Fashionably Hypocritical.

Oh, hi there.


So remember that post that I wrote last week about Zulily?


So, that very same afternoon, I received a package in the mail – one of my Zulily orders.

As I mentioned before, the one-click ordering makes it a wee bit too easy to order without thinking too hard, and the tiny screen on my iPhone makes it challenging to understand the exact idea of the fabric and stylings of some garments.

But enough excuses.

I opened my package and discovered this.


I recoiled in horror.

Oh dear stars of the western sky!

I had ordered my very own saloon girl outfit.

(Well, for Ali – not for myself.  But close enough.)

My brain panicked.

What was I thinking??? Where did this come from?? 

I must bury this in the backyard immediately before my blog sees it and divorces me!!

Where’s my iPhone?? Surely this isn’t what I ordered!!

Oh.  Yes, that is indeed what I ordered.  I swear it didn’t look like that two weeks ago!!

At least it’s not strapless.  And a romper.

What are you saying?!?! It’s still fuchsia and black tulle!!!!  It’s like Coyote Ugly at the Turn of the Century!!

I can’t let Ali see this.  Then she’ll want to wear it all the time.  And it will inadvertently make it into a blog photo.  And the world will know what a horrible hypocrite I am.

But the next day, before I had fully decided how I was going to hide my sins, Ali did see it.

She squealed with delight.

“It looks just like a Ladybug Girl costume!!!”

I looked at it….


Through the context of her eyes, it’s really not so bad…

I let her try it on.

I could definitely see where she was coming from…

Ali and Ladybug Girl copy

And it certainly looked better on her than it had on that nauseatingly pink satin abomination of a hanger…

She immediately fell in love with it and insisted on wearing it every time we were home, all weekend long.

And it began to grow on me.  It was cute and bouncy…

Then Chris, being the softy that he is, fell prey to her begging and let her wear it out of the house on a Daddy/Daughter Yogurt Mountain Date.  But it IS January after all, so he had her add some “warmth” to the outfit, giving it a seriously awesome Punky Brewster flair.


I couldn’t deny being impressed with their finished product.


I actually began to like the thing … a little bit.

Right as I was about to completely dismiss my breach of judgment as maybe not so breachy after all, my family came over for lunch.

“Gramamma!! I want to show you my Ladybug Girl costume!!!!!”

She ran upstairs and put it on.

“Don’t I look BEAUTIFUL??”


“Yes! You look amazing!!” 

After a few minutes of twirling and dancing around the house, mom asked her, “So who gave you your costume?”

“Mommy gave it to me.”

She stopped.  She looked at me.  I saw the scoffing rise in her eyes.

“Wait a minute.  YOU bought that for her?”

“Well, you see…it was all a big mistake.  I got it on Zulily, and …”

“On Zulily even?!?!  I was just thinking that it looked identical to all of those outfits you were criticizing so vigorously!!”

“I … I … I KNOW!!!!!! …. but at least it’s not a romper….right??”

The laughter and taunting filled the house.

I hung my head in shame.  I deserved it, after all.