhausted after an evening with people, and often times wants to avoid them. I am almost inclined to think Mrs. O’Brien is the extrovert and Mary the introvert…

  17. I’m either O’Brien or Mary depending on whether I’m having an introvert or extrovert day. I’m picking Mary, though, because I’d hate to think I go through life with a sour look like O’Brien has.

  18. ESFP- I’m Rose!

  19. I’m Mr. Bates and Obi-Wan Kenobi…I had no idea!

  20. I’m hacking season 4 too. And I’m a Mathew. Poor Mathew :'(

  21. Even though I don’t watch Downton Abbey, I still like these charts! Thanks for making one! And for the record, I’m Mary. :)

  22. I was sure I was Carson. Took the test, turns out I’m Lord Grantham.Carson seems so much better now

  23. I’m afraid to do it. WHAT IF I’M O’BRIEN?!

  24. Christine says:

    I’m Edith — my husband is Mr. Bates! I knew there was a reason I liked that character so much :)

  25. I’m Bates, but I’ve tested as Matthew depending on the particular assessment tool, and prior to college, I was Anna. I’m married to Carson…I think. :)

  26. Finally an assessment that doesn’t turn my husband into a villain. I am an ESFJ and he is an INTP.. Fun to see this!.

  27. I’m O’Brien. (: Darn, I’m going to have to start watching this show because of you! Not that I don’t already have 328397 tv shows to catch up on. Thanks Rachel! Haha

  28. I’m an ENFJ so I am Sybill. I definitely loved her character. *sniffles*

  29. I’ve been seeing this all over FB today! How fun! I am an ESFJ — Lady Grantham. :) Can’t wait for the episodes in January!

    • The season finale just showed in England last night, then of course there will be the Christmas special. Hopefully this year they don’t ruin all of England’s Christmas days like they did last year!

  30. I’m O’Brien, and I hate myself for it.

  31. Jennifer Paxton says:

    Violet here. Sounds pretty spot on for me.

  32. I’ve never watched this show ever, but I’m Lady Grantham.

  33. Of course, I’m Anna (I would’ve guessed that off the bat)! It seems there are a lot of ENFPs who are drawn to this by the comments :)

    I can definitely see parts of Sybil in me too, probably because my P/J is the least defined (I call myself a reluctant perceiver).

  34. Tiffany Erickson says:

    I am an ENFP like Anna, which startled me because I see her as someone I admire but am not like. However the last episode of season 4 I watched made me so very angry at her, because I didn’t feel she was standing up for herself. My anger seemed strange to me, since I’ve never felt that way about her before. But after almost a week I realized I was angry because like Anna, I am a rock when I defend others, but I cow before defending myself. It is a frustrating thing to realize.

    (don’t think that was a spoiler, really…. pretty generic)

    I also would have tested as Sybil when in my teens and 20’s. I have changed from a more concrete way of dealing with life on task, planned, organized and buttoned down, to being far more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants.

    I find it fascinating that our ‘personality’ is fluid, not entirely fixed. Perhaps and Extrovert will never become and Introvert, but someone who naturally operates on Perceiving can suppress that and function as Judging if they feel they must. I also think someone who naturally operates on Feeling can stifle that and attempt to run on Thinking, and make the people around them think that is succeeding for them to a point.

    Last note: the HP chart is highly inaccurate. The Downton Abbey Chart is far more accurate. Consider, for instance, that Snape is supposedly like Carson. This is not true. Snape is like O’Brien. He operates far more on intuition and instinct than Carson ever would. Snape sniffs out things that don’t ‘feel right’. Carson is purely factual and analytical. Or consider Ron. Does anyone honestly think he’s the same personality type as ANNA? That’s just silly. Ron is far less imaginative. His flights of fancy are limited to very practical things and narrow in scope. He’s quite pragmatic. I think he’s more like Rose– accepting of others, easy going, fun loving, exuberant, spontaneous, adventurous. Being an ENFP, I can say that I am nothing like Ron. Lol.. The same is true for Hermione, Harry, and many others. Chart isn’t right.

    • I’m glad you found my chart accurate! The only one I wasn’t certain on was Edith – but she is a hard one to peg!

      And I too find it fascinating that our personalities are fluid. Mine has changed a lot over the years!

      • Tiffany Erickson says:

        I think you ‘pegged’ Edith correctly. I think this, lol, because my best friend of 12 years is SO MUCH like Edith, the longer the series goes the more I am amazed at how Edith’s actions/reactions match up…. even things like pauses in her speech, word choice, the things she chooses not to say…. and my best friend is VERY MUCH ‘The Artist. Very private, avoids conflict, holds self to a high standard, prefers to do her creative work in private. I do agree however that she is difficult to peg, and has some Provider traits as well.

    • I’m Matthew who I really like but thought I’d be more like Anna although she’s more extroverted. Really cool!

  35. I’m an ENTJ – Mary married to an INTP – Matthew, but fortunately we are both alive and doing well. Very interesting!

  36. Amanda Sheren says:

    I am ESTJ so Violet! love it.

  37. I’m ESFJ bit pretty close to ISFJ too so it looks like I’m one of the Granthams depending on the day (or time of month… Ahem).

  38. ESFJ Lady Grantham. Hmmm okay I am 75 so, I have earned this place. I think I have evolved.

  39. ESFJ … Lady Grantham..
    Hmmmthink I have evolved

  40. I am Lord Grantham. My husband is Mary. So relieved that neither of us are O’Brian. ;)

  41. I’m Mr. Bates. This is great!
    As an aspiring author, I absolutely love this and will be looking at this often, no doubt–it gives me an excellent reference for my characters’ personalities. :)

  42. sybil

  43. Who else, but Maggie Smith , the organizer! I keep telling people the world would be so such better if I were in charge!

  44. Love this! I am Carson and I’m married to Mary :)

  45. O’Brien? Really?? She scares me. BTW, I’m moving to Alabama in the spring (from Connecticut!) and I’ll need lots of advice on how to behave like a proper Southerner!

  46. Bryant Chitwood says:

    I’m Lady Grantham, the provider!

  47. I knew already that I am an INFP, so I am like Matthew. Matthew is/was my favorite character by far on the show, and I could relate to how he felt and acted.

    My second favorite character is his mother, Isobel, an ESTP. Do ESTP’s attract INFP’s?

  48. Agree on Matthew and Mr. Bates. Good insight on Lady Mary.

    Here is my analysis of MBTI applied to the television show, “Modern Family”

  49. Sherrill Szumik says:

    I am an ESFJ…lady grantham

  50. Amanda walters says:

    I’m a mix between Lady Grantham and Sybil. I probably should reactive my Netflix so I can watch the series lol

  51. Nyla Poser says:

    I am a cross between the Guardian and the Dowager.

  52. Donna Lamont says:

    I turn out to be Thomas, although I didn’t really like him at the start- he did begin to grow on a person in later episodes. I really like how the dowager duchess speaks out her mind and relate to her, but that’s not how I came out in this quiz- darn

  53. I am 100% Lady Grantham – spot on!

  54. I am almost like Lady Mary, but more like Violet, probably right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  55. Definitely Bates (INFJ). No wonder I was so focused on his legal troubles.

  56. Tom and Thomas. For goodness sake! I am sure I am totally a sweet, smart, lovely Anna or Lady Grantham or Sweet Sybil. Stupid quiz. :-) P.S. Like you, I sometimes have to clue people into my sense of humor.

  57. I am Sybil, and that is so funny because I like her fabrics the best !!!

  58. Hollie McNeely says:

    I am sooooo Anna. This was fun, thanks

  59. I am O’Brien … YIKES!!! Who would have known??? *laughing*

  60. Grandma Del says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that I am an Anna, but I’m also very much like Lady Edith so for my first DA quilt I will use the Lady Edith fabric selection guide. If in the future, we do this again, perhaps I can choose the Anna patterns. I do hope this does not turn into a “Dear Jane” and require over 5,000 pieces per quilt! So far I’m good to go. We now have 18 to 24″ of snow on the ground. It’s a good time to sew!

  61. Dorothy C. says:

    I am closest Lord Grantham, not sure I like that!!!

  62. Mona Keegan says:

    Oh dear! I am ESTJ, Lady Violet! Well, she does make me happy quite often. :) Pretty interesting.

  63. Debra Herd says:

    I’m a Carson. Funny since I love and connect with his character.

  64. I’m Matthew! At first I thought I’d be O’Brien so maybe it’s a good thing I’m not!

  65. J McMurray says:

    Definitely Carson, I have been ISTJ for years. Would make a great butler

  66. marilyn holley-stupka says:

    Anna was no surprise to me. I should have realized that before I started.. I wonder which colorway she would choose I am having a bit of a hard time deciding the fabric is all so lovely.

  67. Ah, Mr Bates fits me rather well! I am looking forward to making this mystery quilt.

  68. I am Lady Mary – “spot on”!

  69. Terri Whyne says:

    IIFJ thinking im close to ANNA :)

  70. I am a Matthew……….didn’t he die in the last season? Oh no!

  71. I’m Anna!

  72. Lynda Williams says:

    I am Edith with a little of Lady Grantham thrown in

  73. Dott Skomp says:

    I’m Lady Violet

  74. Debi Shultz says:

    Isobel Crowley! My “traits” aren’t much if a surprise. I hadn’t thought about which Downton character I was most like until this quiz.

  75. I’m spot on Sybil, ENFJ. Wow.

  76. another Quilter says:

    I have the traits of Isobel Crawley—I do admire her ability to speak her mind, she is even right sometimes!!

  77. I seem to be a little of this with a dash of the other. However I seem to have more in common with the Dowager Duchess. However I do not like snobbery and that class system they had in England. Maybe that is my Scots-Irish ancestry peeking out.

  78. Clare Schmidt says:

    I am Sybil-like. LOve all the fabric and can’t wait to start my quilt

  79. I’m an Anna. Haven’t even seen one episode of the series yet, but have Season One on hold at the library. My husband is also a quilter and participating in the mystery quilt, and he watches it.

  80. I am “O Brien”, how fun!

  81. I am an “OBrien”!

  82. The descriptions are a bit hard to read, but I think I’m Mrs. Hughes with a touch of Lady Edith!

  83. Lila Smith says:

    I am Sybil. Not at all surprised as I truly am a giver.


  84. Looks like I’m a Isobel Crawley. Interesting …..

  85. Linda Christianson says:

    I am The Crafter it fits me to a tea.

  86. I am ENFP, which is Anna. The profile fits pretty well, it is amazing how much you can figure out with just four questions. This was a fun way to start the mystery!!!!!

  87. I am Violet. Wanting things done the right way etc.

  88. Carole Sample says:

    Hard job. I see me in most of them. Perhaps a combo of Lady Grantham and Anna. Can’t wait till the new season.

  89. This quilt along is going to be so much fun!! I match up with Lady Grantham on the personality chart!

  90. I am Mary and my hubby is a Matthew for sure. Love the show, fabric and mystery quilts.

  91. I’m Carson – I love Carson! He’s like an extra father to the girls. This is my first mystery quilt and I’m excited to get started. I’m doing the dowage line of fabric because I love her character and love Maggie Smith. Some of the lines from when the other mother was there for the wedding where priceless.

  92. The chart said I’m Anna, but today I feel like I’m a little of Edith, Rose, Sybil and Anna

  93. I’m an INFP through and through. Matthew and I are true soul mates.

  94. Linda Gabrielse says:

    I’m Anna. Love it!

  95. Mari Paradise says:

    I feel that I am most like Violet. The Guardian.

  96. My zodiac sign is TAURUS. I am 100% Taurus the Bull…….so therefore I am a cross between Anna & Violet.
    I absolutely LOVE the series. Hope the Seasons continue to run until Mr. Fellowes grows tired.

  97. I am Carson through and through.

  98. Susan Samson says:


  99. Mary and Carson. This is very interesting and great fun.

  100. It appears that I’m a Carson!

  101. Kathy Carenza says:

    I am ENFP Anna and I love her….But my Feeling and Thinking are almost equal so I could be Thomas whom I like also, Win-Win for me :-)

  102. What a surprise…a compilation of Lady Crawley, Anna and Thomas. I really don’t like Thomas, but he is resourceful. He needs the moral direction of Anna, I seem to have a bit of all of them. Must remember to walk the straight line.
    It didn’t help me figure out the rotary cutting chart.

  103. I’ve already reported I’m Carson (via twitter, I think) but just took it for my hubby & he’s totally Lady Grantham! I’m trying to think about their relationship on the show…I think they respect each other, right? Been so long!

  104. Jennifer M. says:

    I just did this for real the other day! I am an INFJ, which apparently makes me Bates. :)
    Thanks for the fun!

  105. I’m Lady Grantham.

  106. I’m a toss-up between Matthew and Edith (idealist and artist).

  107. Nooo, not O’brien! I don’t even like her, tho I thot she was pretty smart and observant. :/ I hope I’m the nicer, less busy body version of her. In fact, I don’t think an intj would even bother to be a busy body at all. There are much more important things to attend to! Tho, ya DO gotta watch your back…oh god, I AM her…!

  108. I got Thomas. Is there an ENTP with a heart? I have very strong values, so that makes me a bit different from Thomas :) How about Lady Rosamund?

  109. stephanie says:

    I’m IIFJ – Mr. Bates …. although I would have prefered someone else, after reading the description… it works. FUN

  110. Lorrielovesparties says:

    We’re having a Downton Abbey Dinner Party…These are perfect Thanks!

  111. Roberta Smith says:

    O’Brien and Violet… Always knew I had opposite ideas.. Can be very confusing at times but at least I know I’m not going mad now lol

  112. I am ETNJ…….which is Mary. I love Mary, BUT the description DOES NOT describe me in the least. I was a bit indecisive on a few of the letters, so maybe that did it!!!! :0)

  113. Hailstorm says:

    Hahah Mr. Carson…yes!

  114. Im a pretty equal mix of Isobel Crawley and Lady Mary! 8)

  115. Jennifer says:

    I have always thought I was most like Mrs. Hughes, but the test puts me as Anna. Either way there’s some canoodling with the staff since I’m married to Lord Grantham – fits him to a T!

  116. I’m Mrs Hughes
    This was so fun thank you

  117. I’m late to the post, but it chocks me that Isobel Crawley is labeled as an ESTP. To me she looks nothing like an ESTP. On the contrary, I think she is an INFJ.
    I – she always prefers to be alone or carefully selects her entourage
    N – she is guided by her intuition and not by what she sees or hears
    F – she is with Sybil the one with the more empathy, always there to defend the oppressed, this is even her main goal in life
    J – she needs to rule or have everything under control
    INFJ are idealists with a vision of what to do to help people and improve people’s life
    ESTP are more self-centered and live a day-to-day life to just have experiences, they’re just looking for thrills and risks, and be the best in the competition (Jimmy to my opinion would be an ESTP)
    Thanks for reading!

  118. I am the Inventor!


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