1. If you’re attending an Alabama game this season, Grab a Camera. Photograph as many items listed as possible.  Post on your blog or Facebook – or don’t.  But if you do, leave a link in a comment.

2.  If you’re attending another team’s game, Grab a Camera.  Photograph as many of your own team’s oddities as possible.  Post on blog or Facebook – or don’t.  But if you do, leave a link in a comment.

(Here’s a printable version without the pictures)

3. If you’re not a fan of any kind and find The South an extraordinarily odd place, sit back and enjoy the following documentation of our obsessive bizarrities.


The person who collects (and posts) the most items found from the Scavenger Hunt (or from your own team’s Scavenger Hunt) will win a special prize from me.  As for the rest of you, you will have the satisfaction of a hunt well hunted.


Alabama Gameday Scavenger Hunt, 2011 Edition*

* Although some essential items are the same as last year’s Scavenger Hunt, many huntable items are updated for this year’s sporting trends.

One of the most fascinating things about the “manly” sport of football is how it turns men into fashionistas, wearing prints and fabrics that they would never otherwise wear.  Along this vein, here are your first spotting assignments:

  • A man wearing embroidered animals on his backside.


  • A man in seersucker. 100 bonus points if he appears to be under 30 years of age.


  • 150 bonus points if you can spot a man in seersucker WITH an embroidered animal on his backside.


  • A man (or more) in more than four yards of houndstooth, the larger the print the better.


Although the men have rather impressive fashion statements, they are tame compared to the female population. 

  • Translucent houndstooth.


  • Houndstooth Toms (I predict that within two years, these will completely replace the Essential Sorority Uniform Staple, Uggs.)


  • A woman wearing team color camouflage.


  • An Auburn Sorority Chick.  An extra 100 points if she’s carrying a Houndstooth-covered drink.


  • A girl whose shoes quite obviously weigh more than her dress.


  • A girl whose shoes leave you wondering if the Piperlime Accessory Wall aggressively attacked her.


  • A girl whose shoes are causing her more bodily harm that if she were actually participating in the football game.


  • “Custom” jeans.  50 Bonus Points for each additional person with said custom jeans.


  • Gameday lingerie.  500 bonus points if seen in use, or under translucent houndstooth, creating a hypnotizingly dizzying effect.


  • An entire sales booth devoted to women’s chic gameday fashion.
  • A girl wearing a skirt shorter than her purse.


  • Two different houndstooth prints on the same person, 25 bonus points for each additional size of houndstooth.


Kids have gameday fashion, too.  Here are a few childish fashion statements to hunt:

  • Gameday smock.  Need I say more?


  • A mother making her child dress in glitter and sparkles just like her.

Oh hey…they look familiar.

  • A hat with it’s own hair.


  • A hat with it’s own ‘hawk.


  • A real ‘hawk.  On a child.  100 bonus points if it is also in bizarre colors.


And then, of course, there are the accessories.

  • A fully decked-out gameday vehicle.


  • 200 bonus points if said gameday vehicle can blare the fight song loud enough to make your children (and future children) deaf.


  • An Alabama Tattoo. Bonus points for each consecutive Alabama tattoo on the same person.


  • UmbrellaHeads.


  • Husband/Wife coordinating headgear.


  • Large groups of people drinking at unsafe heights.


And then, there are the truly bizarre…

  • A male that looks totally unaware that they’re even at a football game of any sort.


  • An opposing team’s fan that makes all Alabama fans look sane.


  • Someone so bizarre that no one would believe you if you DIDN’T photograph it.


    • A fan that seems to be simultaneously supporting the home team AND the opposing team… 100 extra bonus points if the opposing team isn’t a BCS-level team.


May you discover The True Meaning of Football in your quest, and not get attacked by stiletto heels, aggressive tattoo artists, or Alabama Superheroes in the process.

17 thoughts on “Alabama Gameday Scavenger Hunt, 2011 Edition.

  1. I saw the dude in the kilt this past Saturday at the Bama – North Texas game. He just walked around and posed for pictures with anyone and everyone. Definitely one of the strangest persons I saw on campus. We’re going to the Arkansas game and I’ll be sure to find as many of these things as I can. :)

  2. Oh, this makes me want to go to a game this year, but I am a TN fan. Won’t find any houndstooth…or who knows, maybe orange houndstooth overalls on a man with no shirt on. I will have to live vicariously through you all.

  3. Wow, I have been missing out on a whole world living up here in the north. The only thing crazier that I’ve seen around here is bare chested guys with paint on their bellies standing out in 18 degree weather at a game. Other than that, Alabama takes the cake … looks like fun!!!

  4. Displaying my complete ignorance…the houndstooth is for Bear Bryant? Why so many different kinds? I’m in a part of the country where the games are not sold out though we have a top 25 school in the area.

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