So as you know, we took Ali with us to the baby doctor last week. We didn’t tell her that I was pregnant until we were already there…at which point she booted me off the exam table because she started to feel a bit queasy:IMG_9223I can relate to that feeling.

As fun as it was to let her see the sonogram, our appointment took WAY longer than we expected, and by the end of our (four hour +) visit which caused one of Ali’s first skipped naptimes ever, I was kinda done with the idea of taking Ali to the doctor with me.

Luckily, she’s easily entertained, especially when there are curtains to be hidden in:Curtain copy

But regardless of entertainment level, 4+ hours at the doctor while attempting to entertain a toddler and managing to not puke or pass out from lack of food and drink is not my idea of how to spend an afternoon. So I don’t think she’ll get to go back until the “is it a boy or a girl??” visit.

Which brings me to the ultimate point of this post.

When I was pregnant with Ali four years ago,

(Which was a VERY VERY long time ago, for the record. I have friends that have had three kids between my pregnancies, yet people have still said to me, “You’re pregnant again?” – as if I’m toting one every time they turn around. It completely befuddles me.)

Anyway. When I was pregnant with Ali four years ago, I remember seeing a very new and expensive test on the internet – a urine test to determine the baby’s gender WAY before the 18-20 week sonogram.

I was tempted then, but with little information on the accuracy of said test and such an expensive price tag, I was a good girl and waited until it was my rightful time to find out.


Since it’s been SO LONG since my last pregnancy, these tests have made their way into Walgreens, Target, and everywhere else, and at the much cheaper price of $30.

When I saw them, my first reaction was “No way – if it was wrong, I’d be completely disoriented at my sonogram.”

Plus, there was no accuracy information on outside of the box.

But I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

And so, when they taunted me from Target’s shelves yesterday (an aisle which I could have admittedly avoided), I couldn’t help it. I bought it.

The first thing I did was scour the instructions for the accuracy of the test.

Of course, they’re vague, saying they’re accurate but “don’t paint the nursery yet, fool!”:


So now I can’t decide.

Take the test or not?

And if I do take it, can I take it with a grain of salt and not make any “emotional investments” into the result?

And if I decide to take it, when should I take it?

It can be taken as early as 6 weeks, but they say it is most effective after 10 weeks.

I’m just afraid that if I find out that it’s wrong, I’ll feel like this:IMG_9223

Input, please.

37 thoughts on “The Case of the Overly-Curious Baby-Carrier.

  1. Those tests are super tempting. I read that they claim to be 78-80% accurate. I would assume that it would automatically be 50% accurate, so that's not that much more (there's really a 1/4 chance that the test will be wrong if their claims are correct). If you think it will mess with your emotions to have the sonogram come out differently than the test, then I wouldn't take it (although it would be TORTURE to have that test lying around in the meantime!)

  2. I think I'd wait until 10 weeks, since you've already bought it, might as well use it. I have to admit that I read every old wives tale on the internet to try to figure out what I was having with each of mine (especially my second, I already had a boy and my sister had all boys so we were desperate for a girl – and I really wanted to have the first one) and I was convinced, for many reasons, from my cravings to other weird predictors like my age and conception date, etc. (thank God these sites didn't charge, or I would have gone broke) that it was a girl, so even before my ultrasound I was emotionally attached to the idea that it was a girl – I don't know how I would have felt if it was a boy (probably how my sister felt 1 month later when she found out she was carrying her third boy!). When I was preggo with number 3 I was sure it was a boy b/c I was feeling and carrying a lot like I had my son and having the same cravings/aversions, not at all like with the girl and I was getting attached to that idea when I found out it was another girl. So good luck – hope it's right! BTW – popsicles helped my morning (i.e.all day puke-fest) sickness more than anything else – I remember eating them in the shower :-)

  3. I like how it says it is a gender predicter not test. I wouldn't take it, because I am one of those people who although I hate surprises I hate having them be ruined and I also tend to obsess about things so if I took it and then I would start planning obsessively for what ever the test said. So if it turned out wrong I would go into a panic mode.

    That is just me, What does Chris think?

  4. What if you just lump it with all the old wives tale ways to tell? You could do the Chinese gender chart, the wedding ring over the belly, the pencil over the wrist, etc, etc, AND the gender test. Then just assume that you won't really know until the next sonogram, but you could have fun predicting. Just a thought :)

  5. I open my Christmas presents weeks before Christmas so you know what I'm going to say! You better tell us the results. And hurry up! I'll wait here.

  6. If it were me I would get two test and take one now and one later because I'm impatient.But,I say take it.You're probably already thinking about what it is now anyway so it wouldn't do any harm.Think of it like tossing a coin.Or thinking to yourself if I can avoid stepping in this huge puddle it's a girl or a boy.

  7. I have never heard of that! That would be tempting, but I definitely wouldn't put too much stock into it. If they really worked then doctors would use them. :)

    I think I would do it but treat it with the same respect as the test where you hold a 5 month baby over your stomach and if they pull their legs up it's a girl, and if they put their legs down it's a boy. Or vice versa. Can't remember which one it is supposed to be. :)

    I definitely wouldn't tell Ali b/c that would probably confuse her. :) But it would be fun to try.

  8. I've known 2 people that used this and both of them were in fact accurate. One of them was a really good friend of mine and the wife of our family physician. Now, does this speak to the accuracy of the test? Not in the least, it could have just been blind luck. I'm just throwing what I know out there. :) I say if you've already bought it, you might as well take it!

  9. I'm with Jackamo! Have a girlfriend over, and try them all. It would make a waaaaaay cute scrapbook page!

  10. Take it.
    And just keep it in your mind that it's not 100% accurate.
    But only take it if you're going to tell all of us what the "prediction" is. I'd also like to know what you think before you take it :).

    That'll be all. Thanks.

  11. 16 weeks for an US is SUCH a long time! I say take it! You already wasted the money, might as well have fun with it :)

    Remember the #1 rule of the preggo's always leave the house packing a fiber one bar and a bottle of water. If the child will be with you on the expedition, also carry goldfish and a juice box. That way everyone snacks! I cannot miss meals. Makes me more dizzy than usual. And munchkin #1 gets crabby like his momma if he misses a snack LOL.

  12. try the string and ring test. and tell us what it says. take your wedding band and a long piece of string. hold it over your belly and see what happens. it if goes in a circle it is a girl. if back and forth it is a boy. it worked on me. it would be fun to try. I even did it on my husband the ring did not move. but if it had i would be bringing in millions a few years ago ( ha ha )

  13. Take it back and then take the money to the mall for a 3D ultrasound. You don't have to wait until 20 weeks with those and a good tech can ID the goods (or lack of goods) at 13 weeks.

  14. You invested the $30 in the test, I say take it! :) But I would wait until 10 weeks if it's more accurate.

    Oh, in our OB class we were talking about antepartum during lecture and I thought of you when they talked about nausea/vomiting. It's all cause a hormone called hCG. My professor said we can educate our patients to try eating a few saltines before you get out of the bed in the morning. Sounds simple, and I'm sure that you've already tried it, but just thought I'd pass it along :)

  15. Well now that you have it….take it. But I'd wait until 10 weeks.

    However, the chinese gender test has been right for me and 5 out of 5 girlfriends who recently had babies. Maybe you should do both and see if they give the same results.

  16. Well, you already bought it…
    And I mean, really, does it matter?
    Would you really be that emotional if you found out differently?
    Just go with the "well, the test said___, but I'm not ripping any tags off outfits yet!"

  17. Well, from my point of view, I was 100% positive in my head that this baby was a girl. Climbing up on that ultrasound table I had every confidence(which is saying something for me)that we would have to find another girl name.
    When I saw that it was OBVIOUSLY not a girl I was speechless and beyond excited. I even wanted a girl, but finding out that it was the opposite was like finding out I was pregnant all over again! It was too much fun.
    So, I say take the test. Do it! You know you're going to. But yes, wait until 10 weeks. :)

  18. I didn't do one simply because I'm cheap. EVERY SINGLE wives tale imaginable told me I was having a girl. Every chart, every person who saw me and all my family decided I was having a girl. I had a boy.

    I would wait until right before your appointment so you can't do too much damage if it's wrong. I've seen a couple of pregnant blogging ladies do them and so far they have been correct.

  19. Four hours? Are you kidding me??? No smoothie is worth that…

    Wait a while, but definitely take it. I am curious how it works.

  20. I´m so enjoying your pregnancy posts!!!
    You already bought it so your choice is made… I would have gotten it too! Whatever the test says, the gender is already set so it´s just for fun!
    Can´t wait for the results and please!!! Change that doctor if he keeps you waiting for 4+ hours!!!

  21. I don't think I'd take it, since I would be counting on it even though I would try not to…

    Here's a thread on Babycenter about it…

    Looks like it's not all that accurate AND the results are hard to decipher. I think you have to look at the color and decide if it's closer to the girl color or the boy color…

    That would be frustrating to me just trying to figure that part of it out.

  22. I'm with Nikki, take the test under the assumption that it's just like all the other old wives tales regarding the gender of the baby.
    You should do all of the "tests" and then do a post with all the results.

    And, I can't believe you were at the doctor for FOUR HOURS!! That's crazy! Hope all your appointments aren't like that!

  23. Don't do it! There are some things that need to be kept a surprise…having to wait to see the outcome of birth is one of them (or in most everyone's case anymore, wait for the next ultrasound to be done). How would you keep the results from your little girl…imagine for the next few weeks if she said she's going to have a brother except he turns out to be a sister…how would you explain that without confusing her?
    Give it to someone to keep until your next appointment when you find out your babies gender…then use the test and blog about the results from the test and the doctor to make us beg if the store bought test was correct!

  24. When I had my children, they only did sonograms if you were having trouble with your pregnancy. You have a wonderful opportunity to find out if it is a boy or girl at the proper time. I think I am with Vikki…take this test after you find out what the doc says…or take it back and get a pedicure. You won't worry so much then. :o)

  25. Now I really don't know what to do. I can't get past the logic of "If I shouldn't take stock in it, then why take it?" – it's really just running the risk of me becoming emotionally involved in the results.

    I DO like the idea of doing all of the tests at once, just for fun.

    At any rate, I won't do anything until AT LEAST 10 weeks, and I'll agonize over my decision between now and then.

    And yes, I promise to share the results if I take it.

    Heather – thanks for the popsicle idea! They sound pretty good right now.

    Leanna – Chris is all for taking it, but he can compartmentalize a lot better than I can.

    ~B~ – that's a great idea – but all of those went out of business in our city before Ali was born – odd. Our doctor's office offers 3-D, but only near 30 weeks.

    We'll see…

  26. What makes them think you would paint the baby's room either pink or blue? What if you decided on mustard yellow or bright red? I mean, geez…take it and just remember that in the end you could have twins and one is just hiding and being shy…

  27. This is the 2nd post tonight that I've read mentioning this test lol What are the odds?

    I say do it at 10 weeks and take it with a grain of salt. Like Jackamo said, like an old wives tale.

  28. hmmmmmm
    dont do it.
    just sayin, as a representative of your healthcare provider and all… ;)
    this IS intriguing tho. I'm curious as to how it works…some sort of genetic thing?
    Bust, if I know you at all, you'll obsess over it and take it anyway? :) Ha! Besides, give me a head's up and I'll try to get your sono in around 16-17 weeks if ya want, rather than waiting till 18-20 weeks. ;)
    And again, as a representative of your healthcare provider, I am sorry again for your long wait. Oh, and just you're prepared, that next visit might be/probably will be long too…sorry… :(

  29. Hmmmm, maybe wait a day before the sonogram. That way, you won't get too emotionally attached to the idea of it being a boy (or girl)? Dunno, probably a stupid suggestion.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!

  30. You bought it so there's no way you can not NOT take it. That's far too much self restraint that I wouldn't be capable of. A lot of my friends are going to those 3D ultrasounds in the mall around 15 weeks to try and find out the gender. It's about $100 but it's probably much more accurate than the "Gender Predictor". Something about doing an ultrasound in the mall creeps me out so I decided not to do it. I find out my baby's gender in TWO weeks!!! I can't wait.

  31. Not sure about the accuracy of the test, but there are so few GOOD surprises in life my vote is to always not find out the baby's gender while pregnant. :) I have done it both ways, and found it far more exciting to wait. Especially since it gives you something really positive to think about and ponder in those last couple of tough weeks.

  32. Oh how I wish they had this when I was pregnant! I found out about this about a week after I had my ultrasound :(

    I would have totally done it.

  33. Did you take it? I probably wouldn't but that's only because I'm cheap. On the other hand, even the sonogram isn't 100% reliable so having multiple sources of confirmation *would* be attractive. I started to get very nervous when several ultrasounds after the initial "it's a girl" were inconclusive (wrong position / too wiggly). By that time we'd announced the name and had been confidently using it for months. I had this reoccurring dream that I was in the hospital and they'd hand me a boy and I handed him back saying – "no, no, my baby is a supposed to be a girl". I was very relieved when the second last ultrasound (#6) confirmed a girl.

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