{SPOILER ALERT: Vague references to Season Three of Downton Abbey are in this post. Read at your own risk.}

A couple of weeks ago, a reader wrote on my Facebook Page:

Ali and Cora copy

I read it, and I puzzled.

She was right – despite my fandom, I had certainly never picked up on a resemblance of my daughter to any Downton Abbey characters.

At least it wasn’t Edith.

And Cora is a beautiful lady (even though she always has the exact same facial expression.)

But as I sat with my phone in hand, pondering how in the world my daughter could look like her, I pulled up a photo of Ali, then found a photo of Lady Grantham.

And gasped.

Ali and Lady Cora


My child is future fiction British Aristocracy.

What could this mean?

How should I train her correctly?

Clearly, I’d be totally fine with her marrying British Royalty. After all, I had my own ambitions of marrying Prince William, but ultimately I decided that the fact that I was six months older than him might make it too weird, so I let him off the hook.

(Plus I imagined the pranks that Prince Harry would come up with would make for a complete bloody mess of a wedding getaway car.)

(And Camilla Parker Bowles as a Step-Mother-In-Law is what Horror-Fairytales are made of.)

(Poor Kate. I should have warned her.)

But back to Ali. The only reason that British Aristocracy ever marries American Women is if the woman in question has a massive family fortune with which the aristocrat can use to save their family estate, and that’s not really going to be possible around here.

(Unless Ali does a better job of saving her $5 allowance, or perhaps sends out royalty support letters.)

So I decided to strategize in a different direction.

Perhaps I should notify the producers of Downton Abbey that my daughter is available for any needs they may have. Such as a prequel of young Cora in the United States. Or perhaps a dream sequence or childhood memory. After all, her wardrobe would be stunning. And I bet they’d let her keep a piece or two for dress-up.

(And I’d get to meet the cast. Which would be way more exciting if they hadn’t KILLED EVERYONE THAT I CARED ABOUT.)

But at least they hadn’t killed Cora. So I knew there was hope for Ali’s future.

As I was pondering all of these things in my heart, we took a trip over the river and through the woods to my parent’s house, and I had the realization of where Ali’s antique soul originated.

This is not a scene from Downton Abbey.

This is my Dad, driving his grandkids around his property.

Dad 2

When she gets her big role, I can be confident that she’ll be chauffeured properly.

16 thoughts on “The Downton Connection.

  1. Oh me, I was going to marry Prince Edward. I had the whole meeting him scenario worked out in my head and in my 8 year old mind it was going to work. Princess Di had nothing on the clothes I was going to wear. :)

  2. Ali is totally Cora’s little doppelgänger. How in the world have I missed that?! Saying he or she looks just like so-and-so is my favorite pastime!

  3. Oh my gosh, she DOES look like her! I am pretty angry at the producers for their death decisions. In my head I pretend the show ended with Season 2’s happily-ever-after-in-the-snow proposal. Sob.

    1. That’s what I tell everyone!! Stop watching at the end of 2. I’m hoping they make amends with 4, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. How funny that she could resemble Cora. Now I say she could marry British Royalty because even though she might not have an inheritance to restore a fateful English estate, she might find that one Royal who wants to step out of the confines of what is expected of him and find him a fun loving southern girl. Hey, she already has the antique car and chauffeur and that’s a start.

  5. She DOES look like her! AND if Ali DID marry into British royalty, then you can finally, and most definitely be the “fairy princess mother.” (referencing a post you did a long time ago)

    All the pieces are coming together! :D

    1. She decided again today (without knowing about this post) that her career aspirations were back to “Princess”. So yes, that’s in the plans.

  6. Wow! That is pretty uncanny. I too was going to marry Wills– but I was really happy to at least see that he found another respectable brunette who just happened to take her wedding dress ideas from me :)

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