150119 Birmingham On Fire

Most of you know about my side project Picture Birmingham – it is a site where I sell items made from my photography so that I can give all of the profits to The WellHouse, a ministry that rescues and cares for victims of human trafficking in the United States. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, get caught up here to find out how it was exactly that God made it so clear to me to start this ministry. Thanks to many of you, over $6,000 has been donated to The WellHouse so far.

There are currently 20 ladies at The WellHouse – a record number of women finding healing and recovery at their facilities. One of the hardest types of healing that these ladies must travel through is emotional healing – to understand that God loves them and that there are people who love them, without wanting anything in exchange. Trusting people, trusting love, and trusting affection is excruciatingly difficult to relearn. Or, perhaps for some of these women, to learn for the first time.

So for Valentine’s Day, I want to do something special for these ladies. I want to give them a Valentine’s Gift that will let them feel cherished. I’m looking into different items to include in these gifts, and am definitely open to suggestions and donations.

To make this project possible, I’m offering a discount code at Picture Birmingham – please consider using the code SHARELOVE to save 10% off of everything in the Picture Birmingham Shop, and as always, 100% of the profits go to The WellHouse, but in February, we will use those funds to send a special gift of love to the twenty ladies at The WellHouse. So you could buy a gift from Picture Birmingham for someone in your life, and the money which you spent will go to buy a gift for someone at The WellHouse. Gift Multiplication!

150118 Night Life

In the shop, I have canvases, note cards, prints, and sets of prints. I even have a few 2015 Calendars left that are deeply discounted. If you’re wanting to buy a Valentine’s gift for someone in your life but not sure what they want, I also have gift certificates!

. Products

And for those of you that aren’t local, although a lot of the pictures are from Birmingham, many are of other places, or are just serene water scenes (like this one at Callaway Gardens),

140926 A Moody Sunset at Callaway Gardens

cool waterfalls,

140814b Under Noccalula Falls

141026 The High Falls Arch

…and even a Castle.

141226 Quinlan in all of her Glory

If you would rather just donate to help with the Valentine’s Gifts for the ladies at The WellHouse, click here. Or if you have items that you would like to donate to be included in their gifts – jewelry, skin care, clothing accessories, or anything else you think they would like, please email me at rachel@picturebirmingham.com – I would love any ideas or donations!

Thank you so much for your partnership thus far in this project – your support and encouragement has been invaluable!

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  1. Rachel, this is great! Thank you for what you’re doing for these women who are working to heal – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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