A few months ago, My Dad was tossing around the idea of buying an old(ish) sports car.

(Clearly, something very unhealthy was in our family’s air during the month of May.)

He was planning a Grand 40th Anniversary Adventure with my Mom – something really spectacular – and he needed to right car to set it off.

(By the way – he is also blogging about their adventure here – you should follow him.  You’ll be glad you did.)

On the first iteration of this plan, he informed me that he was thinking about getting a Mazda Miata.

WHAT?! Dad!! You can’t get a Miata!!  It’s a total Chick Car!!”

“A what?”

“How can you not know this?? You’re the epitome of a car guy.  Miatas are total Chick Cars.”

“Really?  I’ve never thought of them as a Chick Car.”

“Have you SEEN her with her eyes open??”

Mazda Miata Chick Car

“Well, I think they’re great! And besides, our Pastor drives one.  Is his a Chick Car?”

“Well, his has all sorts of racing edition stuff on it, and a really revved-up engine.  And it’s a newer model, which really helps.  And he kinda gets a pass because he has a history with Miatas.  So…not entirely.”

(Please – no one send a link of this post to my Pastor.  And if his wife is reading, let’s just keep this our secret.)

I troubled my Dad’s soul more than I realized.  The next time I saw him, he said,

“So I’m thinking about getting a Mustang.  Is that a Chick Car?”

“What happened to the Miata?”

“Well, you happened to it.  So what about the Mustang?”

“It depends on the year.  The 90’s model was definitely a Chick Car.  But when they went retro in the mid 2000’s, it reverted back.”

Ford Mustang Chick Car

“Good to know.”

I actually did feel guilty about popping my Dad’s Miata Bubble.  But every time I saw a dude driving around in one or folding himself into the driver’s seat, I found myself giggling on the inside.  I felt better about the fate from which I saved my Father.

And then, as I was bearing my MiataGuilt to some of my friends, they told me about the “Yes, Dear” episode that was all about the Miata being a Chick Car.  And if I needed any more evidence, the Miata is the main Chick Car referenced on Urban Dictionary.

Yes, I had truly been a helper.

So I decided that it was high time for a Chick Car Index to be created – you know, to help more people make informed buying decisions.

But if I just made the judgments on my own, they certainly wouldn’t be scientific, and I’d have all sorts of haters leave nasty comments.

Because if people can get all worked up about jeans (and believe me they do), then how much more angry could they get about the supposed gender of their car?


So I decided to crowdsource the blame.  An official survey was in order.

With the weightiness of this information in mind, it is critically imperative that you answer these questions as soon as possible.  Please feel free to have your husbands, brothers, mothers, and third cousins twice removed weigh in as well.

1. What cars do you consider to be Chick Cars?

2. What cars do you consider to be Dude Cars?

3. What cars are completely androgynous?

And If you’ve never considered the gender of car models, the time is now, people.  Start pondering.

I’ll compile my opinions with yours in a complete geeked-out graphed-up scientific study.

Oh – and by the way.  My Dad’s final choice of car for their Grand Anniversary Adventure?

This one:



That, my friends, is no Chick Car.

I am awaiting with open spreadsheet for your Chick Car votes.  And better yet, weigh in on each other’s votes as well (with much respect and southern charm please) so that we’re all talking about the same cars. 

You could be contributing to a study that could upturn the car industry, so consider your choices vigilantly.

63 thoughts on “The Scientific Study of Chick Cars.

  1. Guy cars but a gal could drive too:
    Dodge Chargers
    Dodge Challengers

    Girl Cars:
    VW Bug
    Mini Van
    Mini Cooper
    Girls can drive ANY car, but she would be really awesome driving any “muscle” or “sport” car but a guy cannot drive a girl car and look as good.
    This will be interesting to see what other people say.

  2. Oops…I see the VW Bug, mini van and mini cooper sorted of look like they are in the guy category and they clearly not suppose to be.

  3. The new little Fiat that Jennifer Lopez advertises, complete chick car. My husband drives a Juke, much more of a ”man car” in that size vehicle. Actually, thinking about it, any little bitty car is probably a chick car. Toyota Tercel and the Chevy Aveo come to mind.

  4. VW Bugs are definite chick cars, especially those with eyelashes and built in flower vases. Also, I think most “car” models of Hyandia and Honda are definite chick cars.

    Manyly cars: Newer model Mustangs, Corvettes, any muscle car, Hummer and anything with an engine that roars.

  5. Point of clarification: Are you question what gender the car itself is, or the gender of the person who owns/drives it? Because I am female, but I consider my car male (Pontiac G6)…

  6. My dad used to have a couple of Model A’s too! In fact, I drove one of them through the Galleria once when I had to pick it up for him after a car show there. Then he moved on to antique limousines that he drove for weddings, until it started to interfere too much with football season. He sold those to someone in Australia and has something else now that they take to Krispy Kreme on most Saturday mornings.

  7. My husband is THE most masculine man that I’ve ever met. He also drives a big loud pickup truck. He has lots of muscles (I know, who cares, but I had to put that in there) and is the best dad, husband, friend I’ve ever known.

    A while back he bought a Mazda Miata to turn over. Not just ANY Miata, but some special Miata that had been the first Miata of the month in some stupid guy mag. I hated the car. Hated driving it. The gears were short and sometimes I dragged them and looked like a complete imbecile driving it.
    John, on the other had, LOVED the car. LOVED driving it. And after selling it, I still hear him talk about the stupid thing on a weekly basis, saying that he wants another one. THIS from my truck driving, 67 mustang fastback loving, man.
    So, maybe I didn’t help. But there it is.

  8. Don’t forget that color factors into this equation significantly.

    A car that can be androgynous can be turned into a chick car merely by color choice.

    That being said, I have always wondered at the logistics of said super-sized pastor driving such a tiny car. But we’ll give him a pass because his hand is bigger than my head and could crush me.

    Anything that plugs in is also a chick car, I don’t care what Leo DiCaprio says.

    1. AGREED on the color. I told my Dad that the only Miata color that was even remotely safe was British Racing Green,

      And lucky for you, pastors aren’t prone to crushing people with their bare hands. I think you’re safe.

  9. I think trucks, by definition, are man cars. Ford more so than Dodge, but that could just be a regional thing. :-) My hubby has driven a truck since we got married. I drive a Ford Expedition, which is a pretty manly vehicle, but it does all kinds of cool girlie stuff too, like auto rear door and the Sync system is AWESOME. (I can use the car like a great big phone!)

  10. Everything that follows is my opinion:

    New VW bug = chick car, but not the old ones, those were androgynous.
    Miatas are definitely chick cars, most guys that drive them are, um, feminine shall we say?

    And if you live outside of somewhere like Colorado, Subarus seem to be usually driven by manly women.

    I drive a minivan. The “I admit I’m not a cool mom” car. Which goes with my next opinion. All SUVs are now chick cars. They used to be driven by men but it’s all moms now. The ones that try to pretend they are still the cool even though they are a mom!

    My husband is the manager of a tire store. I should ask him who comes in driving what.

  11. I would have to agree that VW Bug is a chick car, Actually anything made by VW is probably a chick car in my opinion I can see the miata as a chick car but I also knew a manly man guy who owned one so I can go either way with it. Mini-vans chick car just because they are associated with moms. Although if I ever become a mom I will not own a mini-van. Mini coopers,even if Mark Walhberg drove one in the Italian job and looked good it is still a chick car.
    Man cars-Dodge Charger (Although I would love to have one), the retro Mustangs like you mentioned, Any large pick up truck, Porshe (although again love to own one).

    P.S. I read your dad’s blog: That is so cool that he and your mom are taking the Model A around Alabama. I think your parents are so cool.

  12. Too funny!

    Another chick car that I have owned: A Buick Century with a rag top (yep believe that or not bought around 30 years old) I joked about it saying it belonged in Boca Raton FL. Guess what I live there now and and not close to retirement. Too bad I don;t have it any more :)

    Now I drive a Volvo wagon – I think that can go either way

  13. This is to funny!
    One for dudes that I didnt see mentioned is a Jeep Wrangler, but I like them and hope to have one myself one day.

  14. My husband didn’t think the Miata was girly. But I did. So maybe men just don’t see it as a chick car. . He said a minivans, Sebring, Vibe or anything with a hatchback is a chick car. He had a hard time thinking of anything that “looks weird when a girl drives it” and he came up with trucks with lift kits, mud flaps, off road etc. Everything else doesnt have a gender to him.

    1. Interesting…I’m actually having a hard time finding a man that DOES think a Miata is a chick car. Yet it’s so obvious!! Then again, it seems pretty obvious to me what my thoughts are most of the time, yet my husband can’t read them…

  15. I’d love to help Rach, but our cars are so different I think I’d just confuse the issue. As a bit of a car girl though I can’t wait to see the results!

  16. Oh..I love this. I will prepare my list tomorrow and then ask Brad his opinion as he will enjoy this. But my list must be made first as to not have any confounding. :)

  17. Minivans are mom cars, so I guess they could fall into the chick car category.
    Any wagon or hatchback is a chick car.

    Brad’s Ford F250 diesel definitely qualifies as the most dude vehicle out there. Other dude cars would be most pick ups, old school Chevy Blazers.

  18. I think small cars/small SUV’s are chick cars. Especially if they’re longer than they are wide. I would apply the opposite aesthetic to dude cars. I def consider 90’s mustangs chick cars as well as CRV’s, Nissan Versa, Lexus RX 300. Cars I consider to be androdgynous are mini vans (im partial though because we just bought one) & volvos. Don’t ask why, maybe because they’re square therefore making them neutral.

  19. I think all the Lexus RX models are definite chick cars. I never see men driving them. Most pickup trucks are guy cars (especially American ones- Chevy, Ford, etc). Miatas are total chick cars, as are new version VW bugs.

    Guy cars are Hummers, Jeep Wranglers, chargers, corvettes, and new mustangs.

  20. I agree with the lists that other readers are posting except for the JeepbWrangler. I think that can be either based on transmission, accessories, and color.

    1. Transmission? So are manual transmissions inherently dude cars, or the other way around?

      I love a stick shift – Chris not so much.

  21. I put it out for feedback and got this:
    Dude – Boxter, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO

    Chick – VW Beetle, Jetta Cabriolet

    Nueter – mini cooper, jeeps, small SUV

    Those were from guys. I personally think mini-coopers, bugs and Miatas are chick cars but most men don’t seem to agree with me on the cooper and Miatas.

  22. This is so interesting! Seems like most women are in agreement and most men are in denial. ;) I think it also varies geographically, which would be another fascinating study. Here are my thoughts and observations…

    Chick car:
    Mini van
    Mazda miata and all other underpowered “sports cars” like Sebring, Lebaron, Celica, etc
    VW Bug, both modern versions
    Most Kia’s, and especially the Soul
    Any smaller SUV
    “showy” trucks like the Cadillac Escalade, Honda Ridgeline, Chevy Avalanche and similar
    Audi station wagon (what all the “cool” rich moms around here drive)
    Scion TC
    Toyota Solara

    Guy cars:
    Older 4-Runners
    Older Land Cruisers
    FJ cruiser
    Nissan X-terra
    Just about any truck other than the ones listed above
    New Mustang
    Jeep Wrangler
    Any supercar – Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc
    BMWs and Mercedes – pretty much all of them.
    Mitsubishi EVO and Subaru WRX and all other small, high powered cars
    Any classic car

    Cars that (here in Colorado) are so uncool that almost no one drives them. And those who do are mocked:
    PT Cruiser
    Chevy HHR
    Newer Corvette (like 80’s on up. Sorry to those that like them. The only way to drive a Corvette here in CO and not get made fun of is to drive a vintage one)

    1. I didn’t even know what an HHR is – wow that thing is weird.

      Then again, I drive a Flex. People who drive in Weird Cars shouldn’t throw stones…

      1. No. Way. The Flex may not be for everyone, but it is 500 times more attractive than the HHR. The HHR is so….lumpy. It’s creepy. Like a cross between a hearse, a station wagon and a PT Cruiser. With cellulite and a muffin top.

  23. Hmm.. ok here goes:

    Chick cars:
    1990’s mustangs (my first car, her name was “Sally” :)
    “Smart” cars, or any car shorter than about 12′
    VW Beetles
    BMW Z4 Roadster… or anything that shape – I call them “Bubble” cars
    Mazda Cx9 and other such small suvs- including my Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Ford Flex :) after your toaster car, I could never imagine a guy driving it!

    Dude cars:
    – Any kind of sports car built in the 70’s… we most recently got rid of my husband’s “project” car – a Plymouth ’77 Volare- thank heavens it’s not in my garage anymore!
    – Jeep wranglers (or any vehicle that you drive without doors half the time)
    -any diesel-engined vehicle

  24. Had to add my 2 cents! The Miata is not just a chick car – it’s a BARBIE car! My daughter had one for her barbies and then my Dad – going through that stage – had one, but has since sold it. I told him it was a chick car, well, BARBIE specifically. My wimpy boss – who doesn’t look wimpy, but is – also has a Miata, which I call his BARBIE car. It’s a burnt orange color, so a little better than red, but all the same – soooo feminine. I don’t care what the men say – they look like they are trying too hard in girly cars. I drove my Dad’s once and it’s like being in a little tin can. No room and it feels like the roof is on your head. (rainy day)

  25. I’ve been reading this “chick car/dude car” research and periodically quizzing/annoying my husband with comments, questions and pictures. He was not nearly impressed as I was with your research. That is until you unveiled your dad’s choice. The ultimate dude car! You see, he recently acquired the EXACT SAME VEHICLE! He then became really animated and asked if I could save that post so he can use it for reference as he restores his beloved Model T pickup. I secretly think he may have a thing for your dad now, too, but he’s still very definitely a dude! And yes, I now have to subscribe to your dad’s posts.

  26. OK, I got way too excited. Your dad’s is a Model A. Anyways, COOL
    Now to vote:
    Kia Soul-CHICK, but so cute
    Nissan Titan (with rumbly sound) -Cool Dude truck
    and an observation:
    Guys should never drive a minivan unless they have a minimum or 4 kids and one wife onboard. A guy alone in a mini-van uh-uh. That’s just sad.

  27. I drive a ’91 Miata. I actually see more girls driving Mustangs than Miatas.

    I’ll say this, anyone who is worried about whether their car is a chick car or not probably also worries about what colors they wear, etc.

    In any event, I don’t care if someone sees a Miata as a chick car or not. Sit in the seat with me and I’ll have you screaming for dear life within 5 minutes of driving.

      1. You get a pass for that. ;-)

        No worries – almost everything on my site is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek – not to be taken too seriously.

  28. So guys that want a manly car pretty have to get a v8 muscle car or big truck with poor fuel economy to avoid being called a girl? lol not to mention the number of times ive seen girls loaded up in jeep wranglers or mustangs lol and also the fact that all the “guy” cars cost like alot what about guys who wanna be guys on a budget lmao

  29. Rachel, I know I’m way past fashionably late to this party, but did you ever compile and post your results? I can’t seem to find the results. I’m a 54-year old guy who has done some rather manly stuff in my life that I won’t go into here, and I drive a Ford Flex. I never thought of it as a girly car until one of my students said she thought my car was girly the other day. That prompted a little research on my part and I came across this post. At least the Flex didn’t appear in the top ten list of cars purchased by females, if that counts for anything. BTW, I am the primary child taxi driver for our family, so the Flex meets those needs and is way cooler than a minivan. I really enjoyed your post.
    Thank you.

  30. Haha! I drive a Miata too! Barbie red, I’m afraid! I don’t see women driving them at all. At least not the later models. As for power under the hood-167HP @2500 Lbs is a respectable HP to weight ratio. They are the most raced car in the US-I don’t think most are raced by girls. My wife is afraid to drive it!
    I grew up driving British roadsters and this is the best resemblance I’ve seen (even though mine is red).

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