Noah here.

I’ve got a lot on my mind today, so The Servant Who Calls Herself Mommy said I could use her blog to sort it all out.

You see, Ali warned me about our Greek Heritage, and the resulting follicular fallout that has already attacked her.  She said that it would likely ravage my charming good looks as well.

But I had NO IDEA how quickly that would happen.

Yeah.  Nice, huh?

I’d heard that my Uncles had to start shaving before they turned 13, but this is RIDICULOUS.


But I’m trying to look at the bright side of this insane attack of my genes – at least it will give me more credibility on my Hollywood Auditions.

For instance, I hear there’s an opera movie that they’re auditioning for…


And my lazy-old-man-snoring-through-the-NASCAR-race character is SO much more believable now.


I’d love to play a grumpy food critic…


And I definitely think I have a better shot at devious villain roles with this nasty growth on my face.


Plus, now that Burt Reynolds is too old to pull off a ‘stache of this voracity, I’m pretty sure I could steal some roles from him.

NoahBurt copy

So really, maybe it’s not so bad after all.


But the role I’m most excited about is the one every boy dreams of…

NoahMario2 copy
And as soon as that mushroom reaches me, I’ll look a bit more size-appropriate for my level of facial hair.

22 thoughts on “Attack of the Greeks.

  1. I LOVE IT!! Jameson is OBSESSED with mustache’s. I sure hope his genes kick in soon, or we may have to invest in some “facial wigs”.

  2. Oh. my. stars. That Noah is so cooperative – and CUTE! He makes the best little Mario ever – hey, maybe he needs to be Mario and Alli can be Princess Toadstool for Halloween!

  3. Oh Rachel! You are SO funny! I can’t tell you enough how cute he is. LOVE the blue eyes. Victoria is my first baby with blue eyes (the other two are brown) and I love it!

  4. Just when I think you have topped yourself-blog wise-you do it again. Poor lil Noah! At least his back hair has not started growing (or has it?).

  5. The Mario pic is awesome… but I’m pretty partial to the Opera pic. Oh my goodness. His hand placement and very open “o” make him the perfect replacement for Domingo or Pavarotti.

  6. This is hilarious. I love all of Noah’s expressions and beautiful blue eyes! I agree with Stephy_B. Mario and Princess Toadstool would be SO cute for Halloween.

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