Your Personal Shopper In Waiting.

Have you been itching to house a collection of multicolored Furbys around your neck? Or are you looking for the perfect sports bra to give you coverage and support you crave as you run your next race? Looking for clarity in the many, many boot choices out there? Or are you done with boot season […]

Extra Special Trends for Summer.

I walked into Nordstrom Rack on Wednesday, realizing as I walked that I was literally a walking Rack. I was currently wearing the following that had been bought at Nordstrom Rack or HauteLook: – Shirt – Shoes – Sports Bra – Pants – Sunglasses – Purse Literally the only things I had on or with […]

What are You Wearing, New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is a fashion must, especially when you’re a mom who has no plans because her husband is attending a College Football Playoff Game. You better look good for those kids covered in Christmas Candy Dust, ya know? (For the record I could have absolutely flaunted my fashion fantasticness at said College Football […]

A Spring Wardrobe Reassessment.

It’s beautiful outside (at least if you live in Alabama) and definitely the season to start thinking about new wardrobes and shorts and tank tops and all the summer things! (Except bathing suits. They are never to be thought about. Or tried on in dressing rooms with rigged mirrors that make one look 100 pounds […]

Modeling is a Dog’s Life.

A few months ago, I shared with you the inner thoughts of indignant models. Their expressions said it all – we felt their sadness, their resentment, and their rage over what they’d been forced to wear. Two days after publishing that post, all of the model’s heads were mysteriously cropped out of the new batch […]

The Model’s Commentary.

I admit it. I do so much shopping on Hautelook (okay – all of my shopping), that I’ve gotten to know the models. Each one and I have a special bond. I especially appreciate their ability to show me their true feelings about the clothes they model – because HauteLook has some awesome stuff, and […]

Things In Which You Shouldn’t Run.

Okay. So I wear leggings as pants. Clearly, that came as a terrible shock to many of you – at least based on the comments, the Facebook conversations, and the in-real-life justifications I’ve had to offer since making my grand admission. So, in an effort to regain your confidence, I’d like to present you with […]

Five Jeans That Shouldn’t Exist.

As I’ve noted a few times, I do about 90% of my shopping on HauteLook. I’m a fan of shopping on my phone, and I’m fairly good at gauging what will fit and what won’t. Plus, I return what I don’t want and everyone’s happy. And they have some ahhhhmazing jeans on there. For ridiculously […]

Short Stories From the Road.

So you drive a Prius. You park next to me at the bank. With an empty parking space on the other side of you. The bank has very, very spacious parking spots, too, by the way. Yet you park so close to me that I literally (and I do mean literally literally and not figuratively […]

The Emperor’s New Mom Jeans.

I wrote my first jeans post in 2009 – more as a humor piece than fashion statement, but it did have some valid advice. I readily admit that some of the information in that post is outdated, no longer accurately expresses my opinion about certain items (such as skinny jeans), and that certain items have […]