Red Legos & Hamm

Guest Post by Chief Husband and Editor Chris It’s Championship Eve. The last holiday cometh. Tomorrow, my team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, will rematch Clemson to defend their national title and try to go 15-0 for the first time. It just so happens that most of this weekend was spent iced in at home. Everything […]

Everything is Awesome…in the Nativity.

For those of you who have been around for a while, you might remember Chris’ Lego Nativities. They started out rather normal, then grew into something more grand, then took a plot twist, then added wheels. My mantel has still hosted Lego Nativities the last couple of years, but I’ve been on a break from […]

Gifts for the Lego Lover

Thanks to a swarm of Christmas and birthdays, I’ve been tipped off to, have searched for, and have randomly found a plethora of Lego-Themed gifts. A bunch of it showed up in Chris’ stocking, to which he kept exclaiming, “How did you even find this stuff??” So, in order to help you all find Lego […]

The Night We Turned into Lego.

On Friday night, I found myself putting on makeup while squinting at a tiny Lego Minifigure for reference. The night before, I was designing a hoodie and yoga pants – while studying that same minifigure to guide my fingers. There are far too few times in life that this occurs, but our family made the […]

How to Make Lego Candy.

The only toy Noah likes that doesn’t have wheels are Legos. And, if we’re being honest, he really only likes those because they can have wheels. And even better, he can remove and replace those wheels over. And over. And over. All day long. Every day. For the rest of his life, if his Father’s […]

Nativity McQueen.

There are two hobbies that my husband is possibly more passionate about than football (a subject we won’t be mentioning this week): Legos and Christmas Decorations. In fact, I often wonder if the reason we had children was so that he felt justified in playing with Legos again. Anyway, for the last three years, he’s […]

Legoland: On Making a Theme Park for Introverts.

Legoland. The day we heard it was being built in Florida sent chills through our spine. My husband was born to be a Legogineer (if only we wouldn’t have to move to Denmark) and has trained both of our children in the appreciation and art of the Lego craft. Ali can build a Lego set […]

Eat Your Legos.

It has now come to pass that everyone in our family is obsessed with Legos (except, perhaps, for me – but I’m obsessed with my family being obsessed with them – you get that, right?) Even Noah has been bitten by the bug, which is bringing Chris’ life dreams into complete fulfillment. As such, when […]

The Not-So-Nativity.

For their Third Annual Lego Nativity Scene (see years one and two,) Ali and Chris decided to branch out in their block-based biblical interpretations.  This year, they chose the oh-so-Christmasy story of the building of Noah’s Ark. The ark looked oddly medieval, with seemingly not-so-watertight windows involved.  But they saw their work, and they said […]

The Great Birthday Pinterest Rebellion.

I’ve been very focused on Pinterest lately.  Understanding the geeky intricacies of how best to use it and track it as a blogger, getting ideas for projects to do with Ali, and simply enjoying all the pretty pictures. But on Chris’ birthday, I woke up feeling Old School. Something had jogged a memory that was […]