These are Two Pieces of Important Information.

First piece of important information: I want to personally invite any local (or non-local, if you really love me) people to come see me next Saturday, November 19. I teamed up with the fantastically talented Sarah and Allen Woodall to present a pop-up shop at West Elm (at the Summit.) We’ll be there from 10-4 […]

Rachel, Mommy Matchmaker.

One of my good friends is moving away. I’m not happy. Her moving date is over a year away, granted, but I’m still not happy. However, luckily for her, and thanks to all of you random people who befriend me in other cities, I happen to know someone in the city/state she’s moving to. A blog reader – […]

Doctor’s Orders.

My neck injury from the wreck has been getting increasingly worse for the past week, including radiating pain down through my shoulders, arms, and hand. I’ve also gotten to experience fascinating symptoms such as burning skin, the superpower of being instantaneously heated from the inside out, tremors, and finger tingling. All of this led to a […]

Your Official Invite to My Reality Show.

I’ve always been a technological early adopter. From texting before it had a name, to joining Twitter in 2008 and scrolling through every user in Birmingham then writing my first tweet: “I don’t think Birmingham is ready for Twitter just yet.” (And we weren’t. But I came back year later, and we were.) But in […]

It’s Time We Met. Don’t You Think?

I meet at least a dozen blog readers a year – sometimes intentionally (I’ve even driven to Georgia and Mississippi to meet blog friends), and sometimes accidentally, when one of you spots me in public and introduces yourself, which I always adore. (It’s way way WAY better for you to say hello than comment on […]

The Running Disease.

“Let’s get the white elephant out of the room first. So you’re running now.” I had lunch yesterday with my friend Jamie, the occasion upon which that accusation was made. I leaned in and lowered my voice. “Do you want to know how bad it’s gotten? It’s like really, really bad. Chris arranged for the […]

Picture Birmingham: The Progress Report

Hold on – before I write, if you’re anywhere near local enough to be willing to come to Birmingham, fill me in on your calendar for the evening of May 12. Got it? Okay. Now we can continue. It has been seven weeks since I launched my new site, Picture Birmingham, and I figured it […]

Introducing…Picture Birmingham.

If I’ve seemed a bit scarce, quieter than usual, or really slow on email responses the past couple of months, it’s because I’ve been completely consumed with designing a new project and website. So here it is: Picture Birmingham. First, a bit of back story. Last summer, I felt compelled to get involved with a […]
Helena Caboose

iPhone 5s Slo-Mo: Changing Kid Vid Forever.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Before reading this post, please ensure that you are in a place where you can and will watch short videos with your volume on. I understand that watching someone’s kid videos is a huge virtual commitment nearly to the level of seriousness of friending someone on Facebook, and I promise to make […]

On Stumbling Into the Sale of a Lifetime.

May 14 2013 Update: The Wish Collection has relocated to a different state, so the Sample Sales are no longer available in Birmingham at this time. I love you guys, because you are the best Life Informants that a girl could wish for. Anytime I have a question, at least a dozen of you have […]