How To Be Cool.

“I don’t want to be special. I want to be cool. God made me just cool. Race cars are cool.’” ~ Noah The Great, Millennial Philosopher Hi! Noah here. So I heard you want to be cool. Okay fine I didn’t hear that. But you’re reading a blog post called “How To Be Cool” so […]

Noah Steps Up.

We’re fine – thanks for all who checked in on us!  It seems that Alabama made it through last night’s round of tornadoes relatively unscathed. Mississippi was not as fortunate – we are praying for the families in Louisville and Tupelo. There’s another round coming through both states this afternoon, so we’ll be back in […]

Because Everybody Needs a Hero.

Every city needs a hero. Every mother in every city needs a hero. And sometimes, it greatly helps to fantasize that the very person causing half her angst is. That. Hero. That he’s been around since the beginning, quietly watching over shoulders, fixing problems and savings lives. No, the very beginning. No! The Very Very […]

So You Heard It’s My Birthday…

Hi! Noah here. Clearly, you’ve arrived to celebrate my third birthday and wish me tidings of great joy. And I’m totally down with that. That’s what the comment section is for…down at the bottom of this post – after I’ve made your year with a review of mine. But the servants have been complaining that […]

Noah Answers Your Burning Questions.

After Noah’s last Fashion Tips video, he asked if you had any questions, and several of you did. He put a good deal of research into his answers, hence his somewhat belated reply. But he did not give up. He is here to enlighten you, make your life easier, and unearth the mysteries of the […]

Fashion Statements of Fact.

Since his debut onto the fashion scene in August, Noah has discovered that he has much more to offer. And so he’s back, explaining in detail the intricacies of toddler clothing and more. He realizes that exposing the world to his impressive depth of knowledge runs the risk of making him the go-to guy for […]

Noah’s Fashion Pointers: Volume One.

For a two-year-old boy, Noah has very strong opinions about fashion, especially since his sister at two didn’t seem to be aware that she was even wearing clothes. But my son’s tastes are exquisite, specific, and a non-negotiable. As such, I decided to let him have his own video column to share his wisdom. So […]

On Heroes and Makeup.

Hi! Noah Here. So something really great has happened since I last wrote to you. And I mean run-through-a-sprinkler-naked-on-a-hot-day good. You know that feeling. The Servant Who Calls Herself Mommy has started allowing me to go upstairs and play with The Sister Who Calls Herself Ali. Alone. Unsupervised. With the freedom to come and go […]