Noah Steps Up.

We’re fine – thanks for all who checked in on us!  It seems that Alabama made it through last night’s round of tornadoes relatively unscathed. Mississippi was not as fortunate – we are praying for the families in Louisville and Tupelo. There’s another round coming through both states this afternoon, so we’ll be back in the basement having a party in just a little while. But in the meantime, today’s post…

Noah was quite jealous when he found out that Ali got a three minute vlog opportunity yesterday.


So he wanted to add his own RIGHT. AWAY.

First, he had some potty-training realizations that he wanted to share.

And second, he wanted to show the world this very real* method of parenting that I use on a daily basis.

* The technique is real, and the recording of the “punishment” is real, but the demands are a reenactment. (Hence the smiling undertones.) Real demands are MUCH whinier.


Okay. He’s feeling better now. How about you?

Added Feature: The Ask, with me cut out, per Robin’s request:

Noah Answers Your Burning Questions.

Title Screen 1

After Noah’s last Fashion Tips video, he asked if you had any questions, and several of you did.

He put a good deal of research into his answers, hence his somewhat belated reply. But he did not give up. He is here to enlighten you, make your life easier, and unearth the mysteries of the world.

If you have more questions, by all means leave them in the comments.

Fashion Statements of Fact.

Toddler's Fashion September

Since his debut onto the fashion scene in August, Noah has discovered that he has much more to offer. And so he’s back, explaining in detail the intricacies of toddler clothing and more.

He realizes that exposing the world to his impressive depth of knowledge runs the risk of making him the go-to guy for fashion conundrums, and he has even answered his first fan question in the following video. But he feels that the fashion category is too limiting to his vast scope of expertise, so he wants to answer questions about anything. So if you have your own questions for Noah to resolve in upcoming videos, please leave them in the comments. Because he’s here for you – the Dr. Phil of two-year-olds, ready to help you with all of your life’s mysteries.

Or you can just tell him he’s awesome – because he’s totally down with fan mail.