My Mother felt so cleansed of guilt and shame after my post on Friday that she brought me more evidence of my childhood mistreatments that very night.

(That and she’s been cleaning out her basement, but that’s beside the point.)

As it turns out, The Atrocity wasn’t a one-time offense, nor perhaps even as bad as it got.  In fact, it is becoming quite apparent that I lived my entire childhood with no peripheral vision at all – like a horse with blinders, I was.


…or at least that’s what I’d title this if it were a piece of art (which it obviously is).

At any rate, at least JC was allowed his dignity.

Well, aside from that Winged Precious Moments Bunny he was so delicately holding.

16 thoughts on “Because Confession is Good for the Soul…

  1. OMG! That pic is precious.

    Did your Mom have a harness for you, too? I am 71 now, but when I was an active two- to four-year-old, I actually loved my harness, and it didn’t have a cute little monkey on the back; it was just a plain leather harness. But just wait ’til Ali and Noah have kids and start bringing out their own “favorite” pics of these long-gone years. And, oh, but they will. What fun!

  2. OMG! I have that VERY same Precious Moments bunny, it was my first stuffed animal. My Grandma gave it to me the day I was born. What are the chances?!?

  3. Okay, you are not going to belive this, but I found 2 of those bunnies in another tub I cleaned out over the weekend (guess you got one and your brother got one). I washed them and a few others for the grandkids to play with this weekend. ; )

  4. The only thing that saved me from this fate is that there were three girls, so if one bonnet was purchased then mom had to get two more. However, pin curls are free. Did you ever spend the night before Easter sleeping on bobby pins?

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