The LSU / Alabama game is always a study in human nature worth experiencing. ESPECIALLY before the game (and, I daresay after the game may even be more so, but we’ve never stayed to risk it.)

LSU fans are hugely supportive and tailgate-esque, nearly as much so as Alabama. So when the two come together, Tuscaloosa becomes a whole seriously crazy place.

Due to the massive and quite passionate crowds, everyone makes sure to protect their territories a little more than usual. For instance, these signs were posted all over the grounds of the Religious Student Center at which we park:IMG_5153
In case you can’t read that last sentence… IMG_5154
I never knew that God was so passionate about illegal tailgating.

At any rate, the party atmosphere is quite high when LSU comes to town, including sidewalks being completely impassable due to line-dancing crowds:IMG_5155
And, although there are always the troublemaking outliers, their shared obsession with tailgating seem to bring the two teams together, rather than create disturbances: IMG_5146
Now, I have a few friends from Louisiana, and they have told me many times that Louisianians are a very unique breed. And with that comes all sorts of fun tailgate toys that we don’t have. Like, for instance, whole pig roasters:IMG_5147(In fact, I was told there were actually TWO whole pigs underneath all of those smoldering coals.)

Kinda nasty, but I bet it’s tasty.

And, since LSU is SUCH a heavy tailgating team, the Alabama crazies step it up a notch to ensure their dominance.

Chris found these two fancy ladies…IMG_5148
But their Gentleman, uh, “Companion”, wasn’t too happy about sharing them:IMG_5149I guarantee you that somewhere in Alabama, there’s been a wedding occur in those outfits.

There were superheroes present for both teams:IMG_5150

And, as usual, some interesting fashion statements:IMG_5171(I love how she took this fall’s hot plaid fashion trend and stepped it up a notch with the help of her bedazzler to come up with a feyancee Alabama shirt.)

And, LSU fans have some pants that rival the complete tackiness of some of Alabama’s menswear:IMG_5174
But, if you just don’t know what to wear, a Mario Jumpsuit works quite well:IMG_5175(For the record, he’s wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks hat. I think he may have gotten lost…)

But no matter how hard you work on your team-to-outfit coordination, it may not stop you from having a serious wardrobe malfunction:IMG_5176
Poor thing. But she never seemed to notice

I had asked Chris before the game if he was going to be moody and angry, seeing as how I knew it would be a close game. He defended himself and said that he was never moody and angry! Maybe stressed, but NOT moody and angry.

I chuckled.

Then we arrived at the stadium, and his nerves hit him.

Chris: “Can I pre-apologize for being moody and angry?”

Me: “Nope! That just proves that your moodiness and angriness was pre-meditated, which makes it less acceptable!”

Chris: “No, I am not premeditating being moody and angry, I just think I might be susceptible to the temptation to be moody or angry at some point during this game.”

Me: “Still no – being aware of that just means that you have the knowledge to make the decision to work extra hard not to be moody and angry.”

I must say, he did fairly well, especially considering the stress level of the game.

Not to say that he DIDN’T have to apologize, but still.

Other people found different ways of dealing with their stress in the stadium.

For instance, there was a couple two rows in front of us – let’s call them Gropey McGropey Pants and Gropey McGropey Dress – who found that they felt MUCH better if they stood up (especially at times when everyone behind them was sitting) and thoroughly groped each other’s backsides. Repeatedly. And for tortuously extended time periods.

Imagine about ten rows of muffled laughter behind them.

And then there are always those fans who feel much better if they invade the personal space of complete strangers. I had one guy clap me on the back HARD five times in a row – and I had never seen him before in my life.

And then – another girl ran up from nowhere and slapped me three times on the butt with her shaker.

Now that I think about it, I’m wondering if I had some sort of instructional sign on my back…

At any rate, we won, Chris left happy, and I was a good wife and showed how much I love and respect my husband by dressing Ali in this for Church yesterday morning:


Of course, she was horribly embarrassed when she got to church and realized that half the congregation was wearing pretty much the same outfit.

Not that we take our football too seriously or anything down here.

18 thoughts on “When Tailgations Collide.

  1. Ohhhhh, I so want to go to an AL game soooo much. Just to people-watch. It is a crying shame that I live so close and have never been. This must be remedied soon.

    And everytime I think Ali cannot get more adorable she does.

  2. Wow people watching must be fun at games. I have question since I am not from Alabama and Not familar with traditions. What is the story behind the houndstooth? I had a friend visiting Birmingham this weekend and she mentioned seeing a lot of it and then you dressed Ali in it for church so I thought there must be some meaning behind it. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this and hope I am not insulting anyone for asking.

  3. Ali looks absolutely adorable!! Of course, I think she would look absolutely adorable in anything…maybe even plaid!

  4. I wish I could go to a game! I have never been!! :(

    Leanna-if you wanna know about where the houndstooth came from google Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. Greatest coach ever.

    She looks adorable in that dress, I want one!

  5. If they don't stop single-filing the first hundred laps I'm moving over to football! That looked like a lot of fun… And LuLu thought she was looking at a picture of herself:)

  6. First of all, that fan was not lost. Razorback fans are everywhere, including supporting other SEC teams in close matches. I am SO mailing you a hogs hat, so you can be like that guy! (OK, so truthfully, we need all the help and support we can get, ok?) Second of all, why do you think your husband did so well? Because he was secretly harassing you the whole game. You must have had a sign on your back, but if it worked. . .Lastly, as far as taking football seriously, we used to know what tone the sermon was going to take on Sunday morning based on what happened with the Hogs on Saturday. . .

  7. Have you seen my blog today? Jason got a picture of a couple of "superheroes," too.

    The McGropers would've made me physically ill. Yuck.

    I have to say that you are brave to watch that particular game with Chris. I have scheduled our ladies' shopping trip on the same Saturday for that reason! Jason stresses big-time!

  8. I think that is what I would enjoy the most if I ever went to a game. Crazy fans and the outfits they wear. Those flag/capes=awesome lol

  9. Leanna – Coach Bear Bryant, Alabama's legendary coach, wore a Houndstooth hat to every game. But for some reason, just in the last few years has been when it has come in vogue to wear houndstooth everything. I'm afraid that it might have a bit to do with a couple of girls dubbed "The Houndstooth Twins" that always wore matching houndstooth hats, and somehow ALWAYS managed to get on TV. Apparently, if you're hot, blond, and have a twin, you can be an immediate celebrity. :)

    Jill – I thought about getting their picture, but decided I didn't want any R-Rated butt rubbin' on my blog ;)

    Rachel – I knew I could count on you to stand up for your Razorback brother!!

  10. Are you taking these photos with a full camera or sneaky takin' with a cell phone, because you're getting some wild shots!

  11. Wow, whole pig roasters, now that is taking tailgating to the extreme! I'm not going to share this post with my dad b/c he might actually do that next year :)

  12. My favorite part of the games is people watching. Too much fun!
    And I've said it before and will say it again…. Ali is adorable!

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