There is really nothing I adore more than watch people awkwardly record important moments with iPads. Especially in large crowds of people where their ‘pad completely blocks the view of the people around them and they’re likely to give their neighbor a black eye if they get too excited.

iPad Photography in public spacesOr two.

And, much akin to umbrellas in football stadiums, I suspect that one day soon, there will be “iPads Prohibited” signs at the entrance of every children’s performance and sports game.

iPad PhotographyAt least hold her right-side-up.

I can also say that I have gotten more than a few stranger’s blue jean butt selfies in my inbox with a giant iPad case nearly blocking the view that I was supposed to be analyzing.

So when Chris got me an iPad this spring, this was the first photo I took:

iPad Selfie“Chris bought me a new camera!”

Upon tweeting about my iPad photography opinions a few months ago, my husband spontaneously rewrote the first few lines of “Baby Got Back” and tweeted it to me. And they were brilliant.

And for my birthday, he finished it.

A girl couldn’t ask for a better present, although I’m sure there are more waiting for me. [Right, honey?]

So while I bask in my 32nd birthday and anxiously await my other gifts, please enjoy his artistic labor of love.

Baby Got Pad.

OMG, Becky, look at her camera.
It is so big.
She looks like one of those bloggers.
But, y’know, who understands those bloggers?
I mean, her camera, is just so big.
I can’t believe its just so rectangular.
Its like, out there, I mean – gross. Look!
She’s just so weird.

[Bass Line]

I like big cameras and I can not lie
You other photogs can’t deny
That when a girl walks up with an iPad case
And unfolds it in your face
You SMH, wanna throw up tough
Cause you notice that case was stuffed.
Deep in the scene she’s crafting
I’m hooked and I can’t stop laughing
Oh baby, I wanna get witch’a
And take your picture.
My homegirls just can’t phase me
But that case you got makes me so crazy
Toes, kids, or sunbeams
You say you wanna fill up your stream?
Well see me, smell me,
Cause this ain’t that average selfie.
I’ve seen that screen
Her favorite filter’s green
She must be hiding from you
Its like she’s playing peekaboo.
I’m tired of dumb webzines
Sayin’ iPhones are the thing
Take the average blogger and scan her space
She gotta pack much case.

So ladies (Yeah) ladies (Yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the Pad?
Tell her to take it (take it) take it (take it)
Take that cheesy pic!
Baby got Pad.

18 thoughts on “Baby Got Pad.

  1. Happy Birthday!

    We saw these strange ipad photographers all over Disney World – seriously, why would you want to carry the thing through the parks? Makes NO SENSE, but I saw more people busting them out for photography there than anywhere else I have ever been.

    When I got my ipad (the original ipad1) I debated waiting for one with a camera – until my husband grabbed a magazine and said really, you’re going to hold something like this up to take pictures. it was completely ridiculous, yet they are all doing it now! The quality isn’t even great.

  2. Happy birthday!

    I went to a conference and there were roughly 500 ppl in the auditorium holding up ipads to take photos… Of the slide show. I took more pictures of them than anyrhing. It was like a geeky rock show with notebook-sized lighters.

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