The Zulily Digest.

STOP READING THIS POST. As much as I adore you all ingesting what I have to say, I cannot with good conscience allow you to read any further before you log onto Zulily and buy something specific. RIGHT NOW. Because almost every day I get an email from a reader. “Pardon me, Rachel, but do […]

Zulily Lace and a Pretty Face.

Hey – you know what? It’s almost Christmas. Or at least according to Zulily. And you do not want to miss out on your one chance all year long to have “Ho Ho Ho” embroidered on your daughter’s butt. Also. I get that Santa is this nebulous somewhere-between-human-and-angelic-hosts kind of guy, but I still don’t […]

Rambling Round-Up.

Chris and I were having a discussion the other night. The kind where I thought we should do one thing, and he thought we should do another. (I take full responsibility for this sort of discussion as I was quite difficult to live with last week, thanks to Pink Eye, a painful reaction to the […]

Zulily Strikes Back.

I used Christmas shopping as an excuse to go on a bit of a Zulily bender. As such, when I got my credit card bill, it read something like this: Zulily Amazon Zulily Nabeel’s Amazon Zulily Amazon Nabeel’s Zulily Amazon (Multiplied by 32.) So I decided that I better put that little app aside for […]

Zulily For The Holidays.

Whether you’re skipping out on Black Friday shopping (like me) or are already back and chilling from Black Friday shopping (like the other crazy folks), I’m here to show you what you’ve already missed on Zulily. Because the last three months of the year are precious times to watch Zulily offerings – there are priceless […]

Zulily: I Can’t Help Myself.

I’ve been trying to stay away. Really, I have. I came to the conclusion that my Zulily purchases were pure fluff – not things that I needed for the propagation of my family. Wait…that’s not quite the right word.  They weren’t NECESSITIES.  You know what I mean. However.  I ended up with a credit because […]

Zulily: The Burning Questions.

I do love me some Zulily. Half of Ali’s summer wardrobe, including her Easter dress, arrived via Zulily. Every morning, I fit it into my routine to peek around at the day’s sales before my miniature tenants wake up. Besides the benefit of getting to shop the best deals for both me and the kids, […]

Fashionably Hypocritical.

Oh, hi there. (Ahem.) So remember that post that I wrote last week about Zulily? Yeah. So, that very same afternoon, I received a package in the mail – one of my Zulily orders. As I mentioned before, the one-click ordering makes it a wee bit too easy to order without thinking too hard, and […]

Zulily. Really??

The Zulily iPhone App is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever installed on my phone. I was a latecomer to the wonderful world of Zulily, mainly because I was too lazy to actually go to their website.  But somehow I managed to stumble across the iPhone app, and here I am.  A complete Zulily addict. […]