Blog Welcome Mat

So Hi!

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Rachel, and this is my home.

I’ve had a few posts making the rounds on Pinterest and a few other places lately, and as a result, there are a bunch of new readers that have been hanging around.

And I always like to get to know new people, so today, I’m talkin’ to you.

The first thing you should know about me is that I adore interacting with my readers.  I’ve read plenty of blogger’s “About Me” pages that have given some sort of apology with their email address such as, “Here’s my email address, but the chances of me having time to answer you are pretty much less than Conan and Leno joining forces and creating a collaborative show.  So feel free to email me – if you like talking to an echoing cyberwall.”

I am the complete opposite.

I get ridiculously excited when I get an email from a reader, and I promise that I will respond within a day or three.  If you don’t get a response, then either your email got stuck in my spam filter or my response got stuck in yours.

(Unless you’re the son of the President of Equatorial Guinea and are wanting me to help you smuggle your fortunes out of the country.  Then I’m most likely not going to answer you.)

So if you ever have a question, comment, suggestion, funny photo, blog idea, or just want to say hey, please feel free to email me at

Also, about the comments.

Every time I visit a blog, I muse to myself, “I wonder how many comments it takes for them to know who I am?”

Around here, it’s 1 to 5.

If you tell me something unique and personal about you in your first comment, I’m likely to keep that framework in my mind and think fond thoughts about you often.

(Unless that unique and personal thing is that you hate me with every fiber of your being.  I’ll still remember you, though – no worries about that one.)

If you comment more generically, I will categorize you as a distinct individual somewhere between your first and fifth comment.  This has to do with how unique your name is.

If your name is Clarissa, I promise to remember you immediately.

Ooh! Or Tori.

But if your name is Rachel (people are attracted to like-named bloggers), Jennifer, or Julie, be patient.  It might take me a minute longer to assign you an individual compartment in my brain.

I also try to reply to as many comments as possible, and do my darndest to visit my reader’s blogs, because I do this whole blogging thing for the relationships.

Have I mentioned that?

I really like you guys.

If you want to read some posts that further explain who I am and what I do at this blog, here are some suggestions.

~ I like turning subjective stuff into objective stuff:

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~ I like solving mysteries:

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~ I like finding new ways to explain life:

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~ I like capturing the chill-bump inspiring moments of life:

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~ I don’t exactly mean to, but I have a way of telling my stories and, in the process, making giant corporations despise me.

The Chuck.
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…and perhaps make one or two happy every now and then.

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~ I occasionally share some homeschooling and/or child-teaching tips:

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~ And even a craft project or two, this coming from a very uncrafty person:

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~ And I like offering “helpful” tips for life:

Kiosk Warfare: A Guide for Survival.
Baby Tips.
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The Decaffeination Report.
How to Act When They’re Expecting.
On How to Diaper a Newborn.

But seriously – enough about me.

Back to you.

If you’re new around here, or have just never properly introduced yourself, or if you’ve been around from the beginning but just want to tell me something new, it’s your turn to talk.

Say hey!

Tell me where you’re from!

Tell me something unique about you!

Ask me anything you’d like to know!

Snag your much-deserved compartment in my brain!

I look forward to getting to know all of you.

86 thoughts on “Time for Formal Introductions.

  1. Hi again! I’ve comments a couple of times on your blog (and you’ve always hilariously responded), but I’ll try to upgrade my compartment if I may. I live 30 minutes from everywhere in middle Georgia, with my husband and two boys (4 and almost-2). I am a punctuation snob. If I come across a blog with appostrophes thrown around all willy-nilly, I will first attemp to gouge out my eyes and then never read said blog again. Your blog obviously passed the test :). I am 100% Southern. I have considered selling my kids for a moment’s peace to just read a book or paint my toenails or something, already! I LOVE to cook. I will be 31 tomorrow, and somehow it’s harder than turning 30. Now I’m IN my 30s, which seems very final. But better than my darling husband, who turned 35 last week!

    1. Hi Amber!

      I’m glad I passed – I live in fear of accidentally typoing punctuation. And if I ever use unnecessary quotes – just shoot me.

      And Happy Birthday!! I’ll be joining you in the year of 31 in October, so be sure to let me know how painful it is, okay?

  2. I love your passion for forming relattionships through blogging. As you know, my son is your daughter’s biggest YouTube fan. He thinks she is as big a star as (dare I say it?) Elmo! He really has learned a lot from Ali! She is the best little speech therapist ever. :D so, um, how about some more videos?

    1. I know! The problem is, she’s not really a fan of vlogging, and I can’t say that I blame her. Did he ever watch her dream videos from last year? I think it’s about time to start recording her dream descriptions again.

  3. I have left maybe 4 comments total so far, I tend to just read blogs and keep my thoughts to myself and yes that is pretty selfish of me and I will work on that. Of course most of what I have to say would be ROFL becasue thats normally what I do when I read your blogs. I like people who can make me laugh so keep it up!
    I have been wanting to tell you that you have a twin in the blogging world.
    Her name is Ruth and she blogs at The Better Mom and everytime I would see her picture I had to remind myself I wasn’t on your blog. So, go check it out, what do you think, long lost sister or cousin maybe?

    1. Wow! We do look alike. I wonder if I’ll run into her at BlogHer next week…
      And you’re not selfish for not commenting – it’s a personal decision! I’m really amazed that people would want to read my stuff without knowing me or having personal interactions, so I’ll take it as a compliment!

  4. I’ve commented a few times. I read regularly. I’m from the midwest and have a recipe blog as well as one where I talk about stuff like family and my thoughts and such. I’m 35, have 4 kids and consider myself a huge nerd.

    1. Hey Holly!

      Thanks for saying hi, AND thanks for your great recommendation of the crock pot cookbook a few weeks ago – you (and one other person) are to blame for Tuesday’s post!!

      And I love huge nerds. It makes me feel so much more kindred with other humans…

  5. Hi Rachel! I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m still here! Just living in a new state! I moved from Connecticut back to the Mid-west (Michigan) and am now only 2.5 hrs from home (Ohio, where my niece and nephew reside!)

    I’m no longer a student! Whoo-hoo! After 22 years of schooling I’m now onto my post-doc and will look for my real big girl job in the next two years or so!

  6. I think I’ve only left one comment, but I am a regular reader. I’m from Sheffield, AL (Muscle Shoals originally). My best friend lives in Pinson and I visit the area as often as I can. My loving husband and I have no children as of yet but would love to. I’m planning our vacation now. We are doing mini trips within driving distance. So, of course Birmingham is on the list. I love the World Market & Whole Foods, so this is a good way to do the shopping I want to do. Do you have any not-chain restaurant suggestions? We’re usually up for about anything, except Indian food… I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk the hubby out of anything besides Flip Burger, but I can try!

    1. Hey Amy!

      Of course I can give you restaurant recommendations – we go out to eat way too much! Our current favorites are Silvertron Cafe (a huge menu with every type of food – convince your husband based on the Steak Sliders – they are MAGNIFICENT), Nabeel’s Cafe (the friendliest Greek Cafe! Also – the best hamburger in Birmingham – show your husband my pics of their Bifteki to help him see the light), Little Donkey (a new Mexican restaurant by Jim N Nick’s that serves local pork and freshly made tortillas – so good!), and Dodiyos (More really great Greek food – a bit more fancy of a feel). If you’re looking for a particular cuisine, let me know and I’ll be glad to help!

  7. I grew up in a big house across the street from Crestwood Park, next door to Holman School (where the Girls Club is now), in an environment so different from today you couldn’t imagine it. My maternal grandparents were about three blocks down the street, and my other grandmother lived with us. I’d spend my afternoons listening to her stories that dated back to the late 19th century. (You can imagine how many questions I wish now that I’d asked her!) My mother had a studio in the basement where she taught piano. Her brother and sister both lived within a few blocks, so my four cousins, two sisters and I were more like siblings, in and out of each other’s houses every day. I swear, sometimes you couldn’t tell who lived where until it started getting dark and everybody went home.

    All of us cousins had a Christmas tradition of putting on a play for the grownups every Christmas day. I’m pretty sure it was awful.

    My dad was church treasurer for Woodlawn Baptist, and I got to hang out with the money counters and skip church a lot, which probably explains a lot. Twice a year we’d go on a fishing trip to Lake Martin and form a circle with our boats, lights shining into the water to attract the crappie, and fish until about 2 a.m. We’d sit out there shivering, and the men would tell incredible stories. One was a guy named Bob Bowden, who had a son named Bobby who was an up-and-coming young football coach destined to hit the big time.

    The men all just kind of smiled and took that to be your basic parental bragging.

    I have roots.

    1. Fabulous story, Carl!! You need to do a series on your blog about your childhood stories. I would love it, as, I sure, would everyone else!

  8. I read you blog every morning, and only a few miles down the road from your area. I have commented a few times and even won a give-a-way. We have spoken by email several times and you have helped me more than you know. I appeciate your outlook – your humor – and your approach to eveyday life. I love photography, cooking, crafting and spending time with my eight year old. We live on a farm that has sheep, cattle and a border collie. Always something going on around here. I will be 45 in a week, married for 23 years and we have one son who is 8. ( I know you all are doing the math – right…. I was 35 when he was born – and had been married for 15 years – he was my blessing after three miscarriages)

  9. Boy, as they say, “you asked for it, you got it”! First of all, I like you too! Secondly, I was delighted to hear (read actually) that you homeschool. Although my children/students are all grown with kids of their own, I feel a kinship to you (and a lot of empathy.) It’s frustrating, irritating and one of the most valued experiences of my life, especially now as my children are moving through their adult lives and I can actually see that, although I didn’t do everything RIGHT, I didn’t do everything WRONG either! It’s rewarding in a way you will only understand when those little ones HAVE little ones. So, there you have at least one little nugget of info about me. (Take in small doses with LOTS of water!)

    1. Hey Kathy!

      You might not have read this yet, but I was also homeschooled for all twelve years. So I am a second generation homeschooler, which is a very interesting perspective!! There were definitely things that I loved about it and things that I hated about it, but I can’t tell you how very much I appreciate my education (and all of my Mom’s hard work) now. And I appreciate it more every day, as I begin the same journey.

  10. Hi Rachel, I found you from Abbie, and I have been reading you for about 6 months maybe? Just love your take on life! I have only commented a couple times, although I read everything you post. Is that bad?
    Anyways, I am a Texas girl turned military wife, married 2 years to a great guy, no kids, and I love to cook! We are left coasters at the moment- WA state! We are currently waiting on a huuuuge decision from the Navy whether my husband will be able to continue his career in the Navy or whether he will be getting out and becoming a civilian!
    Anyways, keep on writing!! I love reading it! :)

    1. Hi Amanda!

      It’s not bad at all to not comment – it’s totally a personal preference!! Thanks for telling me a little more about you, though. Washington looks beautiful – I have several blog friends there! Plus it’s MUCH cooler there right now. Enjoy it!

  11. You know I love your blog! I read it every morning to get myself ready to face the world. It’s a “ha! Let’s see what’s going on with Rachel” kinda thing. Thanks for sharing your writing and your thoughts with a bunch of strangers! We all seem to be a nice bunch of strangers. Is it sad/wrong that I’m excited for YOUR football season to start? =) (and to hear about it from you, of course) =)

    1. You’re too funny! Football season preparations are underway, I assure you. My husband had a frantic “situation” last week in which he had to overnight a check to secure our parking (parking!!) for the entire year. Alas, it won’t be long…

  12. I’ve been reading you forever and actually pinned the recipe to pinterest yesterday. I’ve commented before and think you are too funny! I love your take on life. I have a 4 year old son and an almost 9 month old daughter. Hometown is North AL but now I live and cheer for “the other team”. :)

  13. This is my first comment here. I found you via Pinterest on your Mom Jeans post. I really like your scientific thinking a lot, because I’m a chemist and my brain works analytically like that. :) I’m also a mom of 2 girls (6 yrs and 2 yrs old) and live near Raleigh, NC. I haven’t had much time to go back and read other posts of yours yet, but it’s on my to-do list. Looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Michelle!!

      I’m actually surprised at how many Science-Fielded readers I have. Although I do try to be scientific, I have a feeling that my methods aren’t exactly proper. But hey!! I’ll take it!

      Thanks for saying hi!!

  14. I love that you do this! Here is something new…I made toaster waffles in the oven this morning. We are staying in a bachelor pad (very, very clean) and I am super please with the space, but the kitchen is for sure a bachelor’s kitchen. No cookie sheet, 4 spoons, and no toaster oven. And for everyone’s information, toaster waffles actually turn out pretty good in the oven and it only took like 5 minutes. Heading to target in the near future. Happy Thursday!

    1. I’m looking forward to reading your road trip posts in great detail – they remind me of the three road trips we did to California when I was in Junior High. I loved and hated those trips! Mainly loved – until the last day in the car on the way home.

      And good job on the toaster waffles!!

  15. I don’t know how you keep up with so many people! That’s a job in an of itself! But I’m so glad you do because otherwise we never would have become friends! :)

      1. I just realized I never responded to one of your comments on my blog…no it is not expected to have a/c in the houses up here. I can only think of one family I know whose house has central air. We usually only get up to 100 once or twice in the summer so it’s not really worth it. Most people have small window air conditioners that they put in if it gets too warm. This is the first time we’ve got ours out in two years. It also makes a big differenece that even if we are in the mid 90’s during the day it cools off to 50-60 at night so it’s pretty easy to cool off the house by opening windows.

  16. So Hey! I’m from Loganville Georgia and I have been a reader for about six months, but I must confess I’m terrible at commenting. (I think I may have commented twice.) I always feel like I have nothing of significance to add, so I just tend to read, laugh and move on. I really enjoy your blog. My kids are about grown (three girls ages 23, 20, and 16) but reading some of your stories make their growing up years seem like yesterday! Keep it up, you’re fabulous!!

    1. Hi Tammy!

      Thanks for saying hi! No pressure on the commenting – I’m actually amazed that people would want to read my stories without any interaction or personal relationship. I’ll take it as a compliment!!

      We go to Atlanta a lot, but have never made it as far as Loganville. Perhaps one day!!

  17. Hey!
    From: I have lived all my life in Kentucky, and I do have all my adult teeth and I wear shoes almost every day ;)
    Unique: I started my blogging adventure when I went on a 2-week mission trip to Japan to help out a Japanese family who work for The Navigators:
    My mission trip blog is here:
    After I got back, I made a personal blog for linking instead of sending funny and interesting links to several different people every day to share what I think they might also find funny and interesting, and have also shared a few personal stories (and restaurant reviews when I used to travel a lot for work):
    Ask: Um, I don’t like being nosy… I really appreciate whatever you think up and want to share with us!
    Snag: Make my chili verde, and I am sure I will secure a place in your heart! It only requires three main ingredients and a few minutes to heat up:

    1. Hey Amy!

      I remember reading about your Mission trip, but I missed (or had no context at the time to remember) that it was with The Navigators! We just started supporting a dear friend that is going to be working with The Navigators next fall. How exciting!

      And I’m definitely going to try your Chili. It looks amazing!

  18. I’ve commented a couple of times. We live in Helena with our five year old son who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks. I work full time so it won’t be as big of an adjustment, but still…. It is going to mess up our travel schedule as we like to go alot, and off-peak to avoid crowds and save money! Already calculating how many days we can take him out without getting in trouble!

    We scuba dive, snow ski (including our son who kept up with us on the big slopes this year!), and our son races dirtbikes and plays baseball. We also have two labs, one big yellow one and a six month old black puppy.

    Oh and Tracy, I have you by a couple of years…. I’m 44 and was 38 when my son was born (hubby was 45). :)

  19. Hi, I’m a lurker for a few months. I won’t comment probably again until you ask us to delurk again. Since there are a ZILLION (okay, 1,570 according to Howmanyofme) Britta’s out there (and I’m sure all read your blog), I won’t expect you to remember :)

    1. Hi Britta!

      I just searched my comments, and you’re the first and only Britta that has ever commented! So you’re so totally IN.

  20. I’m your used-to-live-in-Birmingham-and-wish-I-still-did reader. Incidentally, my husband and I have been kicking around the notion of maybe, hypothetically, one day, perhaps looking into moving back there. (All the stars would have to align, job-wise and otherwise, but it’s kind of exciting just to think about.) I told him about your blog because of the snotty-smock-maxi-dress post. So you have another male reader!

    1. That would be awesome! I hope y’all get to come home. And I’ll keep my new male reader in mind – I often feel sorry for them based on my subject matters.

  21. I’ve been reading since one of your mom jean posts and I have suggested it as required reading to all of my girlfriends. I live in Houston and it makes me sad that I can’t come to one of your blue jean party things. I am, though, relatively happy with the Wranglers I bought when I realized my go-to Levis put my butt in the “not-good” column of your blue jean posts. And I was slightly embarrassed that I’d been walking around with poorly placed jean pockets all this time that made my butt look both wide AND long.

    Looking at the howmanyofme website (which I didn’t know existed), I am the ONLY one in the US with my first and last name. My husband is one of five, and my daughter is also the only one with her name combination. Our first names aren’t that weird, so I can safely blame it on our last name.

    1. Hi Emma!

      Glad to help with the pockets. I have my own embarrassing photos, so no need to worry that you’re the only one.

      Now I had to go to howmanyofme too. With my current name, there are 70 of me. With my maiden name, I’m the only one. I’m moving up in the world of commonness!

  22. You’ve convinced me to comment on someone’s blog which I NEVER. I just silently stalk them. But seeing as how no one comments on my blog, I’m beginning to think maybe there is a correlation between the two (thanks to you). :) I’m also a Birmingham gal (Trussville, actually). Love your posts! Keep up the good work.

    1. Ah, no need to change your ways for me. Commenting is a personal decision. ;) But I do love to hear about readers in town – it feels so nice and cozy to have readers so nearby! I was just at your Target and Dippin’ Dots yesterday.

  23. I’ve always been impressed by your responses to comments and that you take time to comment on other blogs. I always read blogs in blog reader, which means commenting takes an extra step so … yeah, I’m lazy but I read your blog consistently and have gotten some of the best laughs from it. I so appreciate your ability to take something that happens in your life and turn it into a hilarious and entertaining story. The talking breastpump is the post that lured me in and I’ve been reading ever since.

    About me – stats: 30, 2 kids, 1 husband, love my home in Montana, a good story, naptime, treats, coffee and sunshine. I love Jesus too. I like sarcasm (but not the hurtful kind), I admire parents of kids with special needs, and I hate taking the garbage out. Hopefully that distinguishes me a bit from the other Julies. :)

  24. wow, so many good looking posts! i want to read them all. i quite enjoy your blog and feel quite special that you stop in at mine sometimes too :)

  25. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but generally don’t comment on blogs, because I’m lazy. :-) I’m “Good” Jen, because several years ago, we had a recurring guest on my podcast also named Jen, so she dubbed herself Evil Jen to make it easier for people to keep us straight.

    I’m a transplanted Southerner living in South Korea, and I love to read your stories, because many of them remind me of home (well, a funnier version of home, anyway). Your breakdown of churches based on smocked clothing took me right back to my church in Baton Rouge. It was definitely Smock (Strongly) Recommended! LOL

    1. That’s awesome! We have a friend at Church that is about to start her second year as a teacher in South Korea, so we’ve heard some fascinating stories of over there, too!!

  26. Hey Rachel, I loved this post. What a great idea ! This is exactly why I am a loyal reader of your blog.

    I first found you when someone posted your post about mom jeans…I’m pretty sure my friends and I posted that all over Facebook! ROFL status, I say! I really enjoy seeing how you can take every day events and make them into something so humorous.

    I am also a Rachael (aka “Faye”) l, so you can remember me as the crazy girl blogging to pay off the mortgage. :) It is so much fun to connect with other bloggers; keep up the good work.

    Rachael @ Frugal Faye

    1. Yes! I think your blog is awesome. I used to be so frugal, but business and two kids and … life seem to have gotten in the way. You’ve actually gotten me thinking about it more lately – something I really appreciate.

  27. First let me say you make me laugh and thats why I keep reading you.

    I found your blog because of the mom jeans post. It was linked sometime ago at a blog called “Beauty Tips for Ministers”. I’m not a minister but my husband is one of 4 pastors at our church. I worry too much about how I look but not enough to loose the 30 pounds.

    My husband was widowed when we were married. I was 35 when we got married and became ” mom” to his sons. They are now 25 and 23 and we have a daughter, age 12. I was 38 when she was born. Sometimes I’m jealous that you got married young and have the energy to keep up with 2 kids. Other times I’m glad I was single and had some awesome travel adventures when I had the money.

    I have 4 part time jobs in the accounting field. All are flexible to allow me to spend time with my daughter. We live in Pittsburgh, PA.

    We drove through Birmingham this summer and I thought of you. Isn’t there some kind of giant statue there overlooking the city? I looked for it but couldn’t find it.

    1. I remember it being on that blog!! That actually got me quite the number of hits. I was quite appreciative.

      Also, I always thought you were out west for some reason. I have now moved you to my Pennsylvania compartment.

      And yup, Vulcan is the statue. His butt is bare for all to see. He’s on the ridge above the city – we actually visited him today.

      You should have told me you were coming through! I’m always up for meeting readers!

  28. Hi! I’m from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, and I’m a fairly new reader! I found your blog from Abbie at 5 Days…5 Ways. I’ve never commented before mainly because I’ve never thought of it :-) But I thoroughly enjoy your writing…you make me laugh every time! The night I stumbled upon your blog I sat and read previous posts for a couple hours…. I’ve even made my husband read some and he enjoyed them! I’m 28 and have 3 children under 4. Hmmm…. well, that’s all I can think of right now! Keep up the fabulous work!!

    1. Hi April!

      Thanks so much, and welcome to my blog!! And apologize to your husband for me – I know some of my posts can make men quite ill. ;)

  29. I found you on Pinterest, through your “Mom Jeans” post, and I think I love you. ;-)

    I’m a Colorado girl, mother of two (a 2 1/2 year old and a 13 week old), and my darling husband has made me swear that I will never ever wear “mom jeans”. But he thinks I look good in everything so I need people like you in my life! I ought to blog more than I do, but am easily distracted by chubby toddler cheeks and fat baby legs. Bags of chocolate and containers of hummus are not safe with me. I despise tent camping but love trailer camping even if my fellow Coloradans tease me that it’s not “real” camping. I am one of those freak moms who dances in the aisle at the grocery store when a good song comes on. My marriage is built on love, trust, and inappropriate juvenile humor. And I’m easily bought with flowers. Something my husband exploits regularly.

    That’s about all. :-)

    1. You sound just like me! In particular, you made me giggle at this sentence: “My marriage is built on love, trust, and inappropriate juvenile humor.” – I TOTALLY want to steal that from you!! So true.

      Thanks for saying hi! I look forward to getting to know you better!!

  30. HA HA HA HA – my name is Rachel. Sorry for the all-caps.

    You are definitely one popular lady lately – congrats on being discovered! :)

    Enjoying catching up on your posts – snickering sometimes, but totally not admitting to a snort or two.

    Nice to meet you!

  31. Rachel – I can’t stop reading your blogs! I have one of those names that are a little far from unique, I don’t know what my mom was thinking, 4 kids, 2 of us have common everyday names and 2 have names that some people have no idea how to pronounce and refuse to try so they have nicknames that everyone uses. Anyhow, I live in Iowa and it’s ridiculously hot right now and has been for eons! I have 2 boys, I sell Vault Jeans and loved your mom jeans blog, along with the blog from today. My kids are always looking for funny video’s to watch on youtube, I’ll have them check out the ones your daughter posts. Safe travels and have a magnificent weekend!

    1. Hi Julie!! Thanks for introducing yourself. Where are you in Iowa? I have hundreds of emails I have to answer where people are asking for a Vault rep near them. I don’t THINK any were in Iowa, but if I run across one, I’ll send them your way!

  32. I have to tell you I am in love with your blog! I was going through Pinterest and found your jeans post and have been reading through posts, even though I should be writing up reviews for my blog, I just can’t stop myself. LoL. I love your humor. So obviously this is my first comment but “I’ll be back” yeah, my humor is dry. :Þ I look forward to reading many, many more posts. Oh btw, your son & daughter are adorable. I love your sons post about you and Daddy being at BlogHer’12!

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s nice to meet you! And thanks about the kids – my son likes to guest post every now and then. I’m dreading when he grows out of it! ;)

  33. Ok, so hey are Julie’s so hard to remember?btw, I’m the one that wants you to go shopping with her in the fall. I live in Huntsville, and would love to host a jean party.

    1. Hi there!

      Maybe Julies just like me more than Amys. I dunno.

      And I’ll be glad to figure out jeans stuff with you when you’re ready!

  34. Dearest darlingest Rachel,

    You’re hilarious. But you knew that.

    I think your dedication to forming relationships with your readers is fantastic. I read this post and thought, “Wow. She really seems sincere. I’d like to be her friend. I am SO leaving a comment” Then I read through the comments and the proof is in the pudding! You have really put time and effort in to getting to know your readers. That is a really big deal! Thank you for that. Do you know what else is cool? I’m thinking that a lot of the women who have commented here are probably open to making new interweb friends too! I can’t wait to read some new blogs!

    Anyway, I just moved to Maryland from Utah/Idaho. My husband is attending grad school, and my son and I are along for the ride. I’m determined to make it an adventure and enjoy everyday, whether I’m out exploring new places or at home all day with my son. I love your humor and your ability to find the funny in all kinds of places. I think I could learn a lot from you. I can’t wait to keep reading!

    1. Thanks for saying hi!
      That is QUITE a move!! I wouldn’t do well with that. Hopefully you’re coping better than I would!
      I clicked over to your blog, and your family is so adorable!! What beautiful smiles – all of you!!

  35. I just had to comment because you mentioned you would remember folks named Tori! I just stumbled upon your blog via your Gap/Momjean post! It is great! I have always been a tried and true Gap girl, but you so right about these jeans! Especially how much they grow throughout the day! Definitely going to try some of your other recs come fall…I live is south Louisiana and jeans in August is just plain old miserable! I love your humor and am totally addicted to your blog now! Thanks and I look forward to keeping up with “graspingforobjectivity”! Love the name by the way!

    1. YAY!! I found a Tori!!!

      My middle name is Victoria, and my second girl’s name was going to be Victoria, shortened to Tori. But alas, I only had one girl. I’m still mourning not using that name…

  36. Came over from the jeans post, which was on Facebook today. I’m in Atlanta. I went to U of Alabama, though, and have many friends and family in B’ham. Sometimes, I even visit them!

    I started blogging from Iraq in 2007 and on my personal blog when I got home in ’08. I also write for DadCentric once a week (or, I’m supposed to anyway).

    1. Nice to meet you! Sad that I missed you at BlogHer. Did you take your wife, too? I took my husband this year – it was awesome to have a team there.

  37. Hi Rachel,

    This is my first comment here. But I visit your blog pretty often. I found your blog while searching for fun stuff to do in Bhm with my kids in Summer. I found the photos of McWane science center and railroad park here..and took the family out there..and we loved it.I have 1 2yr old and 1 yr old..and we live in Leeds. I loooveeee your blog and when kids are asleep and I want to just relax, i check your blog..Some of them are so funny i have cried from laughing too much..:) You truly are a very gifted writer.

    1. Hi Lara!

      Nice to meet you!

      Have you been to that gigantic park in Leeds? My kids love it – we just don’t make it there too often.

  38. Hi! I’m Macey and I found you blog from pinterest (yes, it was the gap blog that sucked me in) and I am so glad I did. You have the sense of humor I really enjoy and you have a great way of writing about the world around you. I have spent way too much time in the last few days reading about your family, while trying to not neglect my own. Anyway.. Thanks for the great stories( I loved all the ones about the guy on man v. Food….. And the bunnies, and the companies that don’t like you… Ok, i really just like most of your posts.

    I just thought I’d say hi.

    – macey

    1. Hi Macey!

      I automatically mark you as “memorable” in my mind – I have no other Maceys!

      Nice to meet you, and thanks for all the sweet words!

  39. Hey Rachel!
    I found your blog via Pinterest. I cracked up over your jeans observations (you are so right, btw! The quickest way to demonstrate not having a butt is to put on Gap jeans and wait 20 minutes for them stretch out. And how does that even happen when there is nothing there to stretch them? But I digress…) and had to read more.
    So- I mentioned in your post about sweet tea that I’m a fellow southern gal (currently living just south of Atlanta). I have a four year old daughter and a child of unknown gender on the way. I’ve worked for an airline (and score a pilot husband out of it) and done interior decorating. Now I get to be a mom, which works for me.
    If you show up in Atlanta next year (after I have this baby in March), I may need some help being weaned off of my maternity jeans (which I mostly love because of their yoga pants-like comfort) and finding some non-mom jeans that look awesome and don’t give me post-baby muffin top (until I can lose the weight and somehow re-acheive my weight at age 16- because I’m a dreamer, darn it).
    Welcome to my small list of must-read on a regular basis blogs! And, you know, thanks for giving me something to read.

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