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The internet is a funny place.

And by funny, I mean weird.

For whatever reason, one of my denim posts went viral on Pinterest a year and a half ago. And for some other whatever reason, the same post went viral on Facebook last week. As such, there are a decent number of new people hanging around, so I figured I should introduce myself properly.

So hello! I’m Rachel. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, have been blogging for six years, and have written a ridiculous 1,760 blog posts. And by ridiculous, I mean the posts. And the volume.

My favorite aspect of blogging is new friends – I am devoted to getting to know my readers. I love emails, live off of comments, and look forward to interacting with you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I’m not always super prompt with my email and comment replies (especially this week when I have a couple hundred waiting for me), but I do my very best to get to know everyone who interacts with me. So please – say hi and introduce yourself somewhere!

I don’t always write about jeans. If you followed me because you thought I was a fashion blogger, I’m sorry. I try to be as eclectic as possible, avoiding being shoved into any niche. The highest of compliments is “I would have never guessed you would blog about that today!” However, I do blog about fashion every now and then…you’ll just never know when. Nor will I.

I’m going to be re-running some of my most popular posts here and there over the next few weeks, but if you want a little homework, (and I DO give out gold stars for good work,) here are some of the things I tend to blog about:

Now that we know each other a little better, I hope you haven’t run off screaming.

If not, say hello! Introduce yourself, tell me where you’re from, something unique about you, and what sort of blog post appeals to you the most. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

36 thoughts on “Scoot Over and Make a Little Room, Everyone.

  1. WOW!! Is there a gold star for being the FIRST to respond to this post??? I feel special!!

    Anyway, I have thoroughly loved getting to know you via your blog and Instagram pix. I feel like, even tho there is a, well not huge, but good sized gap in our age differences, we would still be pretty good friends if one of us lived in the same town/area as the other……we are passionate about our kids and what makes them tick. We love the outdoors and seeing the marvelous and wonderous works of God’s paint skills. We love our guys!! and Alambama football….didn’t you know that’s another religion??

    Have a great rest of the week….I will be reading and seeing what Ali and Noah can get you involved in….take it easy and I hope and pray you are feeling better….Oh, and can I just say, I am ready for SPRING!!!!

  2. It’s funny… I’m about a year older than you, and do an admirable impression of a competent adult (homeowner, job, married, etc.) but we have such different daily lives that in some ways you seem more like a Real Adult.

    Of course, I could have a few kids by now if I wanted them… but the point is, I love how the interwebs brings different kinds of people together. Your kids are pretty darn cute, and I have a feeling we would get along should we ever meet in person. :)

    Also, I’ve been wondering this, your little sidebar says you work from home as an accountant but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention that in posts (at least for the last year or so)… do you still do that?

  3. I came across your Mom Jeans post on Pinterest last year and found it very helpful (in that I panicked and threw away all my jeans… and have yet to buy any more). I immediately recognized Railroad Park on your masthead and was so excited to learn you’re also from The Ham. In all honesty though, I fully expected the typical “Mommy/homeschool/crafty crap” blog so when I clicked through a few of your posts, I was surprised at how much I enjoy the way you write and the stories you tell. So I keep coming back, especially for the Birmingham posts. You’ve talked about restaurants and parks I’ve never heard of and can’t wait to check out! I just love the way your represent our city. Keep up the good work. And if I ever get up the nerve to buy more jeans, I will definitely enlist your help =)

  4. Hi! I am one of those who just discovered your blog last week on FB due to the mom jeans post. I could always use a good laugh, cause you know as mom we HAVE to keep that sense of humor, right? I am an “older” mom – I am 45 and have a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old ( both girls) . I don’t live in AL, however, many of my family do, and my daddy was a die hard BAMA fan, so I can relate. Enjoying reading the posts, so keep it up! :)

  5. Hi. I recently discovered you through Facebook and read your blog on denim. The next was the “dressing for game day” blog and as an Auburn Fan, I (and my boyfriend) were greatly amused at the photos and the critique! I just read your post on the AIBC and literally “laughed out loud”. I could give you years of fodder for those post! As a mom of 4 amazing children (now ages 21, 19, 16, and 12) I can tell you that your encounters have been slightly sticky compared to the “tar baby” of a mess in which I have found myself. The most frequent question was “You know what causes that, don’t you?” I’d always want to respond with “No! Please tell me!” But the best was some variation of “Are they all yours” or ” Do they all have the same dad”? Like a couple choosing to have 4 children is so outrageous that the only alternatives would be that they were a) adopted b) their mother was promiscuous or c) they were a split family. I digress, I have really enjoyed your blogs and look forward to reading many more!

    1. Thanks so much for sticking around – I’m glad it’s been entertaining! Yes, strangers ask the oddest of questions. It makes me kinda want to be a nosy stranger – just for a day – to see what it’s like.

  6. As a devoted reader (albeit not always devoted commenter) for the past 4 years, may I just say that your blog keeps getting more and more fun. There’s the repeated posts that I look forward to (Zulily, Alabama Fashion, etc.), but plenty of other stuff to keep me on my toes. Keep it up!

    1. not to say that it hasn’t always been fun! i’m just amazed that you keep coming up with more and more hilarious material!

  7. Hi!
    I’ve been one of your mostly-silent readers for quite the while (about 2 years). I’m a married, but childless (by choice) woman in her early 30s. My husband and I live in a small town 1.5 hours north west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He’s in the Military, and I teach at a college (or community college, as they’re called in the ‘States). We’re both passionate fans of the NFL, and our goal is to actually see a football game live. We’ve been to CFL games, but they don’t have the same atmosphere.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last few years, Your writing is so engaging, and draws you in! I feel like reading a new blog post is like checking in with a family member!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Best of luck getting to an NFL game – everyone only cares about college here – but it’s different in the Northeast US. I can imagine that a game in Green Bay in the snow would be an experience to remember!

  8. Hey Rachel, I’m Casey–I met you at Fresh Beat Band the other night. Interesting thing about me that might feed your germophobia…I am a Microbiologist. As in, I work in a lab alongside live organisms five days a week.

    I enjoyed meeting you, Chris, and the kiddies last week! I enjoy all of your posts.

    1. I’m so glad that we got to meet! We enjoyed it as well – my kid’s favorite part of the night was definitely running around with your kids.

      So the question is…are you more or less of a germophobe because of your job? Do you know too much, or are you so used to it that it doesn’t bother you?

      1. Well, I’d say that I feel a little bit of both. There are certain things that I won’t participate in due to my knowledge of bacteria/molds/yeasts/viruses and how they breed and spread (food buffets, for one…I know you can relate…there’s other things but I don’t want to feed your phobia even more). I also actively make myself not think too hard about the breeding grounds of said bugs because I would be overcome with anxiety and the need to stay out of all public areas.

  9. “If it helps put me into perspective, yesterday morning I told my three year old that he had to finish his breakfast before he could have candy. And his breakfast was a piece of birthday cake.”

    Bahahahaha! Well there you go. I guess I will have to go find my laundry soap recipes and patterns for denim jumpers on some other blog. :D

  10. Hi Rachel! I did come here about the denim but to be honest, I love lots of different topics. I have a feeling you and I are going to get along well. I blog at girlinaboyhouse.com and I’ve been blogging since 2008. I cover lots of different topics as well, from fashion to food to parenting to People’s Sexiest Man Alive to the Sears catalogue. I live in the Great White North and for most of the year I wear thick black sweaters and warm black boots. But not inside. Up here, we take off our shoes when we go inside and I was incredibly startled to find out that this is not a universal custom. Hope you’re having a great day!

    1. Hi Nicole! Nice to meet you!

      No, we don’t take off our shoes before we go inside, but we do wear pajamas all day unless we leave the house. Does that count?

      I’m off to check out your blog!

  11. I’ve been addicted to your blog since the mom jean post went crazy on Pinterest a year and a half ago. I enjoy all of your posts. I think your kids are crazy cute and am totally intrigued by the homeschooling.
    I am from South Jersey. I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life, although I did attend college in Ohio for 4 years. A Rutgers grad made a satirical map of New Jersey that went viral a little while back. According to his map, the area I live in is described as “Pretty Much Alabama.” So, maybe that’s why I enjoy your blog so much.
    I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I am an accountant. I do corporate tax compliance and consulting and spent far too much of my life working in the Big 4. I was a Federal Tax Manager until my firm required everyone at Manager level and above to have a CPA. So, here’s the unique thing about me: I think the CPA is useless for a tax accountant, so I don’t have it. It cost me my job, but I am much happier working in lower stress environment.

    1. I’m thrilled that you live in Alabama, New Jersey! Who knew there was such a place? :-)

      I think a CPA is useless for most accountants, too – and I don’t have one either! I’m glad you found a lower stress job.

  12. I found you via Pinterest and the denim post, and I’m so glad I did! I think we have similar senses of humor and I love your upbeat and funny posts. I’m in Lexington, KY and my boyfriend and I are…zealous, shall we say… UK fans. I work as a “nurse” in an equine hospital. Nearly 29 years in, and the I love ponies phase is still holding strong.

    I do always like your fashion related posts (whether the topic be smock, Toms, or denim), but really I enjoy them all. You rock!

    1. Thanks so much! So the question is…are you a fan of My Little Ponies? :-) I’ve been researching Bronies and Adult My Little Pony fanatics lately. And watching the show – you know, for research. I’m kinda getting into it.

  13. I’m not new, we’ve met plenty of times BUT I do feel it is necessary to inform you that thanks to your rave reviews my husband and I will be visiting the Gorham’s Bluff lodge next weekend for our anniversary. I can’t promise that I’ll ever blog about it, but there are sure to be a couple of thousand pictures on my instagram. :)

    We’re also going to spend a good deal of time (and probably money) at Unclaimed Baggage. Yay!

  14. We’ve chatted and emailed a couple of times before, and you hooked me up with a local Vault Denim rep (thanks!!!!). I rarely comment, but I always read, and sometimes I read out loud to my husband for good laughs – the first one I read to him was about the bat infestation (on our honeymoon…). So now you’re “that blogger with the bats” whenever I read something to him that you’ve written! :-p

    Oh yeah, I got married! And gained a 7-year-old son! 2 months ago today! Yeah, he sent me flowers at work – I just had to tell somebody! :-D

    1. Congratulations on getting married!! I didn’t know. How exciting! And I feel like you need a baby shower – or a 7-year-old shower, or something. That’s so awesome! And flowers…they’re always fabulous. :-)

  15. Greetings from NC! I have only recently discovered your blog, but I love it! But, now I’m trapped in my house since I have come to the realization that I WEAR MOM JEANS!!!! How can I leave the house? But how can I get new ones without leaving the house? What’s a girl to do? Ack! Maybe I’ll just never wear jeans again!

  16. I just found your blog and I love it! Thank you for saving me from mom jeans. I didn’t know it but I’ve been buying gateway jeans. I sure didn’t need my jeans to make my butt look any bigger. I did think you were a fashion blogger and was going to be done with it, but I’m glad I saw the headings and kept reading!

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