A Triad of Short Stories.

Thank You: Private Eye. I received a thank you note in the mail last week. It was addressed to “Mrs. Callahan” and was signed “Mrs. [insert last name I’d never heard before here.]” It was a rather generically written thank you card for a wedding gift that I did not remember giving. In fact, I […]

How I (Mis)use My iPhone.

Once upon a time, the act of randomly tweeting a screenshot of my iPhone front screen birthed a flurry of 76 aghast tweets and not one, but two blog posts by my very particular friend Katherine. I had no idea I was so vastly unacceptable in my organizational decisions, but alas. Now I do. And […]

Slightly Off Target.

Dear Target, I love you. I really do. I adore your wide aisles, your children’s clothes and shoes, your lack of Walmartian bedlam, your maternity camisoles that actually go over a pregnant belly unlike Motherhood Maternity’s which don’t make it past a gestating ribcage, your pleasingly geometric notebooks and bedspreads and various other pretty things, […]

Drain Shame.

There are things that an iPhone alters about your life from which you will never escape. Traffic light entertainment, for one. I admit it – I struggle with not picking up my iPhone at a red light. Smart phones have effectively made me forget how to simply be still. Also? Curiosity. Every “I wonder…” I […]

On Bed-Making: A Scientific Study.

Last week, I confessed yet another sad truth about my lacking in human decency. This time, it was with regards to bed-making: I don’t do it, my kids don’t do it, and I don’t do it for my kids. I asked for your input – the situation needed to be brought to light, once and […]

A Peek Into Our Schoolhouse.

We have now completed four weeks of first grade. Which is like, nothing. But for whatever reason, it makes all the difference. That’s the strange thing about homeschooling – you really have no idea how the family dynamics will work each year until you actually start, then at least you know what you’re dealing with. […]

As I Enter The Asylum,

this will be the last story that I ever tell. It all started a couple of weeks ago. I had promised to meet two friends at The Wish Collection to do some shopping. I was excited, because I hadn’t been back since my original score (and had been hearing about the beautiful finds that many […]

My Head on a Platter.

Keep Calm and Speak British. Ali has an iPad Atlas that is quite fabulous. She regularly turns the globe, scours the world and learns all sorts of cultural nuances. And to make it all the more fabulous, it speaks in a British Accent. Which is great and well and just peachy – except in the […]

What A Mommy Wants.

So Ladies. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I asked Siri about the specifics, and she reported duly: And, you know, I’m not all about encouraging Mothers to be selfish and to demand what is theirs and all, but MOTHER’S DAY IS OURS. I’m not sure which is better: having children too young to understand the […]

The Double Space and I.

I am an oversensitive perfectionist. Which, for any embryos out there who happen to be choosing the character traits with which they will be stuck for the next eighty years, is a really crappy combination. I still remember the fateful day in high school when someone pointed out that I said “Areenge” instead of “Orange.” […]