How to Make Glow in the Dark Frozen Bubbles.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Frozen Bubbles

I discovered this just in time.

I was about to completely lose my mind over the fact that it was COLD. And we didn’t get snow. And what was supposed to be a nice, iced-in, mid-week weekend compliments of the snow that visited everyone but us had turned into just another COLD day.

And then on top of that, I tried to freeze bubbles (to make iced lemonade out of my very cold lemons), and they didn’t come out as crisp as I’d hoped.


They were okay, but they weren’t enough to satiate my cold grumps.

My grouchiness increased throughout the day, but melted a tiny bit by a fun package arriving from Amazon. It included all sorts of black light / ultraviolet science experiment fun. The kids and I geeked out through the afternoon, making glowing water beads and seeing what all lit up when we shined our black light on it.

(Lots of things, for the record.)

Then I had an idea. An idea so big it could turn around my mood completely. I could improve on frozen bubbles. It was getting dark, it was getting colder, and I had to try it.

It took a bit of work and many shivering trips out onto the porch, but by the end, I was seeing fronds and detail in the glowing bubbles that I couldn’t get that morning with regular frozen bubbles.





So here’s what you need to make glow in the dark frozen bubbles:

white corn syrup
– dishwashing detergent
– 2 yellow highlighters that you can bust open (I ordered these for all our UV experiments and they’re very juicy)
– a bubble wand
– a black light (for clarification, these bubbles don’t glow unless a black light is shining on them)
– a hammer


Mix Together:

3/4 cups of water
1/4 cup liquid dishwashing detergent
1/8 cup white corn syrup

Smash open two yellow highlighters with your hammer. Do it gently and on something you don’t mind getting highlighted. Then squeeze the highlighter juice into your mixture.

(I then dumped out one of my kid’s bubble wands and filled it with the new solution (using a funnel) to make it easier to use.)

– Take your bubble mixture outside on a sub-freezing evening (single digits work best, but I did this in 21 degree F and it worked well) and blow bubbles slowly (they need to meander to the ground to have some time to get cold before they land.)

– Have your black light and camera ready. To get the fronds climbing up the bubbles, you have to be ready and quick. Shine your black light onto the bubble and shoot!


I had my black light laying on the porch shining at the bubbles while I laid on the porch with my camera. I shot at many different camera settings, but the above photo was shot at:

Canon 6D
EF 24-105mm ƒ/4L II Lens
ISO 1000
Shutter Speed: 1/20
13mm and 21mm extension tubes attached (which is what I use instead of a macro lens.)

It’s also just fun to watch the bubbles – they swirl and freeze in place in a beautiful dance

If you try it, be sure and share your glowing bubble pictures with me!!

Follow me on Instagram at @ObjectivityRach for more photos.

A Tale of Two Muses.

I tend to be a dichotomous person. I sometimes exhibit characteristics that seem diametrically opposed, such as having purple hair and being a homeschool mom. And writing extensively on the internet but never mentioning politics (in a serious manner, anyway.)

Opposites make me extraordinarily balanced. Right?

Because of that extreme personality balance, I take photos of sunsets and seek out the most beautiful vistas, and I take photos of roadkill (after giving them props of course, because roadkill-only pictures would just be downright lazy.)

I appreciate the beauty in both – the most lovely of scenery and the most deranged of humor.

And this year, you, too, can remember whichever one you want – all year long. Because I have them BOTH available in calendar form.

Calendar 2018 Choices[4]

It’s kind of like a personality test. Which calendar brings you happiness? A reminder that the beauties of fall will come again,

2018 Calendar October161114c-Playing-by-the-River[15]

or inspiring quotes to remind you that New Year’s Resolutions will kill you?

Calendar January 2018 web[10]
Which do want to gaze listlessly at during a stressful work day? A glittering view of Birmingham during ice skating and the holidays,

2018 Calendar December161202-Ice-Skating-at-Railroad-Park[13]

or a possum reminding you that the right oils can cure anything?

Calendar November 2018 web[9]

Do you need more poetic views in your life,

2018 Calendar April170602 Sunset at Railroad Park _MG_9334 s[16]

Or an uptick in poetic mice?

Calendar February 2018 web[9]

Both calendars support great causes – 100% of the profits of the Roadkill calendars are donated to The WellHouse (who rescues and cares for victims of human trafficking), and all of the profits of the Birmingham calendar are split between The WellHouse and Mission Birmingham (who works with local businesses and government to support the transformation of Birmingham and caring for its resident’s needs.)

So whether you find your most joyful place from Cahaba Lilies in a rushing river,

2018 Calendar May170429 Cahaba Lily_MG_8544_2405[16]

or from a chipmunk reimagined as a massive terror,

Calendar October 2018 web[8]

you will be helping others.

They’re both five dollars off through the end of the week, and either are perfect for wedding presents, Dirty Santa gifts, and baby showers. Or even in lieu of flowers at funerals, depending on the personality of the deceased. Or maybe not funerals.

The Time Has Come.

It will be here in just a few days…

To be quite honest, after every single ArtWalk, I tell myself “I am NOT doing this again.”

It is most likely the most exhausting thing an introvert can do to herself.

But I always do it again anyway. Because I have a year to recover. Because I am a person of habit. Because I do enjoy it. And because it’s the biggest platform I have each year to help The WellHouse. This year will be my fourth Birmingham ArtWalk, and I am nervously anticipating the fun/exuberance/conversation/heat and sweat/weariness/delight that it will be.

And I desperately need YOU to come – so that the only people I’m talking to aren’t strangers. (And yes, if you read this blog, you’re not a stranger – even if we haven’t met yet. So let’s fix that.)

Because y’all – strangers are weird.

I’ve focused my ordering this year on specific customer-favorite prints, and have recreated them in many different forms – metal prints, pillows, note cards, bookmarks, coasters, postcards, notebooks, and more.


I have redesigned my note cards and love the new look. I have a brand new 2017 set,


And will also be selling my Alabama Wonders note cards,


The floral set,


And what I have left of the 2016 set.


Oh – and somewhere safely hidden, I’ll have my extra-special roadkill note cards, as well.


You know – for my  truest kindred spirits.

Buck Skywalker

Here are the details:

Friday, September 8th – 5pm-10pm
Saturday, September 9th – 10am-6pm
The show is free, and will cover many blocks of downtown. I will be in the Rogue Tavern parking lot next to 2312 2nd Avenue North – right down the block from Urban Standard, so you can get some fantastic coffee and come visit me.


So you know what to look for, here’s what my booth looked like last year:


All of my products will be on sale, and 100% of the profits are donated to The WellHouse to help rescue victims of human trafficking. So come by and pick up some fun Birmingham (or roadkill) products, and help save some women who very much need your help.

If you just can’t make it or you’re out of town and you don’t want to drive 12 hours to see me (how dare you!), here’s a coupon code for you – the coupon code VIRTUALARTWALK will get you 20% off everything in my shop online. If you can’t find what you want, let me know – I’ve been so busy getting ready for ArtWalk that I haven’t had time to fully update the shop – but I can create custom sales for you if needed.

Thank you all! I can’t wait to see/meet/talk to you/sweat with you.