First piece of important information: I want to personally invite any local (or non-local, if you really love me) people to come see me next Saturday, November 19. I teamed up with the fantastically talented Sarah and Allen Woodall to present a pop-up shop at West Elm (at the Summit.) We’ll be there from 10-4 and will have all SORTS of amazing Christmas gifts. We are single-handedly (okay triple-handedly) saving you from the immense pain of Black Friday shopping, people.

2016 Holiday Popup

All of my Picture Birmingham proceeds are donated to The WellHouse to help rescue victims of human trafficking.

Second piece of VERY important information:

Along with my normal gift products that are perfect for your Christmas Shopping (coasters! pillows! prints! metal prints! note cards! a couple Christmas ornaments! and so much more!), I will have a very limited supply of an extremely special gift item….

Roadkill Note Cards.


They feature four different animal models found and posed in the Birmingham area. Each animal’s name is lovingly scripted on the bottom right hand corner inside the card, and half the cards also have captions to make your notes all the more special:




The note cards are printed on a gorgeous linen paper and are perfect for wedding thank yous, meaningful notes, baby shower cards, election condolences, and other such momentous occasions.

(And obviously your Dirty Santa game will be red hot if you show up with these cards.)

So come to the Pop-Up shop and claim one of your sets of these rare note card. 10-4 next Saturday, November 19. West Elm.

Oh. And if you can’t come to the pop-up shop or you need them SOONER THAN NEXT SATURDAY, you can order a set (or 10) from this super secret link.

BONUS third piece of very important information: I have two sets of these precious note cards set aside to GIVE AWAY to two of you. To win one of these sets, comment below with a short eulogy for one of the animal friends. It can be whatever you want it to be. The more you make me giggle, the higher the chances that I’ll send you a set of Sloppy the Squirrel, Sleepy the Chipmunk, Crunchy the ‘Possum, and Sunset the Armadillo. I’ll announce the winners in the comments section next Friday, November 18.

3 thoughts on “These are Two Pieces of Important Information.

  1. June 18, 2011-November 10, 2016 Sunset the Armadillo, age 5, of Birmingham, passed away on November 10, 2016, whilst enjoying his second favorite pastime: sunset chasing. Sunset enjoyed many evenings gazing at the Birmingham skyline as the sun sank towards the horizon. One of his biggest accomplishments in life was sharing his “Top Secret” spots with famous Birmingham photographer, Rachel Callahan. He had many injuries and close calls during his days participating in his most beloved game of Frogger, which ironically could have been his actual cause of death. He is survived by Moonlight, his loving, yet elusive wife of 4 years and their 64 children, innumerable grandchildren, and a host of nieces, nephews, and cousins. Public viewing is currently taking place at the intersection of Crest and Stratford, and will continue until the Public Works Department of the City of Birmingham has the available manpower to conduct the proper burial and funeral services. Burial will be in the Jefferson County Landfill. In lei of flowers, the family requests that purchases be made at Picture Birmingham, or at Olive Garden–the family always enjoyed their dumpster meals there. Johns-Ridout’s Funeral Home directing.

  2. I can’t write a eulogy for Crunchy because he’s not dead. His Sweet Baby Jesus Oils brought him back from the brink when all others gave up hope.

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