Pinterest and The Potato Substitute.

Pinterest has all of these freakin’ crazy ideas about food substitutions that will make you look just like the well-toned scantily-clad ab-crunching extremely photoshopped girls that are unfortunately plastered on way too many pins. “Broccoli so good it tastes like steak!” “Baked Zucchini sticks that are better than French fries!” “Whipped Eggplant that you will […]

How to Make Lego Candy.

The only toy Noah likes that doesn’t have wheels are Legos. And, if we’re being honest, he really only likes those because they can have wheels. And even better, he can remove and replace those wheels over. And over. And over. All day long. Every day. For the rest of his life, if his Father’s […]

(Pan)Cake Balls: The Breakfast/Dessert Mash-Up.

About six months ago, he asked for “Burnt Butter Pancake Cake Pops” for his next Birthday. Something that, as far as I can tell, did not exist – but he’s a dreamer. I laughed at him and reminded him what happened the last time I attempted cake pops. I’m pretty sure that his Utopian vision […]

On Sustaining a Cacao Habit: A Guide to Artisan Chocolate.

So I know that I was really mean, cruel, and otherwise horrible to you guys a few weeks ago. You know, when I dangled my discovery of artisan chocolate in your faces. Without giving you any advice on how to satiate your new need unless you live in Atlanta or Asheville. (And as far as […]

Mansserole and Baked Zucchini Fries: Happy Him, Happy You.

  My Father didn’t (doesn’t) approve of the concept of the casserole, nor did his father before him. There are long-held male beliefs in my family lineage that women sneak things into casseroles that should not be there, and so they have been denounced for many generations. So in 2001, when I made my first […]

Curry Chicken for the Faint of Heart.

Although I consider myself a somewhat adventurous eater (I’ve eaten raw octopus and liked it,) I do not like Asian food. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, none of it for me, please. Fried Rice is about as far East as I prefer to go. However, when I gave birth to Ali, a member of our […]

Saganaki: The Journey and The Recipe.

Guest post by Contributing Editor and Chief Husband Chris. I have always tried to be a good sport, a willing participant, and even an Eager Beaver when it comes to Rachel’s family’s Greek cuisine. And so far, I have grown to like everything, with the exception of Kalamata Olives. That’s what Meat Loaf was talking […]

Eat Your Legos.

It has now come to pass that everyone in our family is obsessed with Legos (except, perhaps, for me – but I’m obsessed with my family being obsessed with them – you get that, right?) Even Noah has been bitten by the bug, which is bringing Chris’ life dreams into complete fulfillment. As such, when […]

A Challenge to Go Greek.

I’m throwing out a challenge for your taste buds. Try something different – try something slightly Greek – and I guarantee* that you’ll love it. This is one of my favorite meals in the vast collection of my family’s recipes – it is beautiful, delicious, and is a unique taste that you’ll crave incessantly. It’s […]

How to Make Snow Cream Like a Southerner.

So most of you are from places north of here.  Every time I ask you to tell me where you’re all from, the most popular states are Wisconsin, Michigan, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Which means that you get about…167 times more snow than we do. Yet. When we do have snow and I mention […]