Zulily Lace and a Pretty Face.

Hey – you know what? It’s almost Christmas. Or at least according to Zulily. And you do not want to miss out on your one chance all year long to have “Ho Ho Ho” embroidered on your daughter’s butt. Also. I get that Santa is this nebulous somewhere-between-human-and-angelic-hosts kind of guy, but I still don’t […]

Zulily Strikes Back.

I used Christmas shopping as an excuse to go on a bit of a Zulily bender. As such, when I got my credit card bill, it read something like this: Zulily Amazon Zulily Nabeel’s Amazon Zulily Amazon Nabeel’s Zulily Amazon (Multiplied by 32.) So I decided that I better put that little app aside for […]

Zulily: I Can’t Help Myself.

I’ve been trying to stay away. Really, I have. I came to the conclusion that my Zulily purchases were pure fluff – not things that I needed for the propagation of my family. Wait…that’s not quite the right word.  They weren’t NECESSITIES.  You know what I mean. However.  I ended up with a credit because […]

The Perils of The Park.

When I woke up Saturday morning, Chris came to talk to me about the day’s plans. “So it’s relatively not-too-hot outside, and it’s not supposed to rain, so I was thinking we should take the kids to the park.” I groaned. “The park?  It’s Saturday.  There’s going to be a birthday party going on – […]

A Public Smock Announcement.

(With many thanks to DirecTV, for their magnificent and inspirational commercials, and my Mother, who allowed me to borrow a few choice articles of clothing.) If you dress your son in smock for Easter, He may feel dejected, embarrassed, and angry. If he feels dejected, embarrassed and angry, he will get in a fight on […]

Confessions of a Smockaholic.

The other night, I was hanging out on Facebook when I noticed one of my blog readers, Leslie, engaging in some questionable activity.  I began delving into this dark counterculture in which she was immersing herself, and was fascinated at the depth, the popularity, and the entire dialect of the people group that are… Smockaholics. […]

Because Confession is Good for the Soul…

My Mother felt so cleansed of guilt and shame after my post on Friday that she brought me more evidence of my childhood mistreatments that very night. (That and she’s been cleaning out her basement, but that’s beside the point.) As it turns out, The Atrocity wasn’t a one-time offense, nor perhaps even as bad […]

The Atrocity – A True Story.

She was young when she committed the crime, a crime that would scar me deeply and shape who I am today. She was so young that I’m sure she didn’t realize the full breadth and consequences of her actions – no one had taught her any better, after all. Guilt subconsciously crept in and flooded […]

The Issue of Smock.

I’ve been saving up my bloggy vacation days for over three years now, and for the first time ever, I’m going to intentionally take a few days off.  But don’t worry – while I’m letting my fingers take a Spring Break, I’ll be posting some older re-runs here that most of you probably weren’t around […]

Proper Smockcessorizing

Since I had to go and overanalyze the Practices of Smock a few weeks ago, I got schooled in how to properly accessorize The Smock yesterday while I was working in the nursery. By a one year old. Evie, who was proudly wearing a very classy smock, taught me the new, modern smockcessorizing practices. It’s […]