What the Pinhoti.

Guest Post by Chris the Husband. There we were, the five of us, unlikely comrades in an unlikely place – a dry-heaving, lost, and injured party – with one unlikely hero to save us all. ****** 12 Hours Earlier: I stood at the start line in the early dark. It wasn’t very cold – 60 […]

It’s a Dream, Not a Race.

Guest Post by Chris the Husband Lake Martin was my first 27 mile race in 2016. My first 50 in 2017. My first 27 with Rachel in 2018. I wanted it to be my first trail 100. I planned it for over a year. Before Rachel and I did the 27 together last year, I […]

The Five Second Journey.

Guest Post by Chris The Husband. There are times in life when things happen in real time very quickly, but in your mind, time slows to a crawl, as your brain seizes onto reality and attempts to grapple with it. Such was Saturday, at the pool. It was a standard late poolside July afternoon. Hot, […]

Red Legos & Hamm

Guest Post by Chief Husband and Editor Chris It’s Championship Eve. The last holiday cometh. Tomorrow, my team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, will rematch Clemson to defend their national title and try to go 15-0 for the first time. It just so happens that most of this weekend was spent iced in at home. Everything […]

The Reasonable Quest.

Guest Post by Husband and Chief Editor, Chris. Hi. My name is Chris. I’m low-key obsessed with buying an NES Classic Edition. It’s a tiny box that contains 30 classic Nintendo games, all in the tiny box, no cartridges required. But low-key will not get it done. There are too few of them trickling into […]

Redefining Hard.

A Guest Post by Chief Editor and Baby Daddy, Chris. I’ve written about running before, several times. Running tourism, my first half, my first marathon, my second marathon. A central theme in all my running blogs is accessibility. As in, you can do this. You, the reader, if you are in reasonably decent health, can […]

Second Time’s a Charm

Guest Post by Chris the Husband. Last year about this time, I ran a full marathon for the first time – with a disgusting sinus infection in a light rain – and called it a win. I finished without being miserable. This, boys and girls, is why we train – not only so we survive […]

A Tale of Two Mercedes.

A Guest Post by Chris the Husband. Mercedes and I have a history. We loved, and we lost. Ingrid, wherever she is now, is a 2002 SLK AMG, a two-seat retractable hardtop convertible with 350HP. I cling to the happy memories, and think of her fondly when the Spring peeks through the cracks in Winter’s […]

Birmingham, Meet Meat. Meat, Meet Birmingham. {Giveaway}

Guest Post by Contributing Editor, Chief Husband, and Meat Expert Chris. There are certain pivotal moments in the history of the world when things change for the better, when life as we know it receives an upgrade to its operating system that – like Siri, or Instagram adjustable filter intensity – opens the door to […]