Helpful Tips for an Extreme Time.

So our lives have come to this. All that we care about, all day, every day, is not catching The Flu. Am I right? So I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for all of us to keep fighting the good fight. Wear a Camelbak filled with Purell at all times. Perfect for squeezing onto […]

When Being an Early Adopter Spins Out.

I am aware and annoyed that the world tends to hate on new things as they come along, picking apart all of the potential dangers and drawbacks before anyone has had a chance to even try them. Remember when Pokemon Go came out? All the news stories were about people walking over cliffs or wrecking […]

Congratulations on Your Simple Existence.

Last week, I had a male nurse tell me all about how he has no health problems and takes no medications. He told me a hilarious story about him going to the doctor for the first time in years just so that he had a primary doctor if he ever needed one, but he probably […]

Love Me With Your Whole Emoji.

Of my 1,171 Facebook friends, approximately 1,500 of them currently sell something that involves a product, a downline, and a requirement of a plethora of Facebook posts. My Facebook feed covers them all. Multiple times over. I will never be without the ability to buy Matilda Jane or Advocare or Avon or Young Living or […]

CDC Warning: New FTD, Lularoe, Now Classified as Pandemic.

  FTDs, or Facebookually Transmitted Diseases, are now at an all-time high. Please be aware of the latest FTD, know if you are at risk, and prevent further transmission. Lularoe. Any woman who is Facebookually active can get Lularoe. Lularoe can cause very serious complications if not treated, and is extremely easy to transmit to […]

7 Things Better Than a Debate.

Tonight is the first presidential debate. I know, right. Approximately 55% of the country moans in desperation, crying out to God, asking “Is this the judgment we’ve read about in Revelation??” Apocalyptic or not, a debate between Trump and Clinton is perhaps the last thing I want to watch, especially since they’re not even letting […]

Questionably The Most Intelligent Creature.

A giraffe calf can stand up and walk within an hour of its birth. …Yet we’re wiping butts for at least four years. Baby dolphins have spines on the sides of their tongue that zip up to make a straw so that they can drink milk without getting salt water in it. …Yet we’re cleaning […]

The 2015 Trendiness Index.

Grab a calculator (okay let’s be real – pull up the calculator on your iPhone.) Be prepared to add up your trendiness. +100 if you CrossFit. It’s more than an exercise group – it’s a religion. +10 if you’re also Paleo. +20 if you actually IronTribe – because everyone knows they’re the only one that interpret […]

The Convenient Truth.

I have a major problem with all hotels. They think we’re stupid. Like, super stupid. Like, don’t-understand-that-when-a-Mom-says you need to take a nap because you’re sleepy actually-means I need you to take a nap because I’m temporarily tired of you stupid. My main beef with hotels is this ever-present piece of literature – a variation […]

Ten Types of Runners.

I’m no trailblazer when it comes to running – although I’ll take a new path for an adventure, on my normal runs, I prefer the most favorable locations. Minimized elevation changes (difficult to find in Birmingham), close to my house, running trails or sidewalks, and a clear route. As such, I pass and am passed […]