I’ve been very focused on Pinterest lately.  Understanding the geeky intricacies of how best to use it and track it as a blogger, getting ideas for projects to do with Ali, and simply enjoying all the pretty pictures.

But on Chris’ birthday, I woke up feeling Old School.

Something had jogged a memory that was hiding deep in the concourses of my brain.

When we were kids, my Dad absolutely hated the winter.

To help cheer him up, my Mom led us in an annual celebration of Groundhog’s Day.  Us three kids and my Mom would spend hours preparing celebratory construction paper art – flowers hanging from the ceiling, grassy knolls above the fireplace, and butterflies hanging from the light fixtures.

(I’m pretty sure I did the bulk of the Spring Shape Cutting.  Brothers are such lazy mooches when it comes to construction paper décor.)

But creating all of that was girl heaven.

So last Tuesday morning, I decided to try to recreate Construction Paper Utopia: we would have an Ali-directed craft day to celebrate Chris’ birthday.

Ali was thrilled with the idea, especially since she had been quite distraught that Chris would have to go to work.  ON HIS BIRTHDAY.   So having a Daddy-related distraction helped make that unsavory morsel of data fade in it’s awfulness in her little brain.

I gave her paper, markers, glue, craft punches, and scissors, and only gave my assistance or direction when she asked.


This led to some fabulous signage.


Pinterest-Unworthy, maybe.

Keepsake-Worthy, definitely.


A few weeks before, Ali had also told me exactly what she wanted to get Chris for his birthday: The Lego Bible For Kids.

(I had already bought him The Lego Bible for Christmas, but we quickly realized that it wasn’t exactly shareable with Ali.)

(Unless we wanted her to find out how babies are born via Lego illustrations, along with other such educational visuals.)

She was confused and a bit disappointed in this Adult-Lego book, so I had reassured her that we’d get him the one for kids when it was released.  And seven months later, she remembered that promise.

So I wrapped it, then let her bling it out.


“Hape Brthday To Th Daddy Namnd Cris”

(And yes, I did help her spell extraordinaire.)

She finished Round One of decorations with quite a bit of pride in her work.


(She’s also been watching a lot of Wheel of Fortune lately.)

“This is SO MUCH FUN!!!” ~ I heard that phrase at least 20 times throughout the morning.  She asked to continue her crafting during quiet time, so we set her up a crafting station in her bedroom.

I gave her everything she needed, including (adult) scissors.  As I left the room, she was bent over, letting one of her stuffed animals color on a card.

“Don’t cut your clothes, your hair, your carpet, or your skin with the scissors, okay?”

“I won’t! That’s why I’m not going to let my friends use my scissors.  They are ONLY allowed to color.”

Quiet time resulted in zero injuries and twelve more birthday signs.

So I had to get creative in order to display them all.

We had door art,




and had to double stack our fireplace scene.


The only Pinterest-worthy item that we did obtain were the world’s best Cake Pops from Jamie and her Rabbits.


Cake PopsPhoto via Jamie

She created “All About Chris” cake pops, so there were football cake pops, half-marathon cake pops, “36” cake pops, party cake pops, guitar cake pops, and… Hell Pops?!?

Hell PopsPhoto via Jamie

“Lake of Fire” wasn’t exactly what I was thinking when I told her that Chris was currently teaching Sunday School on Revelation, but I guess a fifty-mile-cubed New Jerusalem made of jasper, gold, sapphire, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise, jacinth, and amethyst surrounded by twelve gates made of single pearls would be a lot to ask on a cake pop.

Plus, Hell Pops are especially tasty.  Who knew?

Ali didn’t give up decorating until Chris was literally walking in the door – she clocked some serious hours on this project.


But her hard work paid off.  She had a very happy Daddy.


(Mostly about the cake pops.)

But that feeling was quite mutual.



24 thoughts on “The Great Birthday Pinterest Rebellion.

  1. Looks like an awesome B-day thanks to Miss Ali and all her hard work. Those cake pops look so yummy I just wish I could reach in and grab one. Enjoy!

    1. Oh they’re AMAZING. SO moist… they’re like cake truffles. Now I’m going to want to go steal one, and I can’t very well eat my husband’s birthday cake pops in the middle of the day while he’s at work, now can I?

  2. I think those measly cake pops are far eclipsed by Ali’s artwork – she really is the most adorable kid!

    P.S. The 50-mile New Jerusalem cake pops are in development.

    1. For the record, Ali says that the chocolate ones are too sweet. She ate one bite of a football and I got to eat the rest. Keep making ’em too sweet – it’s quite beneficial to the Mommies of the world.

      (The sprinkles ones, though, are perfect – in her humble opinion.)

  3. she’s such a creative little girl. just like her momma. my kids are currently drawing all around me. kids like that stuff don’t they :)

    1. Well, if you get ready to retire one day and need someone to take over your crafting business because your kids won’t do it, you know where to find Ali.

  4. Wow, she has some serious focus to make all of those! We would probably get one or two around here and then be done. :) I am definitely going to have to get the Lego Bible for kids! I’ve never seen that before, but it would be a big hit in my house!

    1. It’s cute! The kids one is only the story of Noah’s Ark, though – I wish it were the whole bible like the other one! Hopefully it’s in production.

  5. Your lovely family and all of your creative and educational projects make me smile. You all are so awesome, GA

  6. I love it! These are exactly the kind of birthdays we would have as growing up. You got to pick your birthday meal and then the rest of the kids (there were 7 of us), would make homemade cards and signs and mom would put them up for when you came home from school. (We found some hilarious old cards that we put in a book for my dad!) I did a big first birthday for my daughter, but I just don’t think anything stands up to construction paper cards and a homemade dinner!

  7. She is such a creative and industrious little girl. I especially loved the one “for the Daddy named Chris.” And hell pops…those might really take off.

    1. I’m thinking so! There’s definitely a market for that. Gluttony, after all, is a deadly sin. Having one’s Cake Pop in the form of a Hell Pop might remind them not to overindulge. ;)

  8. completely drooling over the cake pops!! AND your red front door!
    Hell Pops. awesomeness. Can’t wait to attempt my own version of hell pops one day. :)

  9. Awww….I loved everything about this story. You have got one very sweet little girl, who obviously loves her Daddy a whole lot!

  10. Love the cake pops. I keep thinking, I’ll get up the verve to make some, but then I slop it all in a pan and pour icing over the top. Done and done. There’s something to say for having a buncha young energy bouncing in the house.

  11. So completely adorable! My little man is 2 and he just learned to say “Appay day day” For daddy’s birthday recently. It’s so exciting to see children show such caring and joy for birthdays and events celebrating the people they love and admire. Thank you for this blog.

  12. I found your blog today due to your discussion of GAP providing mom pants (true to a point, although I disagree with the simply straights – I live in them) but this post is just about the funniest / cutest thing I’ve seen in ages. Funny because that Bible is unreal and cute because this is so something we did in my house as a child! Glad to have found you to help brighten my day.

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