Why Alabama Lost.

So Alabama lost. Did you hear? My husband handled it awfully well – I think he nearly tuned out the last fifteen minutes of the game, clearly as a psychological coping mechanism. But it was effective, as the children didn’t get woken up by screams of agony and defeat, which is a much better fate […]

It’s Fashion, Y’all. Gameday Fashion.

I wasn’t going to post one this year. I know, I know – it’s tradition. But I live-tweeted it instead on a particularly fun gameday, and I thought that was good enough. Apparently it was not. I had people who missed it. Or wanted it all again. And some that even said “it’s all they […]

Alabama Fashion Report: 2012.

You might have noticed that Alabama has won a lot of football games over the past few years. In fact, as of last Saturday night, they will, yet again, be in the National Championship. From what I’ve heard, there are some people, somewhere out there (cue Fievel), that do not like this development.  Some people […]

Alabama Gameday Scavenger Hunt, 2011 Edition.

Rules: 1. If you’re attending an Alabama game this season, Grab a Camera. Photograph as many items listed as possible.  Post on your blog or Facebook – or don’t.  But if you do, leave a link in a comment. 2.  If you’re attending another team’s game, Grab a Camera.  Photograph as many of your own […]

Alabama Gameday Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt.

We get to Tuscaloosa on Saturdays bright and early in the morning, regardless of game time. And so, on late gamedays like this coming up Saturday, I have plenty of time to photograph the oddities people watch. And believe me, Gameday Fashion offers a LOT of people watching opportunities. And since I love a good […]

When Tailgations Collide.

The LSU / Alabama game is always a study in human nature worth experiencing. ESPECIALLY before the game (and, I daresay after the game may even be more so, but we’ve never stayed to risk it.) LSU fans are hugely supportive and tailgate-esque, nearly as much so as Alabama. So when the two come together, […]

A Homecoming Revue

home·com·ing (hom’ kum’ ing) n. A coming to or returning home. An annual event at schools, colleges, and universities for visiting graduates. A seasonally ridiculously cold football game that had to be scheduled ridiculously late so that taking a toddler into the game as had been planned would be completely foolhardy. However, being that there […]