Alabama Gameday Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt.

We get to Tuscaloosa on Saturdays bright and early in the morning, regardless of game time. And so, on late gamedays like this coming up Saturday, I have plenty of time to photograph the oddities people watch.

And believe me, Gameday Fashion offers a LOT of people watching opportunities.

And since I love a good Scavenger Hunt, I decided to write one.

These are all things that you SHOULD be able to spot on a football Saturday in Tuscaloosa. And most of them you could probably still spot if you’re watching the game on TV.

If you’re going to be in Tuscaloosa Saturday (or any coming up Saturdays), I hereby challenge you to take my Photo Scavenger Hunt with you and see how many of these you can spot and photograph. If anyone actually takes my challenge, I promise to find a great prize to give out to at least one winner. And definitely feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that WILL be in Tuscaloosa.

And, if you’re not ever going to be in Tuscaloosa, that’s okay too. Just sit back and enjoy the craziness that ensues… because I’ve included a few example photos from my past photographical endeavors.

Alabama Gameday Fashion Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • A Houndstooth bow bigger than your head. These can usually be found on dresses, but you get an extra point if you spot one engulfing some poor child’s head.


  • A kid in a cheerleading outfit that is WAY too old to be in a cheerleading outfit.
  • A girl trying to walk the whole campus in stiletto heels taller than Bear Bryant himself. One extra point if it’s a rainy or muddy day.
  • At least 5 sorority girls all together and ALL wearing UGG boots – not dependent on the weather.


  • Someone ELSE taking photos of all of the crazy fashion. Ten extra points if it’s me. :)
  • Houndstooth Rainboots. On a non-rainy day.
  • An Alabama Tattoo. Bonus points for each consecutive Alabama tattoo on the same person.
  • IMG_4778

  • A man wearing a Kilt (see above – 100 bonus points if you actually find THAT guy – he’s not hard to spot).
  • A girl wearing a skirt shorter than her purse.


  • A fan wearing a random non-related-to-the-game-school shirt – extra points for the complete randomness of the school, such as the Maryland Terrapins.
  • Two different houndstooth prints on the same person.


  • An Auburn fan.
  • A shirt that is about Alabama Football AND drinking.
  • Houndstooth pants. Full length. On a man. IMG_4617
  • An Outfit that makes you dizzy. Extra points if you’re still able to photograph it despite your dizzy state.


  • A Wardrobe Malfunction.


  • Someone that looks totally unaware that they’re even at a football game of any sort.


  • An opposing team’s fan that makes all Alabama fans look sane. (These are most easily found when Alabama plays LSU.)


  • A man’s khaki pants with some sort of embroidering on them. Elephants, Alabama A’s, etc. (Men + Pants + Embroidering = Only happens at football games. An ironic combination of the femininity of embroidering and the masculinity of football…one I’ll never understand.)


  • Someone in a unrelated-to-football bizarre costume of some sort.


  • A Houndstooth Print that is so large it looks like somebody put their dress in a copy machine and punched in “Enlarge 8000%”
  • Someone so bizarre that no one would believe you if you DIDN’T photograph it.

May you not get beaten up by a cranky-yet-bizarre fan or hit over the head with a stiletto heel.