Blogging: May Cause International Friendship.

I regularly struggle about this blog. Besides the fact that blogging is a dead art, I have less to write about than when my kids were tiny, I have less time (thanks, kids, for not napping anymore), I have more varied interests that take up my time (running, hiking, photography, reading), and it’s harder for […]

Red Legos & Hamm

Guest Post by Chief Husband and Editor Chris It’s Championship Eve. The last holiday cometh. Tomorrow, my team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, will rematch Clemson to defend their national title and try to go 15-0 for the first time. It just so happens that most of this weekend was spent iced in at home. Everything […]

The Day The Tide Turned Brown.

The history of Alabama Football is nuanced and deep in its tradition. Why, for instance, would our mascot be an elephant, yet we’re called The Crimson Tide? It came from a simple phrase used by a journalist. In 1907, there was a particularly momentous game – the Iron Bowl, in fact – that was played […]

Why Alabama Lost.

So Alabama lost. Did you hear? My husband handled it awfully well – I think he nearly tuned out the last fifteen minutes of the game, clearly as a psychological coping mechanism. But it was effective, as the children didn’t get woken up by screams of agony and defeat, which is a much better fate […]

A Brief History of Football and Offspring.

My husband has had the same Alabama football season tickets since he was a wee lad of 13, making this his 25th anniversary to sit his butt in that same spot on that same bench every fall. It became a necessary relational hurdle for me to learn to enjoy/tolerate (depending on the day) the sport […]

How to Properly Use Alabama Jell-O Molds.

In a huge announcement of unprecedented importance, Jell-O proclaimed that they were releasing University of Alabama Jell-O Molds. (Along with molds for 22 other Universities, but I’m positive none of them took it nearly as seriously as Alabama fans.) Because I love my husband and I’m a sucker for a good Jell-O mold, I immediately […]

It’s Fashion, Y’all. Gameday Fashion.

I wasn’t going to post one this year. I know, I know – it’s tradition. But I live-tweeted it instead on a particularly fun gameday, and I thought that was good enough. Apparently it was not. I had people who missed it. Or wanted it all again. And some that even said “it’s all they […]

The Shot Heard ‘Round the State.

I originally wrote this post in February of 2011, after a particularly crazy Alabama fan poisoned a couple of old, important, and sentimental Auburn trees. Yes, he killed historic trees. Because of football. I thought it would destroy our state, but miraculously, the two teams rallied together, and Alabama raised money to help fix Auburn’s […]

Confessions of a Poser.

Life has begun in the South. Football Season is here, also known as The Holy Days. I married into University of Alabama Season Tickets, the most scarce and sought after of commodities in the state. Our schedule starts with a couple away games, but soon, our entire family will be digging out our crimson (except […]