So, last week.

I’m still trying to catch my breath from it all…

…returning from vacation and trying to get caught up on everything under the sun…

…finding out that I was going to be a Mom of a BOY child

…picking out a name for said boy child much quicker than we anticipated…

…my dear husband’s birthday (which, by the way, I had his permission to spend the whole weekend celebrating his birthday with him rather than using it to write him an ooey gooey birthday post. But if you feel cheated by that, you can always read last year’s.)…

And, in the midst of all of that, I was also frantically trying to pull 67 tiny details together to be able to go to New York City in three weeks for Blogher!!

I know, I said last year that I would probably not go again this year, but…

I guess the “probably” caught up with me.

Here’s my official excuse list. You see….I got invited to an event at Ralph Lauren that I really wanted to attend, plus I got a partial sponsorship to pay for my trip, plus I’ve really been itching to fly off to a grand adventure one more time before I’m a) too huge to be allowed to fly, or b) the Mom of two kids.

Plus, as a really exciting bonus, I might get to have one of my best friends accompany me on the trip, AND one of our best friends who moved to New York last year might get to meet us and hang out with us, turning the trip into the absolute perfection of a girl’s weekend.

Which, by the way, if my friend CAN’T come, then I’m going to have a problem.

You see, I really want to wear a dress that I already have to the event I’m going to – it still fits, ThanksToReallyStretchyMaterial, but there is no POSSIBLE way that I can zip it up myself. Seriously – it needs a level torque that I just can’t obtain with my arms twisted behind my back.

(And believe me, I’ve tried.)

So, if my friend doesn’t come, I’m either stuck with

a) going to a Ralph Lauren cocktail party with an unzipped dress,

b) ordering room service and saying, “Thanks for the nifty little ketchup bottle. Oh, by the way, can you catch that zipper for me?”,

c) walking three blocks to the main Blogher hotel (with an unzipped dress), tracking down one of my blogging friends who happens to not be at an event of her own (still with an unzipped dress), and asking her to zip me up,


d) buying a new dress (of which, I don’t think I could take the horror of trying to find ANOTHER dress that looks halfway decent on my halfway to delivering a baby body.)

So, if any of you ladies out there are going to be in Manhattan on Thursday, August 5th, and could possibly zip me into my not-made-for-a-nearly-20-week-pregnant-woman dress, I’d really love to jot you down into my itinerary is Dress-Zipping-Up-Back-Up-Plan.

Oh – and while you’re zipping me up, maybe if you could just pray over that zipper so it won’t pop while I’m at Ralph Lauren – that’d be great.

10 thoughts on “Whirlwinds.

  1. You are offically a little nutty. Glad you are getting to go but, as usual, I have to say please be careful. Get Ralph Lauren to zip your dress, that would be exciting.

  2. Really hope Lydia is able to go with you!
    i think you should use this as an excuse to buy a new dress!

  3. Fun! I'm glad you get to go somewhere before baby comes, and that trip sounds great! Just walk out onto the street and ask a stranger to zip you. It's New York right? Then you will always have something fun to say in those get-to-know-you games. "One time when I was in New York…" :)

  4. Wire coat hangers are perfect for zipping up difficult dresses on your own! Of course, husbands are perfect for that, too1

  5. I'm sure Ralph wouldn't mind zipping me up at all. ;)

    Shelly and Blue – I may be finding one of you!!!

  6. Have a wonderful time! Sad to miss it; maybe next year you can give me a tutorial on the whole getting-a-sponsor thing. It eludes me.

    (And I love Newbie's name, BTW.)

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