How to Make Lego Candy

The only toy Noah likes that doesn’t have wheels are Legos.

And, if we’re being honest, he really only likes those because they can have wheels. And even better, he can remove and replace those wheels over. And over. And over.

All day long.

Every day.

For the rest of his life, if his Father’s hobbies are any indication.

So for his birthday (Noah’s, not his Father’s), he wanted a Lego party. I knew with it being a week before Christmas I wasn’t going to be able to pull off anything spectacular, but I already had Lego molds from our Jell-O Legos, so I knew I had to make something with them.

(Yes, it was Ali’s birthday last week. And yes, Noah’s was last year. What can I say – the Birthday-Christmas-Birthday season tramples me with the force of a thousand Llamas.)

And it was so simple that it really doesn’t deserve its own blog post – other than the fact that they were so dang pretty.

How to Make Lego Candy

In a Lego kind of way.

How to Make Lego Candy

Here’s all you need to make these for yourself:

1. Lego molds. The Lego Brand molds are the easiest to work with, as their dots aren’t as high (and therefore let go of the candy easier) than the off-brand ones -I have both and much prefer the Lego Brand.

2. Melting Candy in Lego-ish colors. I used Wilton, but any melting candies would work.

3. Eager Children to cause confusion and delay with their drooling ecstasy.

How to Make Lego Candy

How to Make Lego Candy

How to Make Lego Candy

Here’s what you do:

1. Melt the candies carefully according to the package directions – I’ve burnt many a bag of Wilton Melting Candies, and they’re completely unsalvageable.

2. Pour them into the molds and slap the mold repeatedly and firmly on the countertop. It will make your counters look like Murphy Brown’s Painter-boyfriend’s overalls, but it’s worth it.

How to Make Lego Candy

If you don’t slap, the candy won’t get into the Lego holes. And if the candy doesn’t get into the Lego holes, you won’t have perfect Legos. Notice the dark green Legos above – those are your consequences for not slapping thoroughly, people.

So pretend you’re drowning something and slap until the bubbles quit coming.

3. Refrigerate for about ten minutes, then carefully remove from the molds, pulling apart the sides before pushing on the bottom of the molds to encourage the Legos to stay whole.

4. Give them to your husband to build and serve creatively.

How to Make Lego Candy

They pair especially nicely with Lego Head Cake Pops, but I always recommend sub-contracting that kind of labor out to the professionals.

Lego Head Cake PopsCake Pops by the lovely and talented Jamie’s Rabbits. Lego Cake Pop Stand by my husband. Duh.

Noah was thrilled with all of the above.

Lego Birthday Party

…although he found the Cake Pops pretty, but not worth trying, thereby helping him continue to earn his membership into the Picky Eater’s Club. Which is totally okay because they were really for his Father.

Lego Cake Pops

He did, however, take great joy in being sung to by everyone in the room.

Lego Cake Pops

Then tried (and failed) to dimple his candles out.

Oh – and he also insists that a stack of presents taller than the recipient is also a required accessory for all Lego Birthday Parties…


 So there you have it. All the ingredients for success. At least for one day of the year.

19 thoughts on “How to Make Lego Candy.

  1. That’s so cool! I will be pinning! My son and husband are into Legos as well. Nicholas has graduated to the “big boy” Legos from Duplos. He does pretty well making his creations, but once in a while he gets stuck, and I need to help him. Now I have the Lego bug! There’s something very soothing in building those creations!

    The cake pops are adorable. I would have eaten all of them.

  2. I agree that Lego building is very soothing! I wish I had seen this post a few weeks ago. My Lego lover had a birthday on the 8th and he would have loved this. Hopefully I can remember till next year!

  3. The best parties are the cool but simple :) We’re toying with a “construction” party (because the alternatively suggested Dora Princess Rainbow party makes me want to crawl into a deep dark hole and never come out.

    Elizabeth was suggesting we could do something with Legos at a construction party… Hmmm…

  4. Oh, my – these are SO cute! River’s birthday is coming up in April and I need individually wrapped somethings for his class party (cakes aren’t allowed- too messy). I am totally doing this! I will also be contacting the lovely and talented JG to ask/hire (beg!) her to make me some of those amazing cake pops.

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